Vlog 1 – Health, Holidays and Roleplay

Vlog 1 - Health, Holidays and Roleplay

hello everybody and welcome to my first bi-weekly vlog yes what's the difference between a vlog and a video update you may ask well there's not much of a difference the only difference really is the fact that the Rob's have never been what to do with stuff outside of the channel depending on what happens to me during those two weeks we might discuss a variety of different things whereas the video updates will continue on a less frequent basis but they will just be to do with the channel so where there's new stream series to coming up with this new you know game series anything channel related you away from going on a break or something that we've done for a regular video update but other than that were pretty much the same so I'm gonna try and keep these things below 15 minutes ordinarily although that's not a long time so maybe less than 20 although this might be even longer than that I'll try my best to keep it short but I just can't do it you know me too well by now it anyway let's focus focus so I got a few things to discuss with you today but there is gonna be some channel based stuff just because there's no point doing a separate video update we're gonna lump it all together about the side series and also about patreon as well so they're gonna be towards the back end of the video we'll stick with the vlog type of outside of the channel stuff to start with right okay so I did tell you I was gonna highlight about my health concern my health issues I've had to explain why things went a bit pear-shaped in sort of March April early May time on the channel was the massive slow down on the uploads and less streams being done and I only told a couple of people in the YouTube world who I consider you know good friends of mine about these issues I was having now touchwood everything's fine but I went through a bit of a bit of a bad patch right okay so way back when in January February last year I started suffering with issues in my head headaches dizzy spells what can be described as a powerful lightheaded fuzzy feeling in my head heaviness behind my eyes making it difficult to focus on things it was just really strange not to describe it as is it just I felt really strange up here it was really weird it lasted for about four to five months last year went to the doctors said it could have been a virus give me some pills they promptly went into the drawer here open the drawer throat the draw pills inside never took any I'm a I'm a booger when it comes to taking medication very rarely take it less I'm really not feeling well in my opinion pills don't usually cure the problem I think that we usually cure the problem they usually just stifle symptoms so if I could put up with the symptoms I ain't taking the pills I don't put any chemicals in my body that you know I don't need to I'll just ride it out you know so I've got the pills away didn't take him and it went away of his own volition marvelous what the way round about May June time last year forgot about it all that lovely hot summer of last year world cup partying every weekend in might you know it would meet up with Fred it was really like a holiday in in in England last year was a massive sort of eight week period of constant glorious weather and I never drunk so much in my time in an eight week period did last year it was glorious anyway completely forgot about it fast-forward to November last year I was on holiday and it came back wasn't holiday got the head start to get the unsteady dizzy feeling first and I thought this feels familiar came back again anyway went to the doctor's again with it in February having had it for now since November so what's our three months so it's back again better go to the doctors wait three months like I thought it might go away about its own volition I'm a typical man don't go to the doctors must really required but after three miles of having it again I thought well just better go back and check things are all right so anyway went to the doctor she said sent me to the ENT ear nose and throat specialist because you know as a precaution has come back again she doesn't know what it is he did a few tests and a ear test and spun me around a few times letting down the bed set up quickly and then the word is gonna send you for an MRI scan at that point in February the symptoms were actually getting better again so I wasn't worried okay fine we'll have an MI anyway in March early March took a turn for the worst because the symptoms were the worst they've ever been you know since the last time the first time I had this and this new time I've had it this was the worst I've ever been I had a headache and the really pounding headache every day for about four four week period to the point where I was actually taking paracetamol ibuprofen on a daily basis which as I've just said I don't take pills that often so the fact that I was taking them that often wasn't really very happy dizziness was the worst never been the heaviness bit the whole lot of symptoms I was getting before was double as bad as it was before and the MRI scan that was booked in just because of the doctor I don't know if it was just the general waiting time for an MRI or whether he was not concerned so I was kind of waiting from February to May for ever too late late April sorry for whatever I scan so I had an eight week wait period for this scan and as the symptoms will come on much worse I was I was like I want this consumer this has got worse I felt like absolute crap it was a combination of the of