What Every Cancer Patient Needs To Know – Health Tips For Cancer Patients

What Every Cancer Patient Needs To Know – Health Tips For Cancer Patients

Hey it’s Chris from Chris Beat Cancer and
today I’ve got a very special video I’m often contacted by people who
just heard that their friend or family member or someone that they care
about was diagnosed. And I get these messages
all the time that are like “Chris my aunt was diagnosed with cancer
or a friend of my moms…” or whatever . and I really want to help
them and I don’t know where to start. I don’t know what to tell them… Can you please help? This video is for that. That’s what
this video is about. If you have cancer and
you’re watching this right now chances are it’s because someone who
cares about you very much took the time to send this to you.
So I’m going to tell you a quick version my story and I’m also going
tell you what I wish someone had told me when I was
diagnosed. because I think it will be very very
encouraging for you. and maybe change the way that you’re
thinking about cancer. So first off. I was diagnosed with stage
three colon cancer when I was 26 years old. I was rushed into surgery I was told me:
nine to 12 months a chemotherapy but I refuse chemotherapy in instead I’m radically changed my diet and
lifestyle this week overdosed on nutrition with tons of juicing and giant salads
and fruit smoothies tons efforts investable from the earth
okay so the first thing you need to understand
about cancer I is do not be afraid okay don’t be afraid I know you probably are
afraid you’re probably terrified because you think your dime but you’re
not okay cancer is a very natural normal
process in the by everybody has cancer cells
with all gone they the body is designed to recognize
them and eliminate them wanna sell mutates
becomes cancers okay so that a properly functioning by so cancer is not the real problem the longer gong for lesion or whenever
is typically not real problem in your body is a problem
but it’s not the problem okay the problem is that you are sick
that you have a systemic metabolic disease that is resulting in a tumor or tumors that are growing in
your body okay so the tumor is this symptom the tumor is not the real problem that
you cut the tumor of your body’s gonna go another tumor right so I’m when people have cancer what is going on in their body well
cancer as a result a body that is nutrient deficient and overloaded with toxins and typically the
result they suppressed are overloaded immune system so what is causing this well we have a the cancer death rate is triple eyes tripled in the last 100
years and if you compare our lifestyle to the
last I love our ancestors a hundred years ago it’s very
different and so what’s changed the few reading we’re reading all this
process man may say that you’re never designed to eat plain and simple you’ve got to get back
to foods that are coming straight at the earth in their natural form fruits and
vegetables the earth was created for us and
everything we need comes from the earth is such a simple concept you want truth is simple %ah so what is with the problem is that we are over fed but were malnourished were
stuffed but we’re starting and were getting
plenty of protein fat and carbs and but we’re not getting these valuable critical micronutrients thats finance minerals enzymes antioxidants
and thousands %uh find a nutrient compounds in fruits and vegetables implants that
support the body’s ability to heal and function optimal levels so not only are we
missing a lot these nutrients in our daily diets but we’re also putting it this
artificial mandates to that our binders know what to do it were
colluding their bottoms with artificial chemicals flavors colors
texture enhancers you know artificial fats you know fake should and that stuff is ways in a us literally you are poisoning including
your body with processed food right coax up sports
drinks fast-food microwave food restaurant food all this stuff has been altered and it’s
loaded with process sugar and salt and all that
other stuff I mentioned before so diet is number one the second thing
is your lifestyle if you drink a lot you smoke a lot if
you take up drunks especially pharmaceutical drugs you’re taking one more pharmaceutical
drugs those are immune suppressant those are cancer promoting okay there’s
no pharmaceutical drug that is good for you and your condition is not because you
are lacking a pharmaceutical drug so pharmaceutical
drugs do not heal they only mask and alleviates symptoms the only way to true healing is through
nutrition to give your body all the building blocks that it needs to
repair and regenerate and the good news is that you can do
that now on so your diet and your lifestyle are
major factors drinking and smoking her cancer cars obesity is the second leading cause of cancer if you’re
overweight it is pro cancerous your bodies in
chronic state information and its overloaded and its
