WHAT IS GOD? – (Metaphysical Fitness, 2nd Retreat Recap)

WHAT IS GOD? - (Metaphysical Fitness, 2nd Retreat Recap)

If I could attribute one sort of intrinsic value or
intrinsic property to God which is just Reality is that its formless, and because of
this formless is able to take on any form so God is a shapeshifter
or a chameleon. A builder. A bodybuilder the God is a metaphysical bodybuilder
God is the shapeshifter that doesn't have a shape in and of itself, that's what
Reality is like I'm part of that shape shifting process right now like
I'm just like a God's little bicep within a little bicep within a little bicep another another word for god or this
shapeshifter is just consciousness consciousness can manifest itself into
different forms, thought-forms (ideas) or physical forms like my body or sounds,
sensations, emotions. So you're saying it's all God Physics already proved this you know first
you have pure nothingness and then somehow it vibrates because of the
creative potentiality of this formlessness it vibrates into strings that
strings vibrates into atoms atoms into molecules molecules cells cells into
muscles muscles into the body the body into the brain to the mind and mind to consciousness and consciousness is that emptiness so
you're back we're starting in reciprocal infinite loop. God just like the
human organism that just wants to fuck you know he just wants to create. Fucking
creating fucking creative fapping to itself an octopus does not communicate with
small mouth noises even though water is convinient for acoustic signaling,
rather the octopus becomes its own linguistic intent an octopus's
communication is direct and always the real-time, it can hardly not communicate
there's a certain sense of honesty and authenticity in expression. The
inefficient words, the funny faces we make and the innuendo that we pass on to
imbued each other when we communicate are all by pass without filter it looks
very much like a computer screen saver or the subjectivity of a psychedelic
trip except it's flip inside out they experience it materially without the
subject/object inside/outside dichotomy its ability to reflect and transfigure
and to become part of the external world is almost like that perfect person
with a mind like mirror which simply receives it never stays the same it's in
total flow state, subtle, empathetic intimate, powerful, incomprehensible
complex and strangely beautiful and completely alien, watching them move
operate and 'think' completely destroys our anthropological view of
intelligence if I could use one term to describe the
last meditation retreat it would be High Weirdness because every day there would be at
least one WTF is this moment a major breakthroughs of insights and
ruptures and samadhi and jhannas of various stages you know the PR that I
broke on the eighth day of my last week was smashed on the first couple of days
and there was a near-death experience, a BBC absorption near the hundredth hour
of meditation that felt almost identical to the 5meo trip and it's a bit more
powerful because I achieved it with the natty mind and I opened up a portal – the
mirror of the Ultimate Self but has no reflection you know it's like the event
horizon to the inner black hole Meditation took on a new meaning it's not just a tool reduce suffering or even to induce awakening or the
discovery of truth. It's the purest form of beauty and creativity, an interdisciplinary
orgy of dance and light geometric shape sculpture you're using emptiness or
Infinite Intelligence to carve up costumes and self-driving vehicles to
explore extraterrestrial VR worlds that are universal but impersonal. The term
non-duality takes on a new meaning, a new flavor. It doesn't imply Oneness or
Unity of Wholesomeness, it actually is about diversity and multiplicities and
weirdness and paradoxes there's a reason why non duality was translated to "not-
two" it's two three four five to infinity although that is also the One
because infinity has no opposites Wayne by Frank Wang. A new flagrant of the Octopi for the awakened being


  1. Frank my life and series of fortune of life anniversaries is to literally meet with you, train and talk about beyond concepts. Your an incredible person and I wish you the best on this physical plane ty for the knowledge you’ve spread and inspired!

  2. I want to know what its like to be everything all at once. Nothing could bring me a greater orgasm than feeling all the movements I crave to feel. My meat suit is fun, and I can cum in pussies, but I want to experience existence completely.

    I like to imagine the boundaries of existence because it makes me feel horror to imagine what is occurring. I like to feel the terror of nothingness. It makes me want to cum.

    One time my salvia trip took me to hell, I wish I had never felt those emotions. My ego wouldn’t let me go and I had to deal with limitless suffering for 10 minutes.

    I love words, I love diving as deep into words as I can to pluck the delicious juices of the ideas inside them.

    I love to fuck, I love my uncircumcised cock.

    Good video frank

    Words like limitless are some of my favourites. Infinite. Things like that, those are the best ideas.

    Ideas are really scary.

  3. This sounds familiar… Be water (or octopus), my friend πŸ˜‰ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EygqL–RW4

  4. Small mouth noises are physical too because vibrations in air are physical. Also a lot of human language is non verbal which is physical too.

  5. Tofu Skyscrapers..trying to fit so much and somehow it has to be transformed into a greener population..so God would be competing against time and if failed it would do it over again and over again until it can get past this part.

  6. Frank do will you put parents in nursing home or..take care of them yourself?? please REPLYπŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’

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