the symptoms making me feel horrendous combined with the worry about what the hell is going on combined with the long arduous wait for an MRI scan all kind of combined together to make me feel really down in the dumps and that's why I wasn't uploading as much in March in April it was just not a good place I was really felt terrible really felt terrible I think I did a couple of streams and I I mean I thought if you could tell but I was not informed not this tree I watch this tree is back and I thought yeah I'm not gonna do any streams now I just couldn't get motivated I was not feeling it and I still just didn't upload as much as I usually do and that was the reason anyway padme MRI scan in late April and if you've never had one of the experience and a half you so strapped to a bed we've got headphones on you've got a head block here they whiz you into this machine that's about this close to your face I Scott we really it makes all kinds of whizzing whirring buzzing noises so they put headphones on you too Jeremy how a little bit and also play music through your ears you can still hear it and they say don't move don't Mary said though okay I'm moving moving moving you're moving I am not moving you're moving doctor I can't move I'm strapped to a board I can flip him god what a nightmare 20 minutes that lasts if you cross your phobia you are screwed because even I don't have pasta for me but even I wasn't comfortable with been in this what I can only describe as like a coffin damn thing machine surrounding you this close to your face oh my god it was horrible but yeah anyway the scan came back clear although the doctor did say they were gonna send me to a neurologist for further checks whatever else but posit MRI is clear it's as far as I'm concerned and I'm not a doctor but if anything serious it would show up on the MRI scan shortly so I haven't heard this was this was in this was in May early May I got the results that came back clear and the woman said oh yeah we're gonna send you to a neurologist it's now July imma had a letter I'm not heard anything about in your oldest appointment I've been chased it up Laville fine but not just chase it up in a couple of weeks just say you know am I supposed to be seeing a neurologist or not I don't know maybe but yeah I feel great now touchwood symptoms have gone I still don't know what it is but I have a sneaking suspicion keep checking the time here twenty minutes okay sneaking suspicion it's a sinus related problem just because the symptoms that I'm getting the reading what the scientists can do sinus issues can do the doctor the ENT doctor gave me steroid spray for my nose because it was a bit of an ear blockage in the passage that's linked to sinuses and a telltale sign for me is I've had a toothache on a tooth let's going into the cheek here for a couple of years now and I've been to the dentist three times with it and had two x-rays and the dentist cannot see any decay or anything wrong with the tooth why is there a toothache then funnily enough sinus issues can cause a toothache that goes up into the cheek I thought that that's got to be the tell-tale sign surely otherwise why would I be having to think it wouldn't be decay or something and they would have been found by the dentist which it hasn't so it's that's like almost like the grief they sort of flashing light to me this is probably sinus related but anyway any doctors watching oh no tell me what I might have anyway that's my health issues fingers crossed touchwood I'm fine now I've had a holiday it's somehow it's not great you have generally seasonal disorder feel much better in the summer anyway so I'm in a happy place his wild with head first and 12 into a new structure for the channel feel like I've got a new pretty misstep okay health issues put them aside Oh hostile Africa the video but even halfway through the list of things I've got listed holiday I've been on a holiday recently just come back for those of you walking sort of bit further details I was on a cruise I daughter cruise every holiday I don't do regular holidays anymore every holiday have almost something with some maize is it is a cruise I just love cruising so much this food up 24 hours a day there's a drink 24 hours a day you get to see different places several different places a one trip if you don't like them you're there for a day if you do like them you can always go back separately and so I've seen so much of the world and you know come to like a list off that I visited if only for a day just because I've been there on a cruise I've been all over year I've been all the way of Norway all around the Caribbean I haven't been far east yet my mother doesn't fancy Far East I kind of do now I'm sort of warming to the idea we'll see what happens with that but anyway I was on the independence of the Seas which is a Royal Caribbean ship we feeling with this on this ship twice before we've been when it's company four times before I've been on thinking of seventeen cruises series season cruising veteran at the age of 36 now absolutely love it but I was in that we were around the Mediterranean on this one so cypher France Gibraltar which was glorious because I managed to procure myself due to the lack of taps on v8c in Gibraltar I've managed to procure myself six bottles of love and spiced rum at nine pound fifty a bottle a litre bottle these are normally nineteen quid 20 quid in England so I'm paying 10 pounds cheaper so I we came back with nine bottles of alcohol in our case it's because it's EU e use2 EU when you can take many as one for personal use