What Happens To Body When You Eat Oatmeal Every Day!

What Happens To Body When You Eat Oatmeal Every Day!

a professor of food and human nutrition at Newcastle University here in the UK recently made the claim that if everyone started the day with oatmeal it would have a significant impact on public health and then eating one Bowl per day could transform the health of a nation a bowl of oatmeal provides a wealth of minerals such as copper manganese and iron as well as B vitamins however the real benefit of oatmeal comes from the soluble fiber in the oats called beta glucan beta glucan feeds the healthy bacteria in our gut which in turn helps our immune system lowers cholesterol and may even protect against cancer there are two types of fiber insoluble and soluble soluble fiber such as beta glucan from cereals and pectin in fruit can form a thick gel paste in our gut which helps reduce the absorption of cholesterol as well as boosting the excretion of bile salts studies have found that eating 3 grams of betta glucan a day which is roughly what you’d get in a 70 gram bowl of oats can reduce your levels of harmful LDL cholesterol by around 7% quote that’s similar to the results you might get from taking a statin and if everyone ate oatmeal we would certainly significantly cut rates of heart disease and possibly also bowel cancer says dr. George grumble from University College London also the beauty is unlike a statin oats have no side effects a 14-year study from Harvard University that looked to the health of a hundred thousand people found that those who ate the most whole grains such as oatmeal seemed to be protected from many illnesses including heart disease scientists found that for each ounce 28 grams of whole grains eaten the day the risk of all death was reduced by 5% one ounce is the equivalent of eating one small bowl of oatmeal it’s advised that we eat traditional oats as opposed to the instant oatmeal that you can buy in individual packets this is because regular oats have a much lower glycemic index and so are released slow into our bloodstream leading to a small release of insulin and avoiding spikes and blood sugar regular oats also contain more beta glucan now let’s hear from dr. Michael Greger as he shares how oatmeal may even be able to help fatty liver disease oats are reported to possess very drug-like activities like lowering blood cholesterol blood sugar boosting our immune system anti-cancer antioxidant antiochus in addition to being a topical anti-inflammatory it may also be useful in controlling childhood asthma body weight it’s said the evidence is clear that oatmeal consumers have lower rates of disease but that’s not the same as proving that if we start to eat more oatmeal our risk will drop to know that we need an interventional trial ideally a blinded study where if we give half the people oatmeal and the other half fake placebo oatmeal that looks and tastes like oatmeal to see if it actually works this has not been done until now double blinded randomized trial of overweight and obese men and women and almost 90% of the real oatmeal treated subjects had reduced body weight compared to no weight loss in the control group a slimmer waist on average a 20-point drop in cholesterol and an improvement in liver function non-alcoholic fatty liver disease meaning a fatty liver caused by excess food rather than excess drink is now the most common cause of liver disease in the United States and can lead in Merah cases to cirrhosis of the liver cancer of the liver and death theoretically whole grains could help prevent and treat fatty liver disease a follow-up study in 2014 confirmed these findings of a protective role of whole grains but refined grains were associated with increased risk thank you so much for watching if you liked the video please give it a thumbs up leave a comment below and subscribe for more upcoming videos [Music] you


  1. I've been following Gerson's diet which recommends oatmeal for breakfast; very glad to hear this detail of benefits!

  2. ? Which oats is more to intake healthier Roll oats v steel oats thanks for your kind information🤝♥️👍🏽👍🏽

  3. I make overnight oatmeal using steel cut oats Greek yogurt almond milk raisins cinnamon and a splash of lemon juice to conteract any phytic acid that may lingering. Oatmeal can give some people gas . Drink water along with the oatmeal. Peppermint tea will help as well

  4. Dr. Greger… on the radio this morning they were talking about new studies showing long term vegans have a higher chance of getting cancer because of mutations that occurs in our DNA. Nonsense right? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/03/29/long-term-vegetarian-diet-changes-human-dna-raising-risk-of-canc/amp/

  5. I eat two servings of oatmeal a day, I now have my sugar under control, no more spikes and have lost 27 pounds , my cholesterol is down and brought down my blood pressure. Oatmeal is really a super food.

  6. Comment re pro-oats v anti-oats Youtubers
    What about the health and fitness Youtuber (J.Walker) who's posted up a video warning us NOT to eat oats ? Please address and demolish his anti-oatmeal warnings for us by addressing the points he makes – here's his anti-oats video:
    Paul G

  7. Everything was good till the Instant Oatmeal part 😥 , today is Market Day so I'm for sure getting the original Oats ,,, better late than never lol!

  8. I used to eat oatmeal with water and any fruit I feel for at the time everyday and felt great I stop for about a year and hate the way I feel and look. I now start eating oatmeal again and getting back to feeling the way I love. I will eat this 3 times per week until I get back to feeling great.

  9. I love oatmeal, always have. Read recently that grains are forced ripened chemically. Said affects most on the market today. Kind a stopped eating it for a while while I check if this is true.