struggling so that’s a major cancer promoter I’m the third factor is lack an exercise if
you’re not moving you compare yourself to her ancestors
who moved constantly the most to them worked with their hands that its
physical labor which is exercise they ate fresh food that they grew they
got from a neighbor on a swap with the neighbor they bartered a livestock that the they raised their
neighbor races ate fresh fish from the earth versus today and all our process to so
you’ve got to move your body exercise and movement is life when you exercise your sending signals
love life to your body to grow and get stronger
and tulips so you have to start exercising in the
fourth factor is stress stress I’m destroys your immune system
it suppresses your immune system whether its relationship stress work stress too much exercise extreme
exercising marathon running and and I triathlon training at you can
overdo it all stresses immunosuppressant and other
people in your life that that you cannot forget if you’re hungry
negative emotions like on forgiveness and bitterness and
jealousy in your judgemental in critical of others and you’re always negative you are in a crock chronic state love inflammation and stress your stress
four runs elevated your cortisol and your grammar
elevated and that is a pro cancerous conditions okay so all four of those factors your
diet your lifestyle choices whether not you exercise and stress
that’s how you get cancer right those four factors either promote
health they promote disease depending on your choices K but that’s the key because you have
choices you can turn your health around by changing the way you live your life okay cell don’t let anyone rush you into
surgery chemo or radiation you have time the majority of cancers are not life-threatening and they’re not
emergency situations in fact the majority of people diagnosed
with cancer feel fine they have a longer a bunker lesion or
something unusual a standard but other than that they feel fine they
feel healthy okay so I most doctors were even admit that
you have some time if you tell your doctor I would really
like to take some time to change my life can I have 30 days to have 60 days to
have 90 days and radically change your diet and
lifestyle and see what happens that’s the absolute best approach and I
can tell you I’ve met so many people that have done just that and they have not only II lost weight reversed chronic heart disease
conditions lower their cholesterol lower their blood pressure not and shrunk their tumors to nothing
okay by just changing their diet and feeding
their body and giving everything it needs to repair regenerate and detoxify okay so it is very possible very very
possible the medical view cancers that its linear
that that worse it once you have a tumor once
they find a cancerous tumor they can only go one direction and that
is it can only grow and spread all over your body that’s the linear you cancer but the
latest clinical research is proving that the false because we
know that’s cancer can heal the body can heal the call spontaneous regression that feeling correct the body created the body conceal it you just
have to give it the proper nutrients and care and I want to encourage you to learn more and serve reading and
researching and reading other survivors stories people that feel themselves and there’s a bunch of them on my site
Chris the cancer dot com okay because we can learn from the
experience of others I’m and so I just wanna close this by
had encouraging you again to take your time don’t let anyone rush you in the state
and into anything and listen to your instincts do not do something you don’t feel good
about if you do not feel good about surgery if you don’t feel good about
chemotherapy or radiation do not consent do not do it I don’t care how many
family members or friends tell you have to do it you do not have to do it this is your life you are in control you make decisions and it’s your life
okay you’ve got to make the best decisions
for you I were also want to encourage you to
pray to ask God to reveal himself to you if you don’t know him and to lead you in
the path of healing to show you the way that’s what I did
and when you reach out when you step out and say when you step out into the unknown
amazing things will happen in your life miracles
will happen God will reveal himself to you he’ll
show you the way you know like the path okay so there’s a lot more information I
could talk for three hours but i wanna keep this video short
there’s a lot more information here on my YouTube channel and on my
blog which is Chris beat cancer dot com I’m on Facebook and
Twitter as well but my mission is not just sharing my
story feeling but sharing up the stories /a all the other people
that I’ve met didn’t use nutrition and natural
therapies your so hope this has been helpful on please
share this anyone you know this and I miss cancer
and he had cancer remember you have options this is your life and your body can you


