What to do if You Have to Train at Planet Fitness | Tiger Fitness

What to do if You Have to Train at Planet Fitness | Tiger Fitness

whoa what's up everyone mark LaVon our Tiger Fitness calm from trice confined to Planet Fitness as the subject my wife and I trained six days a week the issue we have is the time we have available to train is very early in the morning we're at the gym by 4:00 a.m. at the latest with that said that the only gym that is open your assess Planet Fitness is it possible CUNY gained strength and muscle size while being confined to smith machines barbells that max out at 60 dumbbells that max at 75 and just few cable towers just curious of your thoughts it's definitely going to hinder you and I believe it's going to also hinder your performance as a human being not being able to do freeway movements like squats deadlifts and other things that really just are part of being a human being and functioning those will be detrimental long term to not only your body but also your overall health and and your wellness and your ability to adapt to your surroundings so what I recommend is having a couple days on weekends where you do do some field training do some movements do some squats and we days that you can go to the gym where they have real fucking weights go to the gym now for this I recommend you go to I'm going to link you down below rebuilt by James Grange is a training system we did that utilizes mostly cables and isolation movements I think that would be great and it's easy to do this training system adhi Planet Fitness because it's mainly cable based it's called rebuilt what you do is you work with your surroundings you make lemons out of lemonade lemonade out of lemons fuck that and you do the best you can so with what you have on a recommend rebuilt trainer which I'm going to link down below and do the best you can but at the end of the day Planet Fitness is really doing a disservice to everybody by not allowing functioning of functional movements which allow people to not only perform in the gym and to look better but to be better human beings and be able to do the you know the functional movements the prime with seven primal movements one of which is bending which is a deadlift so that is what it is do what you can be sure to include some functional movements outside of the gym but again I'm gonna recommend rebuild trainer not a game you


  1. LOL!




  2. You should learn a lot from Unflexal if you'd like to know how to training good and be more wholesome.

  3. Planet Fitness is a starter gym it is designed to get the Ordinary People working out and for all the Meat Heads out there this gym is not for you not designed for you so stay out stop complaining and stay in your own gym

  4. 21 bucks amonth tanning gym 24 7 and free massage chairs bro what a steel but yes i still go to the Y twice a month for deadlift bench and squaats.#DO WHAT EVER IT TAKES [GET GAINZ]

  5. if people can get in great shape without weights, why would they not be able to get in great shape with what they have at planet fitness?

  6. i joined planet fitness because money issues but other than that i use dumbells on majority of my workouts and still try to consists a shitty squat and deadlift etc. with their smith machines. so far haven gotten the best gains i could get! i do plan on going to a better one once i have the money

  7. I started out at PF. Lost 40lbs and gained enough confidence to move on to another "real" gym. It has its place. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

  8. You can train anywhere you have the desire to improve yourself. Whether it's at Golds Gym, PF, your local park, or your prison cell. Breaking the barriers in your mind is the first step. Great video.

  9. Planet fitness, is a starter gym, but I don't understand is when you go to the gym 5 times a week you most likely are paying more than the low monthly fee. As it states there is a 10 visit cap after which you are billed extra. It don't say how much.

  10. Well to be honest if you do your homework and you know your priorities, Planet Fitness can improve your health and help build muscle. The problem is people walk into a Fitness business and expect it to be a GYM! Duh! Are you literate in the first place!? I give people credit who at least get off the their asses and make an attempt to better their health. Also as I said, you can do a lot with 75 lbs as far as build muscle in all areas. If need to get into better health before you going to a GYM, then pay the damn 10 dollars. Forget about trying to be a bodybuilder or strength builder, get you ass in some shape first. Lose some weight if need, build some muscle in all areas, get your heart in shape, then after you do that then move on if you want. You got to know your priorities, and do some proper research on what you need and the proper way to use dumb bells to gain muscle before you go and can only curl and chest lift. If you need the treadmills because you need to build up you legs and other muscles associated and you can walk with out some distance with out being ready to quit then do it. Build up any way you can, then move on. Diet, exercise, improvement, continued perseverance, better health and strength, then move it up (New GYM) or whatever, but first get into better health or strength. 10 USD is well worth the money.

  11. What I have found with Planet Fitness is you can focus on your rep work and getting good contractions since you dont have the same arsenal of weights. I still have my Gold's membership for heavy days. I got tired of working around Trios of facebookers / lifters @ Gold's.

  12. go om craigslist find some used olympic weight gear and. start accumulating your pwn home gym while you train there

  13. I had to workout at planet fitness because I was going through some budgeting issues so I couldn't go to Golds. I asked them why they don't have a weight scale in the locker room. The manager at planet fitness told me this, no lie. He said, "we don't have a scale here because we feel that the scale will be intimidating because people might be intimitaed by others people's weight" I cancelled my membership that week. Couldn't stand the place smh

  14. Before I learned about them I almost joined a planet fitness a couple of years ago. Thankfully a rude employee answered the phone.

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