of course so III six bottles of Morgan's got the basket put the bottles or markers in the basket pull them on the desk there are six bottles please as all for personal personal do you didn't like him for live fish so happy about it went to Villa France where we proceeded to try to go to nice so we went to the trip my mom's in the wheels not in a wheelchair she needs a wheelchair for long distance because she's got arthritis in her back and she needs two new hips so she can't walk very far so I pushing her down this Beach this front of villa France to get to the train station we get to the bottom of the train station where there's proceeds to be 50 steps oh dear I'll go up the steps she says so she's going up the steps you almost fell down the steps I got the wheelchair under my arm logging this thing up the steps we get to the top after a very arduous sort of two or three minutes she's collapsing because of her back I'm collapsing persepolis kindest heavy wheelchair up 50 flights and steps we get to the train platform I proceeded to go to the ticket booth or the ticket machine broken ticket machine on the side broken is there an office open no okay we could chance getting on the train and going to nice anyway was like two stops away knowing our luck we'd probably get a conductor on there who travels the maximum fight I'm not having a ticket so I said mother we can't chance this what a waste of time all that effort for no reason anyway so that was a bit of coffee on the front it was very nice we visited Rome I didn't go to Rome the wish the port is to Vecchia kitchen Tyvek yeah whatever it's called we've never been there and my mom wasn't feeling too good it's a long journey from the port to Rome we've been twice before so I said why don't we just walk around cinta de Vecchio the town we've never been there push you in the wheelchair look around the shops and have a chill out and have a nice relaxing nerd devote relaxing for you in the chair me pushing you around in the 33-degree he'd was spying but yes we did that instead at the bus tour in Naples because we've been to rip we've been to pompeii and herculaneum previously sausage why don't you all do a bus tour around the city around the Gulf of Naples the Bay of Naples for a change that was lovely went to Cadiz hi and a nice three-mile walk with her in the pushing of the chair visited the the church of San Antonio and had a coffee nice were fountain and we did some shopping so it was really really nice and pleasant but the last thing I'm going to tell you about my holiday lots of drinking food as usual and burning in the 30-degree heat on the top deck all the time which is why I came up with a tan is that I played a little bit of a game on holiday now on hold I usually read not religiously I sort of read an hour to in an evening on my balcony we didn't have a balcony this time because we could try put the cost down a little bit have an inside cabin which was perfectly fine didn't really miss the balcony and I was reading religiously because I was reading Game of Thrones and I got right into it and the season has finished the series has finished and I'm not gonna mention about my thoughts about the series but I thought now that the series is finished I fancy reading the books I've read the books volumes 1 to 4 previously and kind of got tailed off towards the end whereas now I thought well the series is finished I'll read the books and I'll read the books and off watch how I finished them he may be closer to releasing the winds of winter who knows I probably read the slow as he writes but this I thought right I'm gonna regain with films on holiday the whole book so I was reading probably quite a big books I had to read quite often to get my way through it and I did because it made me appreciate it actually how damn good the books really are and how that the earliest series that were much more closely relate to the books were far better because the books are just that good they just had to lift a lot of the content from the books including a lot of the speech all the the the dialogue was just exactly lift of the curves from the book and you know it you could clear I've seen the first series of Game of Thrones about three times and I can picture exactly what's happening in this series in this book because it's just a car but it's just literally a carbon copy and almost scene for scene and so I really enjoyed reading that book but I was reading that off and had to read it all the time and people will notice it when you read in Game of Thrones is it good oh you know a bit conversation going cuz his conversation in the public arena now much more than it was and you know I was reading this book is over so I made a bit of a game of it and this I'm gonna you know you're on this ship and you can't go anywhere haven't you at seeing stuff I'm gonna read this book in as many places as possible over the ship so yes the top deck and you know what having a cocktail you usual reading spot but then I used to go to I'll go to the wine bar and read it you know a couple of glasses of wine go to the cafe and read another coffee I'll go to the pub and read it and have a cider I'll go in the promenade and read it okay I'll go on the promenade deck and have a Bailey's while I'm reading it I'll doing the theater after the shield's finished I'll continue to read my book mothers well the show's finished and we're also the best of all or best of I didn't we do the dinner table the best of all was I sit we sit late sitting half-past eight with the same group of people in the large table just so you