  1. Hey Chris! Great videos. thank you. Have you watched it? The captions are all the wrong words not matching yours and it covers your mouth so I cannot see what you are saying.. Good information. I had to turn it off because I couldn' keep a focus without confusion.

  2. Thank you for this video ! Yesterday I had a very bad argument with the oncologist. I was into oral chemotherapy for about 3 weeks until I started having palpitations, excess bleeding, etc., I have C
    hronic Myeloid Leukemia, his solution is to switch me to another chemo drug, that sounds worse that the 1st one, Once again he rushed me in, but I refused, he wanted to walk out and asked me to find another Doctor, he is very arrogant and does not listen to the patient. Since he wanted to walk out, I did not stop him, he wanted me to start on gleevac that same day, I refused, and he was "ready" to leave, I said I need time think because he had already rushed me into the 1st chemotherapy drug and I saw the results too late, at the end he gave me two weeks to decide. I feel there is more interest in selling you the drug than saving your life, as I told him, I believe your drug will kill me before the cancer does….Needless to say, I feel alone and depressed.

  3. Thanks a lot Chris… I also refused Chemo-Therapie after the Colon operation!.. I changed my diet plan.. planted healthy fresh herbs, fruits & vegetables in my small garden using homemade natural fertilisers… Since then I feel – thanks God – much better. .. think positive & you'll expect positives for sure!.. Just believe in the Mighty God! Wishing U all the best of health & satisfaction in life, I send You many dear greetings from snowing Austria….May God bless You on your path!

  4. What would you suggest to someone who already eats whole unprocessed vegan, healthy BMI, physically active, with good friends, family, and yet still gets cancer?

  5. My mummy has cancer and I want her to stay alive she has bowl cancer and she is go to have operations but she be ok

  6. I was diagnosed this year with grade 1 endometrial carcinoma and just had a hysterectomy..I noticed problems with bleeding since starting plant based diet..is this a cause.

  7. Chris I wanted to know what could I do to cheer myself of cancer I'm so scared that if I don't take the medication I will only make things worse. .I got me some green superfood immunity and doctors blend turmeric curcumin 750 mg per capsule it also says featuring turmeric standardized to 95% curcumin Olds with black pepper is that good to take

  8. Thank you for these videos!! I sent this to my aunt who has ovarian cancer and she took it to heart and is going to start juicing!

  9. i am encouraged by this guy. especially on the part where i see he trust God to take him through this healing process. To God be the glory.

  10. I agree with the general sentiments here, and would like to pass this on to my father, who has metastasized bladder cancer. I've read The China Study and other books tying diet to cancer and agree with the premise. I also juice and encourage my father to drink vegetable juice. Here's my problem with this video: it's hard enough for those who are sick to sort through what is fact vs. fiction on the internet. When you make general, blanket statements like: "If you are taking one or more pharmaceutical drugs, those are immunosuppressant; those are cancer promoting," it makes it much harder for me to recommend your site. That statement is categorically false. I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis, an autoimmune thyroid disease. I control it through medication (Armor thyroid and liothyronine), diet (plant-based, gluten and dairy free), supplements, and lifestyle (exercise, sleep, etc.). If I didn't take those medications, I would not be alive. My mother passed away at an early age because she did not get treated in time (long story). Besides more drastic conditions (falling into a coma, premature hardening of the arteries), not taking my thyroid medication would lead to poor evacuation of estrogen, which is tied to cancer. In short, I believe much of what you say is useful, but I don't know how I can pass your info about diet on with these blatant unchecked generalizations (especially to people I encourage to be careful about what they read on the internet).

  11. Do you happen to k now what the gmo foods are with fresh veggies, fruits? I know seedless watermelon, grapes and fake… well that's what I heard. Can you help please. Our grocery stores don't carry a lot of organic things. So if you take inhalers for asthma, how can you get off them safely?

  12. Thank u so much for your videos! My daughter had an brain tumor she is in remission right now! I will start her and my householding in eating healthy! Thank you!’

  13. There is online cure, but government doesn't want Pham's companies going under so many selfedicating few.od and many cured

  14. I'm terminal sorry and.yes some CNt b helped but the miracle amen PS my cancer from injections lol andany reasons but gl

  15. I have eaten nothing but organic whole plant foods only for 6 years. Just diagnosed with cancer. What to do then, in my case.

  16. My mother is diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer… We are having treatment at government hospital they're telling us to go for chemotherapy..what to opt for??? Kindly help pleaseee!!!!! I need your help…

  17. hi Mr chris…Can u show us thé Way that U followed..what U eat..what U drink??sorry for m'y bad language…i hope U to translate your vidéos into arabic language….to understand mor your vidéos….i have a cancer breast…

  18. Thankyou Chris for such an inspiring message. You've given me some peace of mind I've been diagnosed with incurable pancreatic cancer that has spread to my liver & ureters. I don't believe there's no cure . I've only know for 3 weeks but it seems like forever. I've been fighting since the day I found out. No more bad food . Time to heal with with food

  19. OH, and fake treats from asia IS KILLING YOUR PETS.. giving them cancer too… Just use non sugar cereal to train and pick just dog bones.. maybe pig ear once in awhile, but NO MORE KILLER TREATS! Dogs dont care. most eat anything and love you for treat. ITS OWNERS choosing what kind. and yes, FEED your pets healthy foods too… some things they can not eat like onions and such, but other things, most natural, they can! also they can detox. look into that!!! i give mine essiac tea i make as well in his water. pets dying with disease and cancer too now not living as long. dog food is the same no matter what kind! the process of it kills off almost all their needed minerals and vitamins so do not let brand marketing trick you on this or those selling it that don't even realize that for payday marketing.. they need flexseed, omega, and other things too.

