happy Saturday y'all I'm finna go to driving school to drive I guess on the haven't slept so what try to go to sleep you can't do that you're about to go drive I don't go to sleep until 10:00 in the morning it's no ringer to break out of a today yeah I can find myself out of it that's okay well this was scared tonight scared or nervous scared scared of way why don't I was very simple what are you gonna be scared about I'm always scared at night you know Noah being your roomie I just hear something any you think is really something that is really bad whoa so remember where's that yes like I can't see what this girl got her schedule together she got on lip gloss her hair done everything no sis it's early to her tivoli I might be showing my face is so early what you doing uh you need to go to sleep you gonna be sleep I'll take that out take it out turkeys me witness the goodness of the sugar cane sugar cane syrup yeah he lives in some cancer I don't understand what that is sugar cane juice it's just not good to me hmm why isn't it focused look at there's a whole life's this kind of syrup like popcorn ball sir that's why I don't like popcorn balls is that it that's haste to him sometime I just sprinkle a little pop on that's a busy he yeah how's your first day wait I was so scared for my life oh my god there's so many people that don't know how to drive that's what the school is for why I like that I gotta observe other kids driving oh my god I thought you were observing an adult I tried I was so close to dead I cover my eyes she didn't she didn't know what the difference was from the petrol for the gas pedal to the brake pedal what didn't she know she you know that the turn signal yeah he was he said turn your signal to the right and she pushed it down she was broke it please do okay you gotta learn how to turn some type of a turn and your hands out of me and she wasn't doing it he'll get frustrated are you so what did he say I hit like in late he was breathing extra hard life you can hear like yeah asthma that like frustrated I guess I did good I know if I draw yeah okay so where y'all on the fruit that one in three women oh you know the you know the one way road that's the no there's nothing I weigh that's the Peter okay yeah okay that's cool yeah so you feeling good about it yeah I really want to drive coupe at home cuz we drove over there about where we live that oh really yeah like I drove everywhere I would you gonna pick up this girl so what did they say about how you were driving good Oh God what that mother flipping deal what's the look yeah yeah your girls feeling cute today honey yes okay that's how I'm feeling today I got on my shirt y'all wanna look at my closet and realize I had this shirt I had totally forgot about a head tags on and everything but yeah I got on my these are my favorite jeans in the entire frickin world I didn't got these GG 'aww and three different sizes from fashion over because of the weight loss and stuff yeah these are size five okay that's that's nice but I love them so much love them wait let me shine there they go these are so cute to me anyway so yeah come with us yeah we're going to very keen to try those new pulled pork burger Joe Marshall did customized he is so that should be interesting what about so news Lele is my lady you can't say she says well um but yeah we had to get some cash you know I didn't have any but um yeah yeah yeah yeah I'm glad I had my hair out job I missed my hair I really did anyway almost them all right can I get a look my pulled pork king please I want a meal in can I add a patty a beef patty to that oh you talking to somebody else and can I add some bacon also see me do they see me doing a medium if they did cut that out can you please let me order the photos do please let me order the food that I cut that out let me order the food cannot order the food please would you say sorry can I get a coke with no ice um also Maya what do you want can I get another pulled pork king meal yes a meal what's right what do you want I want to pull that's it oh and I want another pulled pork king meal yes I do I'm sorry hold one second sir can you let me go ahead and order first please um okay so on the on one of those pulled pork meals do you want onion rings light light or fries okay so the Burger King has instead of the frost can I get onion rings right do you want fries and earrings okay on another one give me um onion rings instead of fries so on two of them give me onion rings instead of fries okay my balloon bubble oh yeah we just finished the video now I think it was a steamer we actually needed that though this theme wrinkled out like this should add my shirt I have on exactly oh they can't see them like Kimmy yeah yeah I could see the wrinkles yes I did them yeah I literally broke my friggin nail trying to play basketball the bat the basketball that I was able to bleeding everything y'all the basketball I was trying to use didn't have any air in it and for some reason I tried to bounce it and it bounced up and hit my nail and just crack the in half y'all oh my god are so bad I couldn't even we were gonna play horse you gotta buy the good show but yeah anyway just chickeny yeah this is like the end the end we are about to do some other things oh I put out a video of how i did this color on my hair y'all is out on my natural hair channel natural hair obsession is name yeah I'll go check that out I shared it so y'all could see it um hopefully I thought but um yeah yeah I can't wait like this is still looking good a job like it is still like I'm so shocked and surprised that it's still looking good um cuz I was gonna bring it and wash it out but it's just not like still looks good so I'm gonna wash it off yet when it starts looking ridiculous then I'll wash it out but yeah the next color I'm gonna do is balloon I'm gonna do that like turquoise blue that I have it's gonna be cute okay wait oh this way look oh you just was getting hot it's like two minutes to warm up this one is high it is both demon oh my gosh it really works where'd you get it from Walmart eBay what dang it makes it a copy with that you see wish you hit something wrinkle need a shirt the trial you teach me right there yeah I be goddamn you gotta be hanging up for you to do it I don't know why but just I was looking for like a hired and yeah but I'm just funny no it did coordinate like it was going on you know Oh need to get one them good ones like with your grandmama got them big heavy ones yeah what's this theme coming in like a $25 iron instead of a $5 no I think they cost a little bit more now no no like $25 you can get a fantasy one we never would get those though we could get like the $6 well I'm talking about the really heavy ones most expensive on the one that's your mama got basically very $25 Oh mom I got a good one so anyway yeah I bet you enjoy the rest of the night yeah Misha galilean positive or constructive criticism comments because now if I see something that is shady or you know a comment that is rude outright rude you know I'm gonna erase it and I'm gonna block you okay so I did someone let y'all know that so nobody will be surprised and coming to comedy be like um she blocking people i blocked whoever it was for a reason okay I just don't go around blacking people for no reason they have to have said something that was absolutely ridiculous or something that it starred missed in the comments those will get deleted also y'all okay just to be nice in the comments y'all know how to act keeping a positive on keep it moving keep it positive we'll keep it moving yes we trying to be positive over here we're not trying to put out no negative vibes okay and what else update on my health y'all I oh my gosh yeah I have been feeling amazing since changing my diet I know I don't know if I told you that already I probably did but I have like I haven't had any stomachaches nothing since um not eating gluten at all and no dairy like it has been amazing y'all and what else yeah I had my procedure coming up soon and yeah you know that's the update that is the update things still going down you know trying to see if I have anything else to tell you oh the doctor changed the procedure that I'm gonna have I'm not gonna have that endoscopy thing anymore I'm gonna have something else I can't remember the name of it right now but it was alternative to that I'm bitch didn't put me to sleep but it's another type of test that they're gonna do so I can't remember a night without me think I wrote it down I don't know anyway but yeah yeah anything to say it look like you guys okay yeah so yeah thank y'all so much for supporting my videos I appreciate every single last one of y'all and yeah that's it make sure you got a thumbs up this video subscribe if you haven't already and share share share everywhere and we will see you guys on two morrow peace yeah oh my god I have to clean my lens it was dirty again I did all of that javi do with a dirty frickin lens Sorry Sorry


