White Hair to Black hair naturally in Tamil Beauty tips in Tamil by Jessie Evangelin

White Hair to Black hair naturally in Tamil Beauty tips in Tamil by Jessie Evangelin

Hello, Friends… Welcome to G-Studios Tamil Beauty Tips I am Your Jessie Evangelin.. Today we gonna see a tip for white hair Most of them have asked me that about white… in their small age itself they are getting white hairs.. so, for them i gonna show you the tip.. i will show you the tip by using natural and easy ingredients… But, before that you should subscribe my channel… Subscription process is very easy that you should click on the below red colour button and the bell symbol as well.. If you guys want to see my previous videos… just do click on the name of my channel Tamil Beauty Tips.. Then you can see my all videos Friends, lets get into the show…. At first, let me tell you the required ingredients.. Curry leaves (1 cup) Fenugreek ( 1 spoon) 1 Amla Half lemon Coconut oil 4 Spoons So, you should grind these all together.. but, already i have grinded the mixture.. Friends I am Using only coconut oil If coconut oil is not available in your market means..no problem.. Instead of coconut oil you can use almond oil, castor oil, oilve oil Just dont get disappointed because of coconut oil… So, at first you should boil the 4 to 5 spoons of coconut oil very nicely for 5 min Now, I am adding 4 spoons of coconut oil i am taking 4 spoons of oil because of my long hair.. if you have short hair you can reduce the number of spoons Now, add that grinded mixture into the oil.. I have mixed it very well its very nice and very super I am going to apply on my hair.. you should cover all parts of your hair.. from root to tip… After applying this just make a bun or tie your hair on top of your head… If you do plates it will get fall down… if you have shower cap.. you wear it after applying this pack… because of this you can prevent your pillow covers.. even you can rap with the help of towel… and go to sleep now, i am going on apply this on my hair… You should start from your root part of the hair Friends, i have done applying.. it has grapped well with the oil… i can feel that you can tie your hair in your comfortable way.. usually i use to tie like this.. if you guys dont like to apply as a pack means.. you can filter the oil separately from the mixture and do apply on your hair.. Let me explain you the pro’s of this pack.. Because, usually whenever i am using anything for hair i use to check that whether it gets hair fall or not.. based on that i will tell you, it wont do hair fall for sure… Even as we have used fenugreek in it .. so, it will prevent from the dandruff And because of used amla and lemon your hair will get more stronger and longer… Not only these things.. we have used another very useful thing for hair that is curry leaves… We know normally curry leaves are how goodness to hair… from our childhood itself our parents use to tell that curry leaves are very good for hair.. So, we have applied all together as a pack.. the hair has got all kind of healthy food …. Because of this we can get rid from hair fall, hair white, hair split .. You can get that much stronger hair.. here after you wont get any chance to tell that you have white hairs… so you should use this regularly Friends, such a easy tip ryt??? Let me tell you some important things… whatever we are using to grind .. that should be very fresh and nature.. you should do in a same day.. dont preserve in fridge and all.. then only those white hairs all will get black very soon.. You can use this remedy twice in a week… if you have more white hairs you can use this thrice in a week monthly monthly follow it properly you can add cutted amla in your daily usage hair oil and preserve it in a bottle… thats it viewers .. whoever can use this remedy… those who are in small age and old age…. Dont forget to like my video… share to all your friends you can post your comment to me… even you can suggest me that what remedy you need in my next video if you guys aware about any new tips.. you can share with me.. As of now.. i am doing my beauty tip based on your wish.. even in future i will do my videos as like your wish… will meet you in my next video.. until bye form jessie.. love you so much.. and please take care..


  1. slowly step by step super explanation. like ur way of speech..good keep it up…Pechu vaazhakil tamil aaha arumai arumai…

  2. In pack Nyt dha podanum ah ela Mrng apply pantu wash panlaam..evlo neram endha pack hair la erukanum pls tell me aka

  3. Weight gain aha tips easy ya sollunga…2 months la konjam 10 kg varaikum reduce aiduchu…atha recover panna tip sollunga….

  4. Sis i loved ur hair so so smooth…sis pls gv tips fr shiny hair and smoothning like ur hair kaa…i got freezy hair alotx and small2 curly one…pls gv tips kaa..reply me pls

  5. Akka unga hair romba cute & shiny aa iruku enna use panninga antha video neenga already potingana athoda link mension panunga plzz akka

  6. Hi mam please help me how to prepare herbal hair dye in home. Grey hairs are making me upset. Please please please reply

  7. Akka ithu work agum ma.enagu age 24 ana white hair neraiya irugu.ena panurathunu tharila…pls help panuga ka.

  8. Super akka…… Na try panran kandipa…… Ungaloda saandhamana manasu ku neenga nala irupinga…….. Porumaya senji kaatninga….thanku akka

  9. Akka nenga pannarathu ellam a cute akka 😍😍😍ungala mari porumaya yarum solli thara matanga na en frds ellathukum anupi subscribe panna solliruka akka .oru chinna doubt mattum hair wash pannum bothu shampoo use pannalama illa sikaikai use pannalama itha mattum sollunga akka plz akka enaku reply pannuvinga nu nambara love u akka ☺️😘😘😘

  10. Mam yenagu iduppu sathai athikkam adi vairu thonguthu inyha 2 kuraiya tips sollunga pls mam.neenga sonna thengapal nellikkai hairku apply panren sema result.

  11. Akka front head la hairfall athigamah eruku pa neraiya peru kindal panuranga athuku vedio upload panunga ka plzz

  12. Ma u look nice but pls reduce ur weight.. dont get me wrong. Just a frenly request 😎

  13. Coconut oil, curry leafs, amla, fenugreek, lemon combine to grind all things… Please clarify this doubt…

  14. Sister yanaku help pannuga plz….. Yanoda hair vandhu dry hair na oil vechalu silamani neram aprama dry agidum …… Hair clr vera brown hair wt to do sis

  15. Akka naan college poren but my hair fast and strong growth akum athuing ennagi hair growth serum solunga akka
    I love u so much akka

  16. Akka we can put in morning ha akka. How many hours we should b keep akka. Pls reply akka I am waiting for ur reply plzzzzzzzzzzzz

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