  20. My grandfather was diagnosed with liver cancer at the age of 30. He was told go home and die. He changed his diet and lived to the age of 86. He was still working until a month before he died. He was the father of seven children and died with a sound mind and cancer-free body. He was a missionary in South Africa where he had the ability to follow a very healthy diet as was described in this video. Religion obviously was part of his daily diet.

  21. Chris are you a christian because this stuff is in the bible brother about the herbs of the erath stated in geneis God bless

  22. My dad had stage 4 cancer (mesothelioma). Oncologists were a huge disappointment and chemo seemed to be their only solution, which would have killed my dad. We went the natural route and within 2 months his cancer was completely gone. The detox effect was so potent that biofilm would come out his nostrils when he blew his nose during this time. It’s like his body was finally given what it needed to repair itself and it purged all the cancer out. He’s cancer free now.

  23. Stay away from Chemotherapy, it is poison and will destroy your body faster than the cancer. The reason main stream doctors use it is to make money for the drug companies.

  24. All of the individualized topics that I’ve preached on health and nutrition you have put into on comprehensive video. EXCELLENT, Chris. 5 years later and the knowledge of the toxic damage due to the GMO process is huge. I hope that juices swap out their machines that separate the gold winning element called fiber and replace them with something like the NutriBullet. Superfoods and super nutrition for the win…!!!!!

  25. Love your video… i beat cancer! Been in remission since september 2018 but i been living with only 80% of 1 lung.. started my 1st youtube video about an hour ago❤💪

  26. Thank you Chris. Nothing you said is untrue, based on my 6 years of research. God Bless you and may he send your message of truth far and wide.

  27. Hey! Hi from Panama city central america. First of all my english is not that good, but im gonna try! Can you please make some video or recipe with how make to make juce or different types of salad! And how to mix them all! Please! God bless you! 🇵🇦❤

  28. How did you not get so sick & burned out on the juice? Been doing this 6-7 weeks & it beginning to make me want to throw up. (Liver & Lung Cancer)

  29. Okay…I hear you…I am going to fast tomorrow “for direction “ before I cancel my chemo. But I am overweight and have had chronic inflammation and stress for years. I asked my step mother to forgive me yesterday. It’s a start. But this is going to need prayer…I don’t know how to change my “ go-to” automatics in life.

  30. I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in 2011, and that year we were excited to be celebrating my six year survivorship anniversary – a survival that was not remotely contemplated in 2016. Since i diagnosis i have learnt a lot about lung cancer, the first few years were confronting.

    I had no clue that my LUNG (left) was responsible for these combined symptoms! Fatique, chest, neck and shoulder pain. My life changed in just one breath when my Doctor diagnosed me with advanced lung cancer that was INOPERABLE, INCURABLE and TERMINAL. I will always remember the pain and tears from my husband’s face as well as my daughters and my close friends. Like many other people this was not the first time that my life was impacted by CANCER. In 2002 my sister was diagnosed with leukemia. Fortunately for us she was diagnosed at an late stage and she pass away. So when my doctor gave the news about me, We all put in mind positive energy to fight agaisnt it, Because I was not going to let that put an end to my smile. now i lives a normal healthy and active lifestyle thanks to the “Dr Adebola Herbal Herbs” which my husband doctors prescribed him. SO many good people have lost there life because of greed, The government will preach agaisnt herbal herbs because it only one true cure, But will make profil with pills because the money you treat the more money you spent, Thanks to my husband Doctor who told us this. I will want to advice anyone out here going throught sorrow with Cancer to reach out to Dr Adebola and I guarantee you that you will be cured. Contact him via: ([email protected])

  31. I have cancer everywhere. On the back of my head . My back .my shoulder. My hips my liver my lung . I have bone cancer . And it hurts so bad

  32. Literally fake news.

    Cancer is not a metabolic disease
    We do not all have cancer cells.

    Other things Chris is completely and dangerously wrong on.

    – "The tumor is not the problem it is the symptom."
    – "Cancer is a result of an overload of toxins"

    – "The problem is malnourishment."

    – "Cancer is caused by a lack of vitamins, micronurtrients, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients"

    – "artificial colorings cause cancer and is poison."

    – "Pharmaceutical drugs are immunosuppressant and are cancer promoting." <— this shit is going to kill people. This guy is a danger to society.

    – "Pharmaceutical drugs do not heal" <— jesus fucking christ

    – "The only way to true healing is through nutrition."
    – "Dont let anyone rush you into chemo therapy surgury or radiation. You have time" <—— oh my fucking god… this guy may literally be the anti-christ. He is giving advise that WILL LEAD TO PEOPLE DYING.
    – "People have shrunk their tumors to nothing by changing their diet."
    – "The body created it so the body can heal it."

