Vitamin C Intravenous therapy 비타민C 정맥주사 다른방법이 없는 환자를 살릴 수 있다! – 02코로나바이러스

Vitamin C Intravenous therapy 비타민C 정맥주사 다른방법이 없는 환자를 살릴 수 있다! – 02코로나바이러스

My wife’s brother said, ‘It’s not all done!’
One thing remains to be done! What it is is ‘vitamin C intravenous injection’! Does vitamin C cure corona?
There is no basis! This is from Yonhap News ~ If you look here, a professor at Korea University came up with vitamin C There is no scientific evidence to prevent coronavirus or to help treat patients. This is from New Zealand
It’s 60 minutes (Sixteen Minutes). This is from the New Zealand program.
‘Living proof’ means ‘live proof’. Living evidence of vitamin C! This is me from New Zealand,
I got the flu, and the flu got worse ~ I have pneumonia! Yes, I continued treatment. It doesn’t work! If you look here ~ I can’t breathe! Through the coffin ~ I made it possible to survive, but now these doctors
There is no more possibility ~ You have to give up!
I was talking to my family. I tried everything, but it’s not possible,
It’s just that doctors gave up. By the way, half My wife’s younger brother ~
Not everything. One thing remains! Let’s try ‘Vitamin C Intravenous Injection’!
Then, the doctors said that It’s useless! But I keep asking for this,
Vitamin C intravenous injection is given for two days. 12,000 mg intravenously,
Then I did two days, look! On the left, the lungs aren’t sprayed like this! But after two days! This is going! Then, you won’t have to keep doing this!
Originally I got the flu, and then, it got worse with pneumonia ~
So, I said that there is no hope, I did, and it became better! Are you saying that?
Yes, yes ~ Then you don’t have to keep doing this!
The doctor stopped this! I’m not doing anymore ~ So it gets worse again! So,
That’s just all the fuss! I talked to the lawyer and went on. But now in the end ~ A small amount of vitamin C is injected intravenously.
I have to do a lot, but I have to do about 12,000mg a lot ~ Because only a small amount! That’s the progress (recovery)
It’s getting weak! Still, this person is perfect That’s Okay! It took a long time
By the way, what these guys did ~ We usually use vitamin C as the pill
1,000 mg per tablet I take it, but this is a different kind of vitamin C.
This is called ‘Lipo’ ~ ‘Lipo’ means that this is fat,
It’s like this, and it’s absorbed very well! I kept taking this! So,
This person is very happy ~ This vitamin C has already been used since 1930!
Now among them ~ One of the most used vitamins
Dr. Klenner, but this is exactly what Dr. Klenner said! Some doctors
Than using vitamin C Let your patient die!
Say this ~ If you use ‘Vitamin C’ ~ The patient dies because he doesn’t use what he can recover.
Examples often happen. It’s common! But there are a lot of research papers on vitamin C!
In this book There are over 1,000 scientific papers! ‘Primal Penesia PRIMAL PANACEA’ Fenesia is a panacea.
So, the DMSO I mentioned earlier, Similar to vitamin C,
What’s similar. It’s almost a panacea, It’s very cheap and can’t be patented. Because it is a natural substance, it is competitive with pharmaceutical products. I’m still under pressure.
Oxidative stress is the problem, Oxidative stress is caused by an epidemic. Because of the epidemic, Preventing oxidation stress ~
It’s an antioxidant. Vitamin C among ‘antioxidants’ ‘Vitamin C’ works very well.
There are other ingredients, Vitamin C is a virus exterminator.
The evidence is from the 50s. Also, what role does vitamin C play?
This is all in the paper. This is the recommended amount of ‘Vitamin C’ in the United States.
Recommended intake per day, It’s 90mg. Men, women 75mg By the way, this is not enough. Why not enough? If you look at this once, I know.
This black stick They are hospitalized.
With serious illness. And, the white stick I’m talking about ordinary people. If you look here
The vitamin C content in the serum is lower, People who are seriously ill
‘Vitamin C’ is very low. By the way, why are people with this serious illness here?
