What Happens to Shawn Rhoden's Sponsors

What Happens to Shawn Rhoden's Sponsors

ooh what's up everyone mark Loeb liner CEO MTS nutrition this Shawn Rhoden thing it's not looking good for Shawn whether guilty or innocent American media has immediately pulled all ties suspended him from competing and defending his mr. Olympia title at the 2019 Olympia and unless exonerated have completely banned him from all Olympia competitions in the future American media is also removing all ads and likenesses of Shawn Rhoden and all they do so this brings up a question I wanted to address and I get this all the time because I really don't have sponsored athletes oh we do we have Andrew Hubbard we have Kate and those are all great great individuals they're not professional bodybuilders and the brand is not built around them now there has been success building brands around body builders for example in the 90s and early 2000s prolab built and large – which was a weight gainer around Lee Priest a very successful movement when redcon started the adolfs McCarver as their main face the brand so to speak and they were able to kind of parlay on his success in his personality but there's also a huge risk that comes from that now what I do is we do have you know we do have affiliates for MTS nutrition and we have athletes those athletes are mainly out there representing the brand they don't have huge social media followings but you're not gonna look at them and say hey that's Andrew he is MTS nutrition know Andrew represents MTS nutrition great guy you know veteran Marine veteran you know he's getting married in August the guys just the greatest guy ever Kate you know very educated working on her master's degree you know we go a little bit different we don't go to pro bodybuilder pro athlete around we go with people who are already fans of the brand and who believe in the message of what we do we don't just hire someone because they're there now you look at what's happening with Sean Rowan he's already lost am i right that's a huge loss huge loss it's a huge contract huge loss all the publicity old notoriety beyond his social media of a million plus followers right now here's another issue what happens to the brand let's let's get shot out of this Sean's in a really bad place unfortunately even though it's a and I keep saying guys give him due process although $750,000 Bale shows that they think they have a great case they're afraid he's you know they want to keep him in prison seven or 50k you have to justify that much of a bail that's a huge bail which makes me think they got something or they think they have a smoking gun on this case from my my rudimentary knowledge of the law so let's take Sean out of the picture and we can only hope and pray that these allegations are false and someone who knows and who likes Sean before this don't say you like rapist we have no proof that he did this I'm not saying he didn't I'm not saying he did I'm saying all we see is what on TMZ and what's in the news what happens to for example I went to the Arnold and I saw a new brand I've never seen before called ol imp Oh Li MP I thought it was a joke like I thought it was like an erectile dysfunction thing I think it's the worst name in history body vote that's the size 2.0 lamp cost shit I'm lip it's really not a tasteful joke in this in this what's going on but nonetheless so Oakland has based their entire brand around Shawn Rhoden he was there booth he was there stand at the Arnold okay Olympus fucked olympus screwed because their entire marketing was based on that dude okay I didn't hear that brand before and I don't think they're gonna write there has to be investment money or someone cuz their booth was a skyscraper and I mean we're one of the larger companies in the industry now but we could we wouldn't afford that we could but we won't this is a stupid investment they're trying to make a splash that mr. Olympia I'm guessing that was their plan he's also sponsored by trifecta trifecta is a great plan but the thing is he's sponsored by them he's not the brand that's fine so Shawn eats trifecta meals they're fine they were just sending him some meals maybe giving him some remuneration and money and he's good to go it's just a guy he's sponsored by a company that's fine but you build the brand around that individual they're in a bad spot let me give you a little anecdote about a microcosm you guys never heard of that happen to us we had an affiliate slash now remember our athletes aren't representing the brand they're simply guys they do demos they'll go to events here and there maybe they'll help us out at the Arnold but we don't build our brand around them right it's not like Dallas McCarver was so far entrenched in red card and Lee Priest was so far entrenched in pro level you know these guys are a part of the company but they aren't the company so we had a guy who's going through a messy divorce and in that time his wife alleged that he was physically abusive and his wife alleged that he was a little bit ornery towards the children and there's a guy I know personally and I was like this shocked me even more than Shawn Rhoden the shocking because not his demeanor and long story short it turned out it was all exonerated done the court was like this didn't happen and that's that in the process I literally wake up one morning it's like 5:00 a.m. I'm getting my emails I'm getting brushed with Facebook messages right it's like you you're a woman-beater supporter you're this you're that I will never support your brand again and like what the fuck did I did what and long story short it was probably about five really vocal individuals who were friends of the wife or followed her on Facebook or whatever automatically came at me so I waited till my wife wakes up my wife wakes up and around 6:40 to get kids off to school my Katie I need you to read all these DMS and sure enough since she is part of the company to my wife and I Katie and Mark our MTS nutrition you know um it is what it is and uh sure shit she's getting bombed by even more because they're women like oh as a woman how dare you do this blah blah blah so I had to call him up I'm like dude I hate doing this but until further notice we have to pause your sponsorship we have to pause what we're doing with you because man these are these this is just not looking good on us and he was really cool he's like man I understand I completely understand he wasn't mad he was battery wasn't salty he didn't ask for due process he's like can I just state my side of the story I said please and we listened to it and so long story short about four months later Court did its thing it was awarded joint custody and exonerated of all those charges immediately I called him back and I'm like you want back on I have no choice but what I'm saying is there's there there's a risk in sponsoring athletes now as far as this is developing we've seen am I do their statement Oh limp and remember this happened on Friday which is a hard day to get things out but you have to assume that the owners operators I don't know these guys I don't know who the fuck Oh limp is but they haven't tried selling a tiger Fitness so I haven't talked to any of them usually I'm the gatekeeper for new brands a lot of the time but um man I mean they're they're in a shitty place and that's why I tell people build your brand around solid products and a solid market position don't build your brand around an individual because while it doesn't always happen it might happen it might happen Shaun seemed like a good spokesperson you know seemed well-mannered and people respect him he had a very kind and almost shy demeanor but it is what it is so what happens next what happens next I don't know your guests as good as mine but that's what happens to the sponsors that's my question and that's why you got to be wary of when you sponsor people because you never know when true or false something like this comes out and look at Jared from Subway Subway's stocks dip now subway didn't sponsor Jared and say hey you know what we want to sponsor a pedophile no man they sponsored a fat guy who got lean eating six-inch subs that's it and in turn they took a hit to their brand that I don't even know if they've recovered from still something to think about build the product have people supportive but never build a product around a person that's dangerous and if you have a chance there's a book I'd like to recommend it's called built to last I believe Jim Collins is the author that'll kind of explain my thought process and while you know you look at a look at our bar like the outright barley they'll see me on there like MTS is a little too connected to me than I like but like the al red bar people buy those at convenience stores and gas stations around the country they don't know it's me I'm building brands but I'm out there supporting it as a person but the brand is not me nobody like the our a bar stands on its own it's not like you know and if you go to our booth at the Olympia for the outright bar you're just gonna see a delicious bar we're gonna be sampling them out at the Olympia by the way like we did at the Arnold but you know that's why I think what are your thoughts what do you think should happen to Oh limp and all the other brands comment down below that's not a game


