Weight Loss Salad Recipe For Dinner – Indian Veg Meal/Diet Plan – How To Lose Weight Fast With Salad

Weight Loss Salad Recipe For Dinner – Indian Veg Meal/Diet Plan – How To Lose Weight Fast With Salad

hey guys I’m nisa homey and
welcome back to my channel. today I’m sharing a healthy and filling weight
loss salad recipe for dinner. this protein-packed
vegan salad can also be had as a meal for lunch. it is also a perfect meal to
carry to work and will keep you fuller till your next meal. this nutritious and
fiber rich salad is served with an amazingly healthy dip or you can call it
as a spread. this spread or dip will keep you fuller nourish your body boost your
metabolism helps in losing weight and helps in the absorption of vitamins and
minerals. this colorful and filling salad is a complete meal if you are on a
weight-loss journey. it’s easy to make and you can even make the dip or spread
a day before and keep it in the refrigerator. this salad is made with
easily available ingredients and is inexpensive and I have customized it to
suit Indian taste this is a perfect filling and nutritious meal for those
with health issues like diabetes PCOD or thyroid. so without much adieu let’s get
started with the recipe. to make Indian style weight loss dip or spread into my
chutney grinder I’m adding in 2 cloves of garlic simply slice it into small
pieces and then I’m adding in the main ingredient which is boiled and cooked
chana. this dip or spread I’m making is my Indian version of hummus. hummus is a
thick and creamy spread made from blending cooked chana and is popular
throughout the Middle East chana is also known as garbanzo beans or
chickpeas. I had already soaked this channel overnight and then pressure
cooked with a little salt. so I am adding in about 1 cup of cooked channa. Channa is
the main ingredient in hummus. squeezed in half a lemon through a sieve as it
prevents the seeds from getting in. 1/4 teaspoon pink Himalayan salt, note that I
already added salt while cooking the chana so add just salt accordingly. add
in 1/4 TSP turmeric powder 1/4 TSP black pepper powder 1 tbsp virgin coconut oil
you can also use virgin Olive oil. traditionally hummus is made
with olive oil to give an Indian flavor I’m adding in 1/4 teaspoon of dry mango
powder which is also known as amchur and 1/4 teaspoon of chaat masala.
I’m adding in 1 sprig of fresh curry leaves, curry leaves helps in weight loss,
they help to cleanse the body and remove harmful toxins from the body, they are a
rich source of iron and folic acid, helps to lower blood sugar levels, lowers
cholesterol, improves digestion, and also gives you a glowing skin and hair. so
always try to use fresh curry leaves in your weight loss diet. now to help all
this blend I am adding in about 2 to 3 tbsp of water you may need little more
extra water while grinding. okay, I just pulsed it a couple of times and this is
how it looks now, with a spoon just mix it and add in 2 to 3 tbsp of water
and then blend it to a smooth and thick paste. you may need roughly around a 1/4
cup of water to make this into a smooth paste. now you can see how creamy and
thick my Indian version of hummus is transfer this to bowl, note that if you
don’t like the spread to be this thick you can add more water to thin it out
with a spoon spread it out nicely and then sprinkle 1/4 teaspoon of
roasted jeera powder, 3/4 TSP roasted sesame seeds
sesame seeds helps to balance hormones, has powerful cholesterol-lowering effects,
helps to normalize blood pressure levels, boost your metabolism, and helps your
body to burn fat. so always make sure you are adding some roasted sesame seeds in
your salads. now sprinkling about 1/3 TSP crushed red chili flakes you can
increase or decrease chillies to suit your taste, and lastly and I am drizzling in
1 TSP virgin coconut oil. virgin coconut oil helps to nourish your thyroid,
stimulates metabolism. the lauric acid in virgin coconut oil helps to protect
your heart and also helps in weight loss please do check my video on virgin
coconut oil to understand more of its health benefits the link will be updated
in the description box below so please do check it out and my quick and easy
healthy Indian style hummus is ready to serve. this hummus is packed with
nutrients, vitamins, and healthy fats. in a plate I have already added some sliced
carrots, cucumber, red capsicum and a small handful of fresh Moringa leaves if
you are a regular on my channel you know I always try to include fresh Moringa
leaves you can check my video on moringa leaves to know more of its health
benefits links will be updated in the description box below and now I am
serving my weight loss hummus with these vegetables you can use any seasonal
vegetable of your choice I have already shared a weight loss
salad recipe with boiled chana the links will be updated in the description box
below please go check it out. I created this hummus recipe for you guys so that
your weight loss meals are not boring but tasty and healthy and yes, you will
not find these kinds of unique weight loss recipes
anywhere on the internet. so do try my version of Indian style hummus and let
me know how it turned out if you liked this video please show your love by
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for watching and until next time take care bye-bye


  1. Good recipe. Can you please show a substitute of moringa leaves? It cant be sourced in mumbai, atleast not in my vicinity markets

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    Mam i want to see you its my Humble request for You ! You r sooo amazing ur voice is soo swt nd i knw u also vry swt prsn
    plzz mam show m ur face i want to see You mam ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  3. i already tried your previous weight loss salad and it taste very good… and now this is something intresting recipe..must try

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  5. thank you for the hummus recipe
    i tried to make my own hummus with virgin olive oil
    i had to use 10 tbs of oil for a lil a small bowl portion

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    Can we store in the refrigerator for two days?

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  11. hello nishaji, I came across your channel just today also subscribed and looking forward for so many of your amazing recipes.. the hummus is a nice homemade preparation. but I heard chick peas should be avoided for hypothyroidism since I have that I was thinking you could give me other options coz this recipe is tempting .. thanks !!

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  17. When I eat chickpeas I get bloated I love to eat chickpeas all kind of beans too but I'm really hurt after eating them I will stay three days in pain so what's the best solution to get rid of bloating and irritating stomach?? thanks for the recipe though.

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