Is vitamin C low? The reason comes from here. People with this serious illness, Vitamin C keeps falling over time.
For people with serious illness, ‘Vitamin C is used a lot in the body. ‘Is talking. These people People who have undergone kidney transplant surgery.
They were 180mg a day. Nevertheless, it is falling sharply like this.
So, 180 mg is not enough! Do you mean that it was small in blood?
That’s right, it’s from plasma, serum. If you look at this, ‘Vitamin C’ in healthy human serum.
And, it’s vitamin C for people with other types of diseases. Serum ~ The people in the intensive care unit are very low today!
If you look here, from pneumonia, People with cancer are very low! So, people with this serious illness are proof that vitamin C is used a lot in the body. The big problem with pneumonia It’s called ‘acute respiratory distress syndrome’ ~ To the person who is experiencing this problem,
‘Vitamin C’ 200mg / kg In a day ~ if so, for example, 60kg
People take 12,000mg per day I’m talking about it. So, look.
The lungs are all solved after 13 days! So this is not a small dose of ‘vitamin C’!
If you put a lot of intravenous injection, It means that it will be solved! One of the pneumonia, serious
The disease is called ‘complex organ failure’ ~ People who take ‘antioxidants’ and those who do not
Survival is so different! And here, people who are receiving chemotherapy
The content of ‘vitamin C’ in the serum Compared to ordinary people, there is a big difference.
So, For people receiving chemotherapy
‘Vitamin C’ is used a lot! The time it takes for this cold So, how long does it take to recover?
There are fewer people who have taken ‘Vitamin C’ a lot. There is no data that ‘vitamin C’ prevents colds,
There is evidence that when you have a cold, it shortens the duration of the cold. I’m not sure if you look at the table, but please explain ~ The amount of vitamin C taken per day (g)
This means that the more (with cold) the shorter the period! This is data for taking ‘vitamin C’ and pneumonia.
If you look here ~ The group taking ‘vitamin C’
None of the 335 are dead! I’m not dead, but someone with pneumonia
Not one of the 335 people took it ~ Of the 1,100 people, the ones not to take took 17.
And the second row took 2 out of 114 people who took it, Ten of the 112 people who didn’t take it took 10.
And the third row took 1 out of 331 people, Seven out of 343 people did not take it.
Pneumonia People who were hospitalized for pneumonia were taking ‘vitamin C’,
People who have not taken ‘vitamin C’ I was hospitalized for 23.7,
People who took 0.25 to 0.8 g / day 19.2 days. And 0.55 ~ 1.6g / day
15.1 days hospitalized This is data. And this is ‘Vitamin C’ Polio This is a treat. This is from monkey
After the poliovirus is injected, ‘vitamin C’ is injected. I did it. I didn’t get polio. It is a paper. This was in 1935
This is a paper published by a professor at Columbia University. And, as I said earlier,
He was the one who did the most research on ‘Vitamin C’. this person This person was treated with ‘Vitamin C’
Polio, measles, mumps, encephalitis, diphtheria, all of these
I was treated with ‘Vitamin C’! And tetanus was also treated with ‘vitamin C’.
This is from Bangladesh It is a published paper. But if you look here,
Children with tetanus. So, from one to twelve year old children There were 31 people, Because it is treated with ‘vitamin C’.
All 31 people are perfect! Not one is dead. However, children who have not taken ‘Vitamin C’ 8 people Only recovered, so the remaining 23 died.
So, 74.2% died. Children who have not taken ‘vitamin C’ and have not put it in ~
It’s a very big car. But, bigger people, 13 to 30 years old It is better to put ‘Vitamin C’ than that
Much better, but 37% vs. 67.8%.
