What is Emotional Health – Secret STUDY TIPS – Gurukul Elite Learning Program Day 7

What is Emotional Health - Secret STUDY TIPS - Gurukul Elite Learning Program Day 7

hey welcome back well so we are in the process of learning physical mental emotional social and spiritual health and how are they important in our life in the previous episodes we have learnt about how to be fit physically and mentally now today we are going to talk about the emotional health which is very essential which is very important thing in our life now you know let's let me I would like to say this example when we talk about this emotional health what is the importance of emotional health now it's a question to all of you a person who is you know working with his physical body from morning to evening on the field or rickshaw puller how much does that person on probably 200 a day 300 I'll say like 500 a day right yes like this monthly maybe 10 15 thousand rupees a month but whereas you know we talk we talk about the next level a software engineer who is using his intellect and mind his smartness and then he is working how much does a software engineer on per month of course it is from anywhere from thirty thousand to one lakh or maybe two lakhs right so the person who is physically working very hard he is earning about ten to fifteen thousand a month the person who is using his mind and intellect and applying his mind on the work he is able to earn more about maybe like a 1 lakh or so alright now we talk about next level you know there are certain kind of people like we call them celebrities we call them actors we call them of course there are so many you know all these people you know how much do their own for a project or Parana can you imagine most of you know it like or may not be knowing may not know it you know the top hero they take about ten crores 20 crores 30 crores per movie or like even if you take like you know the comedians are some people per hour they charge few lakhs right now I want you to understand what is their role what kind of work they are doing what is their work nature it is very simple if you look if you look carefully all this hero our hero ends or artists they are all working in the level of emotion the moment when you are watching movie all that emotion enters into you you know if you know if you are sitting in front of a serial this lady will start crying by herself or when you are in a movie theater you will start enjoying so much you get along with everything of that whatever that is happening on the screen it has got so much impact on your emotion they are able to touch your emotion so the people those who are being those who are working on the level of emotion are being much higher than the people those who are working in the level of physical and mental so that's the importance of emotion it's all the emotion that carries most of the times about what we are doing how we are doing what kind of thing right the moment where you lose the emotion to the life life becomes bored you feel the boredom so much and much higher than that of course there is one more level that I don't want to say right now who are being paid highest in this world now I think hope you all understand the importance of emotion now when we have this emotion we have got so many emotional blocks we suppress so many things we just don't let it go out you get anger you don't show it you suppress with him of course first of all getting anger itself is not good in case you got anger not that all the situations are according to you so sometimes you get it and then it has to go very fast whatever the anger you get if you have been carrying for twenty thirty forty years may know sometimes we see this like you know it's an example like you know you touch that lady that lady says you know what that lady about thirty years ago in 1986 in that marriage evening she did like this she sent like this all these things now it is 2019 she has been carrying this emotion this anger are they whatever the thing for so many years similarly similarly many times whatever the emotion that is there we don't just simply release it and that causes so much problem within the body that we have to recognize it how long would you want to suffer with the same kind of thing just let it go let out and all of us must learn how to balance these emotions you know sometimes you are very high sometimes you are very low sometimes you're extremely happy sometimes you're very sad you know they also say now Arase you know nine emotions like we all should know how to balance manage these emotions in our life now we have understood the importance of emotions and now we are going to look into the importance of emotional health when this emotional health is fit I mean when you have sound emotional health whatever you do the reflection of your emotion it will reflect on your action whatever you doing whether you're talking whether you're doing something so many of these things whatever the emotion that you are carrying within that reflects onto that particular act at all so here of course there are so many books about this there are so much you know that is happening around this definitely but you know the beauty of our Indian culture is they have imbibed included all these things in our day-to-day activities the emotional fluctuations that are happening particularly nowadays if you look into children you know they say he's so emotional how she is very emotional he is very sensitive what does it mean the moment when we are referring to somebody that she is so sensitive or emotional what are we trying to say so the balance which has to happen the emotional balance which has to happen from within is not happening when it is not happening we say that it is a disorder so now how does this emotion affect yourself and others that is most important so here the if you are being carried away by only one particular emotion for throughout your life life becomes boredom that we have understood at the same time we need to understand how to enter consciously enter into a emotion or the vibrational emotional that keeps you high all the time so that emotional again you know the balance happens through many practices one of the fantastic processes are the practice as I said is the meditation of course earlier we were talking about it along with meditation certain kind of understanding to the intellect is required because when you know something you will be able to apply it if you don't know of course it is very difficult to get along with it so important understandings about the life most of us think that if have more money we will be more happy or we will get everything so this is one kind of belief that is there in the head mind so according to that belief you will start operating in your life actually if you closely look into it if you notice if you observe is it true more you know who ever have got like you know the person who has got this much money they have this much happiness the person who has got this much money this much happiness is it there something like this I don't think so even the person who has got few lakhs crores you know they still want to earn more get more and more so it's one kind of wrong a belief system that has got attached to our emotion which is leading our life here understanding about the highest truths of the life is most important to set along with the emotion that leads your life very well so here whenever you are upset you know fun okay here one more important thing here to release your emotional is being truthful when you are truthful of course you normally we get we enter into so many problems but at the same time by lying and by lying more and more we disturb our mind we don't feel very good when we lie or after some time you will start regretting for your lies so here by being truthful you can just say that out whatever you're truly feeling inside so that you're released from that particular thing may be you may face the temporary hurdles are the problem that is okay but later on you will get the sense of satisfaction joy within so that experience of joy by releasing the emotions is most important in life we'll see you back in next episode with new topic namaste

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