Why I love health & Fitness for my Mental Health & Wellbeing | Feel Good Diaries

Why I love health & Fitness for my Mental Health & Wellbeing | Feel Good Diaries

I wanted to create a series of videos called the filtered Diaries and it's gonna be all about well-being mental health doing stuff for you but also like how to get out of a rut has to be more productive how to be more positive but from a perspective of someone that's currently in the motions of doing that we always go through ups and downs it's okay preaching about how to feel better about yourself how to be this how to be there I wanted to talk about feeling good and well-being from a perspective of dealing with it every single day pulling myself out of bad places and just to be honest and open because I think that we do need a little bit more realness in our lives I am someone that occasionally in my everyday life I like to call it a spiral i spiral a spiral and what that means is my job is at 9:00 to 5:00 I don't have a I don't have a normal kind of job when you're self-employed it's very hard to kind of figure out whether you your about the routine or if you should embrace the freedom and for me I'm constantly battling those two things do I need routine or do I just go with the fucking flow one thing that happens to me when I'm really really busy when I'm away from home a lot when I'm doing one like one thing after other boom boom boom boom is I kind of forget about myself and then that kind of trickles and effects like other aspects of my life I eat consecutively badly I don't have a balanced diet at all I usually drink quite a lot of booze because I might be out of vents and stuff and I don't really exercise and I think for me exercising is part of my routine is the thing that kind of keeps me going and sort of level-headed because I know that I'm doing something good good for myself and it keeps me in like kind of a positive mindset so you know I go through these phases where I feel like I'm kind of lost a bit of control of my everyday I don't feel as productive I don't feel as positive and I kind of feel of it's shit about myself today I am gonna be talking about how health and fitness as part of my routine and implementing things into my routine surrounding the subject kind of helped me feel help me get back to a better place so I'm signing this also is in the motions of coming out of a dip of a bit of a spiral and coming out of it take it away the first 5:45 alarm isn't the easiest one it does take a lot of mental struggle to get me out I'm always thinking of excuses I think oh maybe I just need to sleep a little bit longer but it's that kind of initial jumping over that hurdle it literally feels like a hurdle stepping one foot out of bed and standing up and then you're up and you're ready and you can go once I'm getting ready for boot camp I'm fine I'm tired I'm a little bit grumpy the drive there I'm thinking you know what this isn't so bad this is pretty easy and then I get there and I might awake buzzing I'm outgoing I'm talking to everyone and it's all alright for me that initial getting up is the hardest part but I know that once I'm up once I've done that workout I'm going to go home and still be in good time so Karen the rest of my day and I've done something that makes me feel good essentially maybe not at the time of doing it it's kind of quite hard I know that it's doing well it's doing good for myself it's only it can only be beneficial because then I can go home and start my day and I feel super proud and already pretty productive the first day back is always the hardest and the way I think about it is it's only gonna get easier from here well I said easier starting to go up from here oh I feel so unfit I feel like a way an absolute ton just feel like I'm carrying so much extra baggage which makes everything harder also my chest is so tight because I haven't really you know I've been doing anything to get my respira strip there you know doing the cardio haven't been really and I did go for a phase of feeling like a total failure if I didn't manage to get up and go it really affected the rest of my day like I went if I didn't go to boot camp and workout I would basically tell myself that that was the day over there there was no point in carrying on and that nothing else was gonna be productive and work out and I won't get anything done and I'm starting to really realize that although the importance of me getting in that morning workout is very good for my mental health for my kind of overall well-being and getting up and get going it isn't the end of the world if I don't manage to go like to get in like three to four in a week if I can if I don't manage to go because I've had a late night the night before got in really late on the train I just won't go in the morning I'll figure out something maybe I'll go for a long walk or I'll go in the evening is really important and I do really enjoy going in the morning I'm trying to teach myself that it's okay if you can't go one day there's no need to feel guilty when I get home the first thing I do is I pour a cup of tea put it in one of my flasks and then I take the dogs up for a walk now I really like doing this because it's a kind of a moment of tranquillity in a way because I've just got my dogs I got my music I've got nature I love going for walks it's giving a little bit more exercise to myself and it's also also exercising the dogs and I just think it's like that kind of moment of peace for me in the morning I love watching my dogs run around the field and have fun I think one of the most important things about just taking control and taking care of yourself is a little bit of pre-planning now one thing that I did at the beginning of the week was obviously sit out what day gonna go to boot camp but also I did a food shop Tesco man has just come and delivered my weekly shot mid makeup but it could be worse I could have been naked again all right so it's Monday morning and it's arrived now I did this online shop last night pretty last minute I was lucky to get a slot I do like to get my food shop Sunday morning or well at some point my Monday as long as it's tax time we haver Monday daytime food wise it's all good but yeah I've got everything to set me up for the rest of week oh it was a pretty healthy shot this week so all I've got really is okay so there's two people in the household we have got a lot of chicken eat cooking for lunches I'm trying to cut down a meat consumption by not having me every single meal so mornings always have eggs or porridge and then I'll have chicken for lunch and then in the evening it's usually I'll either chicken or fish so I have made sure that everything is just chicken for lunch but do have salmon for one night this week but the rest of it is cornmeal and I've got stuff to make like vegan curries so basically yeah and sort of kind