  1. For once, I don't agree with you sorry! If Shawn 's sponsors believed in him, then support him and stand by him in difficult times! Oh comeon!

  2. It's a sad place we live in now where people are now guilty until proven innocent. Completely changed from years ago, especially with all this social media. It's easy for everyone to spread lies and give "bias" opinions. I think these companies are acting prematurely. Let's see how this plays out first. We owe him to hear his side and have his day in court. Being in law enforcement, I have a hard time believing this due to the amount of time that has passed. Yes, I know DNA testing gets backed up, so don't fire that at me. I am just speaking from experience. If I am wrong I will admit it but right now, I think this a one-sided story.

  3. Legally speaking they took too long to indict its 9 months later no court takes that long to indict with DNA.. come on don't be dumb…olimp should put money in his legal recourse and watch how trash this case presents itself to be…this case is a smoking gun based on a woman who wants to save face in her relationship despite being with it on the smash….just watch……


    Shit sucks but hey, he shoulda learned from Kobe Bryant, niccas keep y’all asses OUTA UTAH messing with these thirsty ass white girls.

  5. Rhoden is DONE, IF he goes to trial ,20 years, plea BARGAIN 7,AND DIVORCED, HIS DNA WAS ON THE GAL, AFTER DENYING HE TOUCHED HER.

  6. Damn! 🤬😨 You’re going way over the top dude.
    Olimp won’t be touched by the Rhoden scandal. They will certainly omit him from all their products, posters, merchandise, etc and carry on their business functionality as normal.
    They are an absolute monster of a brand in Europe, especially in the UK. Olimp have a lot of quality athletes on their roster.
    Shawn Rhoden will just be a drop in the ocean after they drop him, (no pun intended). It won’t hurt the brand at all….
    Calm down! 🤫

  7. Outright Bar is a bit costly and full of sugar and only 15 grams of protein. Try “ ONE Protein Bars” 1 gram of sugar and 20 grams of protein and costs less. Awesome flavor.

  8. Just bc Olimp isn´t a US company doesn´t mean it´s small, poor or whatever. And no, Shawn wasn´t/isn´t the only famous athlete who´s sponsored by them. Inform yourself before you´re talking some nonsense bs. They´re not f*cked. Not every single bodybuilder/fitness enthusiast is that dumb to not to understand that things that happened to Shawn don´t automatically mean the company is bad or has bs- products.

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