We Tried To Make Caribbean Food With Zero Trash

We Tried To Make Caribbean Food With Zero Trash


  1. @0:53–0:56 me when my alarm goes off, me when my bank account is low, me when i attend meetings, me standing in long lines, me trying to find a parking space, me when i'm taking a sh!t.

  2. Love this vid but as a Jamaican …..habaneros and scotch bonnets pepper are two different peppers they have different taste and smell

  3. Thank you for the embracement of saying afro Puertorican. And the explanation for some people😂😂😂

    Afro Latina here🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦

  4. love this videos it made me think more of how many waste i´ve been causing i would love to see more of this kinnda videos

  5. Damn both women can cook I’m pleasantly surprised! Puerto Rican & a Haitian dish that’s like paradise on a plate 🤤😍

  6. I'm from Trinidad and Tobago so I recognise scotch bonnet but I didn't know it was the same thing as a habanero. I just always thought a habanero was a completely different pepper.

  7. Im just waiting when the store sells flour not pre packaged then forgot a bag then suddenly has a ziplock bag and will kinda look like cocaine

  8. Sorry to burst your bubble, but how much trash was wasted getting those items to the stores? Apples don't just go rolling around in transport before they make it to store counters. You only see 1/5 or 0/5ths the packaging on the store shelves. Is this really 0 waste? It might be 20% or 30% reduced waste, but as long as you are shopping at the grocery store, you are not contributing zero waste.

  9. A note on avoiding stickers and packaging by going to farmers markets: Unless the fruit or vegetable is in season where you are, it IS being transported from other countries and (sadly) often people will just remove the stickers and then place the items out for sale at a higher mark-up knowing people will just assume it must have been grown locally.

  10. Here in germay you can't get the employee's to put the meat and so, in a container like that. Its against health regulations and sadly they can get fired if they are caught doing this. And also in markets you can't, cause they have to wrap it in this plastic coated paper. Its so annoying cause I really like a lil crab or a good steak from time to time. But on the other hand I guess its understandable. Just really frustrating.
    (Edit: for non-vegan, eco friendlier volk)

  11. Joyce put chicken bouillon in the bean sauce, making it not vegetarian, and Dani ate it on her rice and she’s a vegetarian…

  12. By far my favorite episode! I loved it because it’s shows the evolution of the new generation while still embracing their roots.

  13. You don’t wash chickennn😅 even if you do, you must sanitise everything afterwards including around the sink and the walls because the salmonella gets everywhere

  14. Those can peas are called gungo in Jamaica. During Christmas time you can buy them fresh at the West Indian store like I just did.

  15. Joyce… Love… We love you so much but that blue wig has to gooo… 😢 Your natural hair is lovely 😍👌. I was upset to see it under that.

  16. Since when is Food 4 Less a "discount grocer". Its called a grocery store. You're just not gonna pay the ridiculous price at all those crazy stores they normally shop at!

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