What I Eat In a Day at Work | EASY & Healthy Meals

What I Eat In a Day at Work | EASY & Healthy Meals

hi everyone welcome back to Health Net nutrition today I'm going to be showing you guys what I eat in a day at work this has been very highly requested and when I'm not doing YouTube I do work a nine-to-five job that I commute to everyday during the week so I'm going to show you guys what I eat to make sure I'm eating healthy wholesome foods all week long so let's hop right into it first thing I do when I wake up which is pretty early around 6:30 is I drink a big glass of water and I usually make my way downstairs pull out my Vitamix and get all my ingredients ready to make massive green smoothie as you can see I just kind of grab everything out of my fridge plop it on the counter and start adding everything in today I added some spinach cilantro celery avocado banana that I froze ahead of time flax seed hemp arts for extra plant-based protein Hawaiian spirulina coconut water for my liquid along with some almond milk and a couple of days just for some extra sweetness because I do have a lot of greens in the smoothie now you can use any blender of course but I'm obsessed with my Vitamix because it actually has a setting for smoothies so I literally set it to that setting and press blend and I can walk away and my smoothie is super smooth and delicious every time now I also top it off with a cap a lid I will also have a link for that down below I'm obsessed with them they make it really easy to join my smoothie with me on the train without spilling it all over myself I'm also going to pack up my lunch this is a thirty one lunch bag I love it it actually fits a lot of stuff as you can see I'm going to zip everything up and then I'm ready to hit the road or the train in my case so I leave the house around 7:30 and that's just me now enjoying my large green smoothie on the train I get a lot of questions about it and it's a great conversation starter on the train I even got my friends on the smooth green smoothies in the morning Matt's actually beside me too he was down in Toronto when I was filming this and we all were just enjoying smoothies together on the train like the cool people do you know let me shine okay so I get to work around nine o'clock I like to throw all my stuff into my locker this lunch Bay actually has a G on it because it's my mom's and her name is Grace but I am gonna order myself one because I'm just in love with the size of the lunch bag so I'm just throwing in and like struggling right now with the hanger as you can see it's stuck now I usually like to make myself some purple coffee before I actually start working for the day just because it doesn't have caffeine doesn't mean I don't look forward to it in the morning so I'm throwing in a heaping tablespoon of bamboo teaspoon or so of coconut sugar and then I make my way over to the hot water machine and I fill it up and then I'm gonna top it off with some unsweetened soy milk that I keep in the fridge at work I told the humans then I usually make a quick pit stop back at my locker just make sure if I need anything hand lotion water in this case I grab my huge jug of water I see so I'm walking over to my dad's and this is kind of a view of our working station it's nice open lots of natural light I actually really like this office and we have like an open work environment so we're not in like the traditional cubicles I guess you could say I don't always use my heads up I thought it would look very official for this video and look like I'm actually doing some work even though the monitors aren't even on this is usually what I look like when I'm working you know answering important phone calls is also part of my job and sometimes they're mad other times their actual stakeholders but you never know so after about mid-morning I usually get hungry because to be honest the green smoothie doesn't keep me full like all morning because I do drink it pretty early so I'm going to make myself a little fruit and yogurt parfait if you don't have like a kitchen at work that you can actually chop things at then I would cut up the fruit ahead of time and I'm just using some glasses that we already have in our kitchen I don't bring glasses to work but I'm actually making a yogurt parfait for me and a co-worker as well I like to share the healthy food that I make and people always asking me to try it and stuff so I usually will make extra for other people so I have some goat's milk yogurt which I have on the occasion I'm throwing some fresh Thai mango some very ripe banana so it's extra sweet see your name they'll sing either and then topping it off with my simple granola I have a recipe for this which I'll link down below it's really easy to make and I'll just keep some in the freezer at work and then I can just top it on my fruit whenever I need it and then I usually just take this back to my desk and enjoy it while I'm working you and then before you know it it's lunchtime so I'm going back to the kitchen at my work today I brought a lunch that I didn't have to warm up a lot of people were asking for like cold lunches so this is actually my eggless egg salad which I also have a rest before on my channel I will link it down below even though I love a good traditional egg salad sandwich this one is not going to be smelly at work which is definitely a bonus I see I also brought in some veggies just in case them a little extra hungry I love this container it's also from Kapow and it's amazing you can actually just keep your dip separate from your veggies or you can put your salad dressing in there whatever you like I just have some carrots in cucumber and then I actually made this hummus myself just an easy snack to bring to work I usually try to not be on my phone while I'm eating as well just so I can really kind of just eat mindfully and eat until I'm full and satisfied and now comes a dreadful 3 p.m. snack attack I always make sure I have tons of snacks with me at work I have some toasted seaweed this healthier chocolate-chip cookie and some dry banana also known as banana Tings it's basically just dry banana and lime and it's actually what I'm going to have today so this is a great treat to have like dried fruit in general is great to have if you have a sweet tooth like me now as much as I love showing you guys around it is now home time it's 5:00 p.m. so I'm going to grab all my things and head back to the train for my long ride home I see your name reason I hope you guys enjoyed this what I eat in a day at work edition it's one that I've been wanting to film for a while so thank you to my work for letting me sneak in and film this while no one was around but give this video a big thumbs up leave a comment down below what you eat for lunch at work and I love you guys so much I will talk to you guys in my next video be sure to watch one of these awesome recipes and hit that subscribe button for more delicious recipes every week wait slow is eternity your foot slowest leaders oh I'm so tired that really how you work do usually have that headset Wow go I see you both I see you hello my lovelies


