Water is the 3rd of 8 golden principle of healthy life.

Water is the 3rd  of 8 golden principle of healthy life.

hi this is rich I you are enjoying me the Gordon principle of wellness I'm going to share with you the importance of water our body consists of 60 to 75% of water we need to drink certain amount of water in order to survive pure water helps to purify the circular system through kidneys and urination it also helped to regulate the body temperature through sweat the absence of water may lead to history dehydration's and other medical problems how much water do we need per day the needed amount of water varies from person to person by their body weight and other factors such as food activity age and gender in general one programme of body mass requires the plasma D 50 ml of water therefore if a person weighs 60 kilogram you need about 3 liters having enough water in the body is not enough to stay healthy it is also a matter of having water at the right time for example if your body requires 3 liters per day you may drink one liter in the morning one lead in the afternoon and another one liter in the evening drink plenty of water in the morning when you wake up this will help your body not to get dehydrated after the long night sleep and it also prepare you to be ready for breakfast drink at least thirty minutes before breakfast and continue the rest one to two hours after breakfast the same principle applies to both lunch and dinner keeping the space between each meal for water consumption will help your body to work with its full capacity there are Bible texts that talked about water and the essential appeal wherever the river flows there will be swarms of living creatures and a great number of fish because it flows there and makes the water fresh wherever the river flows everything will flourish as a kills 47 9 this passage indicates that water is an essential element to all living organisms therefore drink enough water at the right time for your physical and spiritual need

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