  33. I was diagnosed with an extremely rare melanoma (due to location inside my butt cheek) after a supposedly routine hemorrhoidectomy for long-suffering hemorrhoids external and internal. Surgeon said he was so surprised and in his 15 year career only saw 4. Two weeks after this initial surgery I was sent back to have wider margins dissected and told no matter what this path report showed, it was a very aggressive type and would need chemo. This last surgery was one week ago and I have a huge wound which makes it impossible to sit so I either lay on one side or the other or on my stomach. 3 weeks ago I had started Dr. Steven Gundry intensive plant based diet and this was before I knew anything. I know God was putting tools in my hand that God knew I needed. So I’m doing everything I can to quell my fears and make a good decision when I see the oncologist next Tuesday. Thanks to a dear friend, I found this channel today. You give me hope💕.

  34. Chris, this is the second time I hear that everyone has cancer cells in their bodies. From what I've read everyone has mutated cells but that's not cancer. They have a potential to become cancer but they need to get a couples of mutations for that to occur. Are the articles I've had read online misleading? Or am I getting something wrong?

  35. Chris ! you explained that so well so clear thanks a million for describing it in more detail and revealing relevant life saving facts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .Thank you Steve . UK

  36. Just received an email about a great documentary coming out about cancer, eastern medicine, history of chemotherapy, successful cancer treatments etc. Though I'd share. You can register to watch it for free in the link (lot's of exciting information!This is truly a fight for life on so many levels. We have to change the system and how health is approached by the medical industry and our culture. We have to empower ourselves and take a stand for a right to life. : https://go.thetruthaboutcancer.com/eastern-medicine/erin-elizabeth/?a_bid=b3593c13&a_aid=5a7c63998d855&fbclid=IwAR1MxxwKm1EOxi5_SRJ4Jx-l58wNBfp-5EMciSuCZk-r6Emxki6CXOloMjo

  37. Hi,i saw your post, i am a medical doctor, its obvious you can be cured, i have had patient of such, i treated them and later referred them to spiritual herbalist in Africa Nigeria who sent them herbs here in USA through a DHL and they got it after 4 days they concluded with the herbal doctor through email, you can text or add me up on WhatsApp for further enquiry +18034306253. [email protected]

  38. Chris, what do you do if you already started chemo for mets and now want to stop but are afraid because your immune system is already compromised? What if you have a plural effusion because of cancer cells in lung lining? how do you stop that if its gone this far? what would you do?

  39. I believe what Chris is saying. I was diagnosed 10/1/18 the doctor's recommendation was radiation. NO WAY. I started a fresh fruit and veggie diet. Mostly organic as I can find. I feel wonderful. Get Chris' book, I did. Keep up the faith. Without Jesus he only knows where I'd be. GOD Bless Chris and anyone with cancer.

  40. Hi Chris I've been told that juicing fruit & veg puts too much sugar into the body & feeds cancer cells so people with cancer should avoid juices what is your opinion?

  41. U can fight cancer with "vegetables" its better to be vegetarian that good for your body or your immune system we still have time don't let sickness comes to you that you choice, pick healthy or not healthy.

  42. Hi there, I have question. I have listened to you and Dr. Li a fair amount. I am curious as far as diet. If I am not going to go 100% meatless which would be very difficult. Is there something that is better. I have heard red meat will kill you, then animal fat in general. Can you give some insight as to what I can have and if it is possible so as to not go 100% meatless.

  43. Chris. I have tumor all over my liver, stomuch, and kidneys. I feel so weak, and my breath is so heavy. What should I do please?

  44. Listen .. medical science still not good enough … There is NO blood test to tell you how toxic the body is. I did blood work and my CBC's are fine. However after going to my dermatologist .. I had some block spots on my skin .. and I saw some black lines on my finger nails, and on my finger at the tip is some sort of discoloration .. and after checking she found out I have melanoma, skin cancer, and subungual melanoma or malignant melanoma AND all my blood work was fine. SO it's like the blood work didn't pickup on anything. I used my eyes to see these skin cancers not blood work.

  45. All diseases can be cured, but not every person can be cured.
    I’ve got diagnosed with melanoma stage 2, they want to cut out another 2, one is on my breast and one in my growing and no way that I’m going to do that!!
    Already got the juicer and I’m very excited about my journey!!😝💪🏻🖤🙏🏻
    I haven’t looked after my body and I do feel bad about it, but I will make it up to me and will fall in love with myself more than I could have ever imagined 😝

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