Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation – turning Knowledge on Food Systems into Action

Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation - turning Knowledge on Food Systems into Action

daily access to healthy and nutritious foods is key to our lives with an ever-growing world population the challenge of developing sustainable and inclusive food systems is enormous building on the world leading multidisciplinary expertise within bargaining in the university and research bargaining in Centre for development innovation turns knowledge on food systems into action with our partners we work to deliver the major food system transformation that's needed in fast-growing low and middle income countries we do this by creating capacities for change supporting dynamic stakeholder partnerships we're active on a global scale engaging on multiple levels in diverse landscapes we help food systems grow stronger in Myanmar we are in actions in three major projects where we apply our integrated set sector develop an approach in the dry zone we work very closely with our to team the government and NGOs our sare goal is to develop easy access to quality seeds and improve varieties by doing that we are helping to increase the main mark farmers agriculture productivity and income [Laughter] we support local seed producers to develop their business and produce good seeds in our seat regulatory reform projects we've discussed identify those problems that are hindering the seed business development in Myanmar all of the stakeholder needs to improve in their seeds industry so that's what karma seta and the private sector should be harmonizing to the rules and regulation walking again Center for diploma innovation is one of the key partners for our cset at Roma I'm Emma in Ghana Wageningen University and Research & Partners lead the haughty fresh project aimed at transforming the horticultural sector vegetable and fruit consumption in Ghana is growing rapidly as a result of the country's economic growth in what if less reverb on supporting the words across the sector to become a more professional sector we do that through a team that executes activities and network on providing more calcium quality vegetables and fruit the work of Barca nning and Centre for development innovation here focuses on strengthening the ability of the horticultural sector to meet increasing demand and connect to exporting markets we focus on skills development for good agricultural practices we also support better policymaking and we improve the business climate by facilitating access to finance and profitable markets we participated in an innovation from that Khattab to Luca inter premiers such as ours to improve our production for middle-income Garnier's and also a sports market so such as the EU as we have access to this firm we are able to train my ad growers and also we have a packed house which we can pack our product there for export with hottie fresh we ensure that there's a lot of growth in their businesses by simulating engagements with other actors in a lot of discussions taking place with different families coming together to discuss issues confronting this sector and how best we could solve this issues an author fest has always been there to support us through the opportunities that we have another crucial goal for us is to monitor and evaluate all our projects to ensure we are making impact on food systems on the campus of the leading bargaining and university and research we combined over 50 years of experience with matching scientific and action research here we guide food systems professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to establish sustainable and inclusive food systems in their own countries join us in turning knowledge into action you

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