  1. I'm cool on her before she block me in the next 2 sec I'm unsubscribing. I tried to support but she complains too much about what people say. NOTE TO SELF BE LIKE BELOVE STOP ADDRESSING THE NEGATIVE COMMENTS AND GROW YOUR CHANNEL.

  2. Does Cain’s syrup taste like Agatha syrup? My Papa was from Louisiana and he always ate it with biscuits. I didn’t like it. He also always ate greens with those peppers in a bottle.

  3. I just noticed ~ We are twins…I have the same shirt on in one of my vids…Girl one day you're gonna come to Vegas we are gonna kick it!!! Love, Love, Love your style!!!

  4. Lay lay is lucky she doesn't have Caribbean parents even at 28 my mama would whoop my ass if I pulled that in the car lmao

  5. I’m so glad I have 2 boys & not girls πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ CAUSE GIRRRLLLLLLLL…

  6. 11:56 so the super duper uuper sexy jesus picture is in MURDERSHOWS room? i thought it was a hallway pic.

  7. Boring as usual JS πŸ˜• And MS duh push the button so the steam will release. Forever whining, just get off YouTube already.

  8. They said something true. Your kids don't know how to act. So you blocked them. The truth hurts. How you don't remember what the doctor told you. SAD

  9. My mom would or been spank me in my face you need spank them kids specially that little boy he bad Idk if he slow

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