  1. Who on earth eats this much? The smoothie and then coffee and water? I would be peeing all day long.. I can't imagine being hungry after the 10 am snack but she was famished by 12:00! And the sandwich was huge! I would be full after half a sandwich. Wow. All that food for lunch and then she was starving again by 3:00! And the amount of time it would take..my work would have to take a backseat i guess. This made me laugh.. Wow.

  2. If you think this is alot of eating for 9-5 you are Soo Soo wrong. My company had constant snacks and fridge full of supearket food everyday and we were aloud to bring the food to the computer. I've gained Soo much weight because I was eating ALL THE DAMN TIME! contantly refilling, I was stress eating… and we only had processed food…she doesn't eat a lot, trust me, it can be much worse.m.

  3. Did anyone else notice how she changed coats? She was wearing a different one on the train compared to when she was walking into the office 😂 Love your videos 💕

  4. I'm guessing because you have so much time at work you don't earn as much as the men who has the same job as you because men l, statistically, work longer hours than women. Tsk.
    As a female myself, this isn't very good

  5. M happy to see you maintain healthy eating …some of these items I will also add in my diet to stay healthy.. thanks dear

  6. I'm guessing by the comments, not many people listened to the entire video. ( When she thanks her job 4 letting her film the video on a non – work day ). Make time 4 the thing's that are important, like taking a bathroom and a food break. SMH

  7. There’s one common mistake that everybody makes in food and nutrition. People go in for exotic foods than the fruits or veggies which are suitable for them from their own regions. We need to research on the superfoods of our own region and venture different out different recipes on them. For instance I hail from India and coconut is one of the superfoods in our region and I take more of that which has a plethora of benefits . Besides what is suggested here,people please consider foods of your region and venture out recipes on that which does good to your body and conducive for the weather , environment prevailing. Don’t look out and go behind exotic foods always !!

  8. I work 10hr days and I get 1 30min break whenever my store isnt busy. I wish I had time for snacking Lol. Also, I can barely finish a bottle of water in the mrng/commute to work but water, smoothie, and coffee within 2hrs? I'd b in the bathroom the entire time hahaha.

  9. I wanna work there! You have time to eat, film at different camera angles. The whole nine yards lol.

  10. For health and nutrition could also please let us know which sugar . Salt should we eat as I see coffee is organic in this video

  11. I barely have time to eat. I need a lot of sleep than food I guess? I'm working from 11 pm to 8 am so I need to get up and get ready by 9 so I'll be at the office by 10:30 and set things up. Hope I could eat that much and that healthy.

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