get to know people and you know this was about the second week now and I said oh I said I'm off to the nightclub tonight oh you have to the nightclub you gonna have your knees up and all it's gonna be another great time don't come into letters I said I don't where help they're coming in late was I go into the nightclub to party and boogie no I was going to the nightclub to read let's put my little game so I you know eleven o'clock comes around and right after look a lot mother take me book we're done with your book so though often love to read what you think I'm doing it was nineties night which is my music era really sort of 90s music is my kind of when it comes to music and they were blaring out the nineties choose I walk in and welcome to the nightclub I put my book down that's on a spare table you know these tables with high bar stools go to the bar to water my drink unless somebody comes in behind me and asked to move us excuse me that's bad book Joseph thought somebody left it in there from earlier in the day or something you know was there a book on a table here my bowl ah and anyway music blaring people are dancing laughing joking this nightclub and it is a nightclub its darkens and I'm there with me Morgan spiced reading game with her it was quite quite humorous was quite yeah she called me anyway so yeah that was me on the holiday I had a great time it was really nice and I'm looking forward to the next one right work training castle a little bit 20 minutes work I've been with monk in my current job for three years now I joined in 2016 February and it's now three and a bit years later with HMRC well I've still the same job that I was when I first joined really enjoying it you get you know flexi time is flexible hours working as long as you do you little I'm going to do seven and a half hours a day you can work start when you want finish when you want all you get in between seven and seven we've introduced surface pros now so you can work from home a lot more for flexible working it's great stuff it's great stuff and so I'm still in the same role I'm happy you know you used to the teams only a very small team that I work on and got to know all the people and and we've been there for three years and the way I work I've worked with law before so criminal a lot as a police officer I'm quite good with law I learn law quite quickly and procedure and policy I learn that kind of thing quite quickly so my current role you got to know your stuff your tax law the policy the guidance and procedures that hit you master you follow when they're carrying out inquiry work and so I pick up that really quickly so after being there for three years I'm quiet it was only three years I'm quite an experienced hand if you will when people now come to me for advice and now a mentor for new starters and the reason why I bring this up is because I knew not a new role as in I'm changing jobs but an additional role on top of your current one came up on Friday and it jumped out at me like that and the role was as a role player it tickled me I read this I thought when seconds this is a personal emails come to my working box do they know me here I accidentally stopped my time recording you know I love roleplay so uh roleplay for the channel come and roleplay at work and what it is is it's for new starters trainees that are learning to become tax inspectors as they were tax compliance officers as they as they are now and you know you could interview tax payers for certain certain points you know conduct meetings with them and and would be a role player as the person being interviewed about it by the training so I thought was quite humorous you know real player I don't off I don't usually put myself forward for a lot of additional roles I just like to do what I'm there to do but soon as I saw role play I thought ah yeah role play I'm gonna turn up is gonna reveal really throw them off their game one day you know so I thought I was quite humorous so I applied for a little Friday and a wing to hear back so fingers crossed you get to travel the country gonna do 30 days a year but your hair role-playing as a as a mischievous sort of non compliant tax person quite huge good put my roleplay skills to the test in a work environment you know good fun indeed okay so we might just bring the center but just over 20 minutes that's the kind of non channel stuff out the way will now switch to the channel based stuff and we'll kind of get this done quickly issue so there was a side series kind of not so a suggestion thread opened on the discord I asked you in the last video a bit to suggest some games that I could play as a side series again uploaded on the weekend our long video sat in Sunday usually a short game kind of different to the norm and loads of people suggested a variety of different things and I've currently I've got pick now five games that I am really interested in playing as a first side series under this new regime and they are and night in the woods the return of the Aberdeen renowned explorers International Society stardew valley and frost Punk now there's lots of other games people have suggested now what I'm gonna do in the side series suggestion channel I'm going to pin to the top a Google sheet and in that Google sheet will be a list of suggestions already made and then whether I am considering it or whether I am discounting it so you can quite clearly see games that have been suggested and where they stand in terms of am I gonna play them or not so you don't duplicate suggestions if that makes sense so I'll get that done over there but