So, at this age, ‘vitamin C’ is put in If not, 67.8% died,
37% of those who died were killed. But why young children Older people more Is mortality high? Even though I put ‘Vitamin C’, the problem is,
It’s bigger. You weigh more. According to this, more ‘Vitamin C’ should be added, but the same amount was added. So, here If you put more ‘Vitamin C’ according to your age,
You can guess that the survival rate was high enough. 327 people with shingles were treated with ‘vitamin C’,
All of these 327 people became cured in 72 hours. So, Than trying to get a shingles vaccine
If you have shingles, doctors can use this information to treat you with ‘vitamin C’. That’s what you need to know. This is a polio epidemic,
In 1948 in Roskerola Sixty people have polio.
But Dr. Klenner ‘Vitamin C’ is injected intravenously. 1,000mg ~ 2,000mg Intravenous But out of 60 people All is well done. It’s all been completed in 5 days.
From polio So, it’s that polio is completely cured with ‘vitamin C’.
You know, you don’t need to get the polio vaccine either. But this, polio was completely cured with ‘Vitamin C’
Even with such evidence Nevertheless, in this conference on polio About the effect of ‘vitamin C’
It is not an issue. All this concentration was used only for vaccine development,
All finances were used only to develop vaccines, Very little has been said about ‘vitamin C’ as being able to cure this. But the same thing is being repeated. Now ~ We are focusing only on vaccine development! ㅠ .. ㅠ This is from WHO,
What I’m talking about here is COVID-19, so it’s about coronavirus They say there is no proper medicine, but it is not.
I have medicine! It’s ‘Vitamin C’. Now, the Shanghai government uses ‘Vitamin C’ For coronavirus patients, it is recommended!
Here now 2020 On February 20 of this year,
Four patients infected with coronavirus. After recovering, 8 people were restored to ‘Vitamin C’, so in total, 12 people recovered to ‘Vitamin C’. This will strongly play a role in ‘Vitamin C’
It is this group that strongly promotes it. This group
We are promoting, and if you look here, Dr. Hyung-Joo Shin is also participating in Korea! And now in China
In the Chinese government Intravenous injection of ‘vitamin C’
I’m licensed to do a clinical trial! Again, three. Three clinical trials have been approved.
One is 12,000 ~ 24,000mg / day The other is 6,000 to 12,000 mg, which is about half that.
And the third one There is another one ~ And, what is announced there now
Dr. Chang Chang Coronavirus killed more than 2,000 people in China.
Among these dead People who injected intravenously with ‘vitamin C’ and ‘vitamin C’
There was no one here. Let’s talk like that! If you put ‘Vitamin C’ intravenously,
Cytokine storm this Prevent to prevent death! (Dr. Richard Z Cheng)
Let’s say this! This intravenous injection is safe.
And, it is very efficient. Let’s say this! ‘Vitamin C’ has no side effects and should prompt the world with the message that coronavirus can be prevented and treated!
Say this ~ Dr. Chang However, Now the media is saying that coronavirus is treated with ‘vitamin C’
They say ‘I’m subduing’. As I said earlier, the Korean media also said ‘Vitamin C’ To treat coronavirus (infection) It’s suppressed! About Vitamin C’s treatment of coronavirus This is fake information ~
This is fake information. Yeah, like this on Facebook I am deleting this! This was published in that paper, Because of the virus When pneumonia types occur, 200mg / kg (per day)
It means that it can be treated. If an intravenous injection is done like this, the lungs It’s getting better! (Patient) If it is 70kg, then is it 14,000mg? Right, yes ~ But now many people, Talking about ‘vitamin C’ that came out naturally,
So, I talk a lot about the difference with the artificial ‘vitamin C’. by the way, For example, ‘vitamin C’ in fruit
That The artificial ‘vitamin C’ has the same chemical structure.
The chemical structure is the same, but the difference is, ‘Vitamin C’ in fruits and vegetables is more effective because it is combined with other ingredients. According to what I’m talking about here, However. Intravenous injection It’s using artificial vitamins. After all, the reason why ‘Vitamin C’ is now suppressed
Because it is a natural substance, it cannot be patented.
This is the problem ~ -End-Thanks for watching ^^ If it was helpful, subscribe and like! Please recommend!


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