Which Fitness Tracker Fits Your Personality? | Consumer Reports

Which Fitness Tracker Fits Your Personality? | Consumer Reports

3:22 323 324 diamond saying you can do it not the kind of fitness tracker you're looking for luckily we've scientifically tested the latest fitness trackers to help you find the one that fits your personality can't sit still always training for something you may be a fitness fanatic and you're done running that marathon check out the Fitbit surge it's super accurate at measuring your heart rate so you get the most out of every workout we test trackers for accuracy by comparing them to Consumer Reports highest rated heart rate monitor still trying to program the time on your VCR you may be technologically challenged no problem we've got you covered we give the basis peak our highest rating for ease of use that means stress free set up so you don't hyperventilate when you pair it and sync it with your phone do you take the long way to the bathroom just to get a few more steps in you may be a step junkie so walk yourself over to the store and take a look at the Fitbit charge HR it past our step accuracy test with flying colors we test how well a tracker count steps by measuring it against a manual click counter on a route around our atrium and it's easy to read in bright and low light so you can track your steps from morning till night don't like giving your credit card a workout you may be a dollar stretcher a good option for you is the $130 Microsoft band it's versatile and did really well in our heart rate and step accuracy test and with this Consumer Reports best buy you'll get your money's worth with every step you take for our full fitness tracker ratings check out consumerreports.org you


  1. I have the Fitbit Charge. I won this device from a contest on Fitbit's page. I DO love it, but it isn't perfect. I am on my second warranty replacement with a 3rd replacement on the way (kudos to Fitbit for their warranties) due to a blistering and peeling band. I really like the Fitbit in general, but when my warranty is up, I may have to splurge for the surge to avoid having to throw away a device because it is no longer wearable due to a non-removable band.

  2. In my opinion fitness tracker is very useless thing. It's inaccurate and you can probably calculate calories burned and distance traveled within 30 seconds in your head.

    Best way to track your activities is with GPS enabled device. You can upload things on strava to track your records, monitor progress, elevation, compete with other people etc.
    Bottom line is if you don't really give damn about exercise performance, productivity, improvement, training schedule save your money and forget about stupid fitness tracker.

  3. I am wondering about Nike. I have used one for just over 2 years now with various hardware and software problems, Nice people on the help desk, but Nike appears to be closing the division, and , as I know, that for all I like it, it is now a couple of years behind the newest products.

    news today of a $16 band being released in China. Oh my !

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