Who is the judge of Junghyun’s food? [Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant/2020.03.23]

Who is the judge of Junghyun’s food? [Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant/2020.03.23]

(Who is the winner of Junghyun’s fridge battle?) Do we have a separate judge? Okay, Tori. (It’s me) Tori is the judge. So it was Tori. (She eats well like her mom) (Grew up while smelling her mom’s cooking) (5-year smell expert) Tori, you need to judge objectively. Tell me by smelling the foods. (I’ll do my best) Okay, Tori. The first dish. How will it taste? I’ll pour the broth on the fish. I just copied something I ate before. – Looks good, right? / – That’s a great idea. I’ve never seen such a dish before. (How will this unfamiliar dish taste?) The cheese on top should be the perfect seasoning. Tori, you judge by smell. Tori, you judge by smell. She smells it first… Her tongue! She’s licking her lips. (She smells and gives one lick) (Two licks) Tori, you eat this. I’ll have this. (What is Junghyun’s evaluation?) It tastes like a fancy restaurant. Rockfish tastes good in spicy fish soup. But it’s really good fried like this. That’s a great idea. I love this idea. Next. The pasta I cook so often. Bead-shaped rice cakes and oysters. (Salivating) I’m salivating. Tori. Give me your objective evaluation. Looks good, right? She licked her lips 4 times. 4 licks. 4 licks? 4 licks. – She makes it look so good. / – Looks so tasty. (She makes it sound delicious) That looks so good. Without the pasta, it’s perfect for drinks. It’s refreshing. The rice cakes bring textures to life. The next dish. Pink Junghyun’s dish. That looks so good. That can’t taste bad. That’s right. It has to be good. (Careful evaluation until the end) It looks good, right? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. 6 licks! 6 licks. 6 licks. Why is this so important? (Why is this so important?) 6 licks. (Chomp, slurp) It’s so delicious. I think it’s better that it’s soft-boiled. It’s so good! (She’s about to cry) I’m so hungry. The winner is… (A transformation of classic Korean street food) (Korean street food with a fine dining twist) The winner is Tapgol Gaga’s Tapgol Street Food. (Gray Junghyun wins) The Tapgol Street Food wins. That set looks so good. Delicious. You licked your lips 5 times, right? (It was 6) It’s so good to be the judge for once. (That was an intense battle) If that was on our show, she would’ve won. Of course. (So thankful as a fan)


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