WHO: Universal health coverage – the best investment for a safer, fairer and healthier world

WHO: Universal health coverage - the best investment for a safer, fairer and healthier world

2030 it sounds like years away but the clock is ticking time is short and we have a promise to keep a promise to ensure all people and communities in all countries receive the health services they need when and where they need them without facing financial hardship but there's still a lot of work to do at least half of the world's people lack full coverage for essential health services more than 800 million people spend over 10 percent of their family budgets on health services and close to 100 million people are pushed into extreme poverty because of health care expenses we cannot accept a world like that we cannot afford a world like that that's why countries all over the world are investing in universal health coverage by enabling communities to make decisions about their own health like breastfeeding healthy diet and bed nets by reaching the most remote villages with life-saving services like vaccines by building networks of affordable primary care clinics to provide treatment locally for everyday health needs and by providing more sophisticated services at hospitals for life's ups and downs the thing is universal health coverage not only improves health and increases life expectancy it also reduces poverty creates jobs drives inclusive economic growth improves gender equality and protects countries against epidemics with investments every nation can increase its range of health services expand its health workforce improve its infrastructure ensure essential medicines are available and protect people from the cost of paying for care out of their own pockets we call on the global community to make universal health coverage a political priority so everyone can access quality health care without facing financial hardship if we work together we can make universal health coverage a reality and ensure a safer fairer and healthier world for all


  1. A selective population control organization, SPCO. A socialist/communist organization that can eliminate those in communities, not deemed as beneficial, to and for, the greater good. Its always about the money, power, and prestige, folks. And for their best interest, of course:(

  2. We are all together in this world, breathing, as it were, as one, for each and every life affects those immediately and in the far reaches of the world. Universal Health Coverage (UHC) should be available to everyone.

  3. It is very important to reach the medical help people. There are many people who are unable to get their treatment in the absence of money. In such a situation, my request is to prevent people from WHO's team from spreading the pandemic. Treat them and help me avoid the world.

  4. you know health services and health treatments come to a cost, why don't you claim other stuff for free or affordable like i don't know, iphones? Health is a business as well which need investments and return of investments if you want it to stay up to date and running.

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