  10. Eat regular oats like steel cut or stone ground oats, they actually have flavor. Oatmeal being tasteless mush is because of how common instant oatmeal is

  11. For me, oatmeal is literally the love of my life, as the strong independent woman (or more like girl) that I am, I don't need a boy/man, I just need some oats, oat milk, and water, and then I'll be just fine. 🙂

    And sry if I made some grammar mistakes, but like everybody makes mistakes. – Miley Cyrus

  12. I skip breakfast everyday and walk 2hrs. 7am-9am. Then I soak oatmeal in water
    with raisins for 30 minutes for lunch 12 noon. No cooking no milk no sugar

  13. This is a load of rubbish. There’s scientific proof from many many studies that prove this is plain wrong

  14. Thank you Dr Greger. I've listened to some many people not to eat oatmeal. I was raised on the oatmeal. So I started to look for a substitute and wasn't happy. When I listened to your info I said HALLELUJA. Thank you a thausand times.

  15. I never really liked oatmeal all that much… it was always one of those things that is OK every once in a while especially if laced with brown sugar on a cold morning… however, I was craving it the other day… but, I think it was more that I was craving the brown sugar that tastes so good in it LOL … anyone have any oatmeal blends that they like, to satisfactorily replace brown sugar?

  16. I like making oatmeal chocolate chip cookies but feel guilty eating grain, supposed to be very unhealthy.
    Sometimes it’s difficult what to believe

  17. I hated oatmeal as a child because it was too juicy when my mom fixed it. So I stopped eating for many years. I started eating it again 6 months ago to help reduce my LDL and at first I felt like I was punishing myself because I felt like I was eating mush! It really is a taste and consistency thing with me so instead of the individual packages of oatmeal with all the sugar and fruit, I changed to steel cut oats and put golden raisins and a little fresh honey on them each day. Now I love oatmeal and my LDL and overall cholesterol level has greatly improved!!!

  18. Wake up people , food industries corporations will lose trillions dollars a year if people will eat 20 grams of carbs of day , thats why they have recruited many doctors ( Dr.Gregger being one of them) to hide the truth

  19. Rolled oats makes me sleepy, but Oat Groats do not. HOWEVER, if I overcook the oat groats, then it will make me sleepy.

  20. I get such a bad stomach ache couple of hours after I eat oatmeal. Maybe I'm allergic to a? I started taking Beano with my oatmeal and that seems to help a little bit. I just don't think I can do it everyday.

  21. okay so I eat oats I eat them steel cut but just before I eat them I soak them and blend them in high speed blender until they're almost liquid will that states of Oats raise my sugar blood levels like the instant oats? I know that's a way to make them easier to digest

  22. Correction : statins reduce 52-61% of LDL and not 7% that oatmeals do. I'd still choose oatmeal because it's a natural way !

  23. I eat oatmeal wirh fruits, seeds with oatmeal or almond milk.😇😇😇and l put a spoonful of verisol collagen

  24. Nothing u die early. U need to search for newest research. Oats are full of gluten and sugars. It blocks your fat intake and you cannot nourish your brain. Gluten and sugars destroy your brain and this dummass vegan doktor is bald because he is malnourished

  25. Ugh oatmeal make me gain weight :/ like súper fast :/ and i cant pop 🙁 am i the only one with this problem?

  26. my mom ate oatmeal EVERY morning… made it to 94 1/2… pretty strong to the very end… on virtually NO medicine… ❤️

  27. Is that Dr. Greger in the thumbnail!? My favorite doctor. Yep, I’m definitely watching this video!!

  28. I read that regular oatmeal, or wth go straight to steel cut oats has a medium low glycemic index. When combined with blueberries, which have a very low gi, the whole meal is great for stabilizing blood sugar. One thing I found over the years; you need both insoluble and soluble fibre (whole grains e.g.) to remain consistently regular. Works for me!

  29. I’ve been eating oatmeal for a week straight now everyday for breakfast with apples. It’s delicious and soo good!

  30. Thanks for the info, I usually have low iron and I don't usually eat a ton of meat (less than ounce a day, i'm sure) and I'm sure i'm not getting enough protein…I've been eating a bowl of grul every morning for about 30 days, the dizziness isn't all gone but I've seen a huge improvement.

  31. All those oatmeal combinations in the comments and then you have me who eats 25grams of oats with only water

  32. The problems are no matter how good things people hear and see; they just don’t follow and that’s why they are so fat in US, especially in Texas.

  33. I eat Coach’s oatmeal Monday thru Friday. It has steel cut oats. It makes me poop a lot like 2-3 times a day. It’s clean eating, but I find it boring as I just eat it straight up plain.

  34. I keep my oatmeal in the fridge all night in the morning I add little flexyseed and blueberry no sugar just add almond milk so delicious 😋

  35. Facts I started eating my oats with a fat scoop of protein powder everyday I've lost 50 pounds since I started I'm shredded now got down 9% body fat but it's also from cutting out processed food sugary drinks and swimming 5 days a week and getting in 12k steps daily I'm in my mid 30s never too late to fix your diet 💪

  36. I've been eating "traditional" oats for many years. I'm now 80, had a heart attack 7 weeks ago, but yesterday's EKG revealed, to the cardiologist's astonishment, that I have only a tiny scar, basically inconsequential, and the rest of my heart is strong. Over the years, I've abused alcohol in bottle-a-day binges, eaten too much sugar, and much more but ate my oatmeal every morning for the last 30 years.

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