in the description of this video there's gonna be a poll pick one of those five games the one with the most votes will be the first Cirie's deadline is Wednesday to allow me time to get downloaded and to allow you to put forward thumbnails and intro videos in line with what I discussed in the previous video update so Wednesday's a deadline pick one of those five games there are slightly different in styles to try to pick a few that are different you know dessert was a statutory based one there's a detective baseball and you know this simulation one so I'm just trying to pick a little you know give you a bit of a choice so it's not all the same kind of game and they're all relatively short as well so I thought that would be nice starter for a side series so one of those fight go to the description of the video click on the pole and make your choice right final topic meant to discuss is patreon in the last video I told you about my slots of feelings about patreon and ask for your comments now thank you so much for your comments a lot of heartfelt comments were on then it was very very nice to read that the comments that some of you were putting down there and it made me think you know what I'll give it a go I will give this patreon thing a go so I have created my patreon page now link to that is also in the description of this video along with the my other links to discord and to Twitter and to Facebook feel free to sign up to those vote mediums if you wish to do so but with the patreon thing I'm just keeping it very simple it is very very straightforward I have a splat of an introductory screen with a little bit of text to tell you about the patron of my thoughts and feelings as I said in the last video it's just a means for you to offer an additional form of thanks and support through through a donation and that's all it is it's not gonna buy you any sort of perks has no pay wold stuff there's no tiered system there's no reward system it's just a very simple simple system in the fact that you pick your own donation amount you click on become a patreon in the top right and then you put your own custom amount in it's as simple as that there's nothing else to it as a method of fans of course you know you get a personalized message if you sign up and also in these bi-weekly vlog videos I shall give you a shout-out to any patrons that have signed up in that render period unless somebody specifically tells me not doing a message but yeah I read those out as well and that's as much as you get but you're also hot you know as I said as well and it's clear on the patreon page is that any donations that pull together then build up this little pot butt goes together with my partner income it which is not very much at all is just a method of allowing me to post up you know pop fake it's gonna go back into the channel so I'm trying to say it will by computer games it will buy any computer equipment so like I could do with an upgraded webcam perhaps and I definitely did a new gamepad and as I found out yesterday when I was streaming baldur's gate my headsets got a bit of a rattle going on it's quite an old headset now so it might be nice to get a new headset so these kind of purchases will be funded through partially through the through the patreon and the partnered income so that's going back into the channel so I'll give you an update as to what I bought things to so you can see what your donations are buying and keep you abreast of the situation in terms of that but yeah whatever you do please if you are going to donate donate an amount that is it was well within your means please don't and donate anything that that's outside the scope of your of your means please and don't feel pressured into making a donation it's completely optional you know your continued support comments participation through discord and through any of the other social media methods in terms of you know true tributing to to the community is is more than enough things that I need right okay 25 minutes I'm a bit to cool this down sir first one omission leeway oh well I'll work on my jump cuts in my masonry and making things a bit more snappy but I have you know what you're getting with me folks it's been nine years I'm not gonna change em I know right okay so enjoy the rest of your weekends the next update from me will be the or the next session from me will be tomorrow it will be darkest dungeon a stream and then baldur's gate will return on Tuesday so enjoy this new weekend enjoy the weather if you've got nice weather and until next time see you soon


  1. What's the side channel he was talking about where he would post the word document with side series requests?

  2. Captain Morgan is the best. When I dropped the carbs and got off of beer I switched to it after trying a matrix of spirits/mixers. Also, I'm glad to hear your MRI didn't reveal anything bad. I know two people that had the opposite outcome and their lives definitely changed dramatically afterwards….and not for the better.

  3. Glad your got the all clear Damo

    The holiday food and booze is the main thing lol you're holiday game classic Damo

    Stardew valley a nice relaxing game clocked up over 260hrs on switch

  4. Bug or certain illness don't show up on MRI's. I'm NO DOCTOR. But have you had your eye checked recently. Eye strain and having bright lights cause problems with your eyes and having headaches. Also certain graphic setting dealing with sharp details. So please have your eyes checked. I could be the key to your illness.

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