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what i eat in a day | healthy + food combining

I just want to point out that I am neither a health professional nor a expert cook this is kind of just something I threw together so hey everybody I'm Kelsey Butyrka and today we're taking a look into what I eat in a day subscribe if you haven't already by the way join the cult what I normally begin my morning by refilling my water bottle I have a reusable water bottle that I pretty much use under rotation almost every day I have a couple other ones in case I want to wash that one but I like it because you on the side you can use the band's to track how many times a day you're drinking a full bottle of the water and I try to hit like 3 to 4 a day and then I'll normally go to my workout between when I wake up and when I get my breakfast I normally will probably drink at least one bottle of water and I won't eat until pretty much so that I'm hungry in the morning which normally would be around when I get to work because I'm a little lazy and it's really convenient a lot of times lately I'll go get a smoothie I mix it up a lot but I do like to make sure that there's always a vegetable in my smoothies today I had a banana smoothie with mango kale and spinach in it and then I added a extra medley I guess of healthy things that they offer it tastes better than it looks just there I got my smoothie in my reusable cup this with my breakfast oh that one's really good so refreshing I change it up a lot so this was like the first time I got this version and then I don't eat again until lunch around lunchtime I really like to eat a salad I oftentimes go out for a salad but if I'm home and have the ability to pre make my food I do today was not one of those days I got the taco salad that is plant-based chorizo spice impossible burger me and then it has some superfood crunchies that I'm pretty sure are I think quinoa butter lettuce romaine kale red onion cilantro grape tomatoes avocado and um vegan cashew chipotle sauce and it's really really yummy and very big and filling i finished my second bottle of what actually third bottle of water today mic drop except for i didn't want to drop my bottle of water after that meal I normally will not eat again until dinnertime I don't do a lot of snacks but everyone's well I'll have like a very snappy day for the most part and on helos day I just got home and now to fill up more water and cook dinner it really just depends on my mood today I am running low on groceries so I kind of just put together what I had already on hand today I am making a kind of egg fried rice kind of situation I've got a spear instead of rice that I got braced cauliflower I'm gonna chop up some of this add some peas and carrots and then here's kind of my topping first I get a cup of risk all part and I actually heat it up in the microwave you can heat it up on the stove but I'm running a little bit behind so we gotta get a move on next I'm gonna cut up the broccoli and the carrots into smaller pieces as well all kind of chopped up and ready to go now I add a little bit of the sesame oil into this pan and heat it up it kind of feels warm above it so I think it's gonna be ready to go I'm gonna bad please yeah that's a nice listen and then add a little bit of peas not too many into the wrist cauliflower I'm going to break an egg now normally I use two eggs but I just have one left so we're just gonna use one today actually since I'm kind of low on eggs I do have egg whites in the fridge so I might add some egg whites but normally I would do two full eggs getting to be mostly egg in let's cauliflower but we got more friends in there so it'll be okay I'm going to add in this cauliflower egg mixture into the bowl into the pan you're gonna mix everything kinda together here oh yeah that's starting to look so good kind of done so then I add a little bit fish sauce in to give it some extra little flavor there I can really smell the fish sauce now and then I like add a little bit of gear I'm just to give you a buttery flavor there it is kind of gonna mix that in there oh yeah and then we're gonna add some coconut aminos on top kind of like it's kind of like a soy sauce you can put like a soy sauce on top or whatever you're into and then I put some cracked pepper on top as well oh yes here's the final product beauty of this fried rice is I kind of just add whatever is already in the fridge I use frozen peas because I just happened to have frozen peas in my fridge and I also had rice cauliflower and it was pretty easy and quick to put together because I'm always having to make meals in like 10 minutes or less if I can before I start streaming I'm gonna dig in mix it up a little bit I want to pound my own self on the back but that stops good and then after dinner sometimes I'll have a treat and have a little snack every once in a while have a little bit of dark chocolate or some fruits but tonight is just keeping it simple I'm gonna have a nice warranty a nice try because my throat's been feeling not super hot I stood up my teas a lot but tonight I'm feeling a little bit of just like a caffeine free try and then I'm gonna put some coconut milk in a little bit too I like it cuz it seems to me this is let it steep for five or six minutes Alexa set a timer for five minutes have major Alexa do that yeah I just do it yes Tamar good hot tea at the end of the day at the beginning of the day we're at the middle of the day pretty much any time of the day are you guys to you fan and let me know what kind of tea you drink monitor more teas it's like a whole other thing we just like sideline this will into a whole tea conversation but I'm gonna have this tea conversation if you are let's spill the tea on our teas don't be a tease tell me what to you I've done that's it that's what I eat in the day it's not every day I really like to mix up my diet a lot so if you liked this video make sure to let me know in the comments below and I'll make another one of a day full of cooking meals on weekends I cook all of my meals in a week days I kind of cook half and half let me know in the comments if you want to see another video of me cooking all of my meals per day and I'll let you guys know some of my favorite recipes like those banana pancakes that I shared with the self re that feelin's thanks for watching I hope you learned something let me know what your favorite go twos are during the week what do you normally eat in a day make sure to subscribe if you haven't already because we are on the road to 500k subscribers and only you can help us get there yeah I'll see you guys in the next video


  1. I really like buttermint tea, it’s like a nicer version of pepper mint tea. Also are you vegetarian?

  2. What I ate today?
    A boost juice, choclate, gum, chips, jelly beans… Its already 5pm

    Wow thinking about it, maybe I should rethink my life desisions… 😂🤔😱😏🤤

  3. Vanilla Chai, English Breakfast or natural fruit teas which you can drink hot or cold. Put them (the fruit tea) in your drink bottle for healthy flavoured water to spice things up a little!

  4. Every food she ate today looked nasty😂 But that’s probably bc I’m addicted to junk food:P props to Kelsey for eating so healthy!

  5. I love tea! Elmwood Inn is my faborite brand, it was a tea house near where I grew up in Kentucky, it's closed now, but they still make their tea blends and sell them on Amazon.
    I also like the Gypsy tea brand.

  6. We should join the cult by sending pics to Kelsey of us sitting on yellow chairs and eating garden salads with the hashtag #kelseyskult

  7. I love “What I Eat in a Day” videos. Please make more!
    Or even do a video where you eat what yours sims ate throughout the day or in 24 hours

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