of trying to cut talent with me I don't eat red meat anymore so I'm gonna make a chili con carne with this apricot and almond and sultanas to make a tagine which I'm doing tonight along with some couscous damn I'm just get stuff like cottage cheese which is fat-free cottage cheese and then we've got some feta cubes to put on salads and then this all over vegetables I love Steve bags my weakness is Steve bags you could take Oh some onion and then I have loads and loads of vegetables in here too so making sure that I've got all this good food it's like fasting the week stop doing meal prepping and everything like that and do you like a menu for the week so the menu for the week is usually over here this is my weekly planner and is got learnt of them to Colin's lunch and dinner this is an old one so I need to redo that one and so we split the shopping away and do the planner sort of fridge now it's kind of a foods or sorted one great way to do meal prep is to put shit in the slow cooker so cooker help me do chilli curries and I'm gonna be making my first tagine though I know tagine normally comes in a tagine but I'm gonna be cheating and using the slow cooker so I got recipe that I'm gonna try out is really good it's just good because it's like takes about 5-10 minutes for paraffin the morning on low go to work come back you dinner's done you'd have to worry about eating you know what cooking you don't have to worry about like snacking because you're hungry so you just get for the door that's one thing that I sometimes do is I cannot wait for my dinner Zoe and everything yeah for me it's all about balance I like the really good in the week and that enables me a little bit more and enables me to have more fun at the weekend I'm not saying that eating healthy isn't fast just getting that balance right being super bounce in the week doesn't always have to be a chore if you do fancy going for a with midweek Nando's there are ways around eating Goods and still being out and being able to socialize here in that zone I've come up with my friend Kat and this is an example of some stuff that you can eat this is a grains and green salads it's just a big salad of lots of stuff in broccoli I've even got some chicken then I've got some macho peas got it up there and then we're sharing this butternut squash and sweet potato better then throughout the week I kind of eat things like I'll have my porridge for my breakfast like a nice big salad for my lunch and in the evenings it's always like you know a combination of vegetarian chilies curries tagines I might even have like things like salmon in the week as well to me this is all really yummy yummy nutritious food and I never feel like I'm missing that nice balance for me it keeps me happy I do however love to have an ice cream in the evening I always get these mini-magnums godsend so along with eating good I like to workout for four times a week I have a PT session with cat who is my PT but also a good friend of mine now and she's really good for making me feel bad making me not feel guilty and really really motivating me she always has something really good to say about fitness your mindset and your well-being I think what's really important for me this doesn't always have to be about losing weight I think there's a definite shift like I've got quite a few clients at the moment that when I sat down like in this room having a consultation with them and said what are you girls they've said I'm not bothered about loosing weight if that happens it happens I just want to be healthy I just want to be strong like they are scared that their fitness levels are pioneering are the strengths declining and I think that is such a good way to look at it because then you'll see the results and whereas if you come in looking for weight loss but you're not controlling your diet you won't see the result if people are so fixated on what the scales are saying they're not going to see if they're gaining muscle they're not going to see if they're feeling fits or are feeling stronger they're just going to be looking at their stomach and looking at the bits of themselves that don't like a lot of people come to me just want in the girls they just want like a physical girl but they don't really think about what effect it's gonna have on the well-being but I think obviously in the media and everything it's starting to be more apparent the FIH mental health like for just how you feel their training and just come into the gym and speaking to people and sweating and getting your heart rate up makes you feel really good at the end of it and if you're doing that three times a week it's inevitable that it's going to have a really good effect on how you feel about yourself I like feeling like I can do things I like feeling like I can climb a mountain or go on like a 15-mile hike and not let it ruin me I like knowing that when I go to the train station I have my luggage that I can lift my bag above my head fitness and a healthy lifestyle is to me more about what it enables me to do it's less and less these days about losing weight looking a certain way it's more about proving what I can do we get a lot of messages saying like I really want to give this a girl but I've not done anything in the past I'm not fit what can I do this and everyone gets I call it a boot comfy I get the boot comfy if I have not done one in like far we other I'm gonna feel sick I'm going bury this myself I'm not gonna be able to do it all it takes just doing that first one and saying you know what whatever happens happens if I need to run off and be sick then don't worry 20 people have done it before you or chances are you'll be building it up in your head something that it's not going to be you know if you go along to a class or a gym session and you finding it too hard just sit down just say no guys I need a bit more rest and I think as long as you get that one out of the way then never believe it be as bad as you first got because you've got a mixture of anxiety in this if you're anxious about starting something new you have R it's already high throw in a workout that's why it's going to feel harder than it is I think you've just got to feel a bit brave and say you know what if I want to make this change and get myself out of this slump no one's gonna do it for me I've got to book in like you know find somewhere a running club a dance class it can be anything just go along if you don't like it if there are Horrible's here just took her back fighting somewhere else but gets easier every time it does get easier every time if I go to a boot camp and I think all that was fairly easy that makes me feel so good when I have a PT session and I'm lifting heavier that makes me feel so good being that kind of those positive feelings and that I can you can you can do this is sort of it already resonates through like the rest of my life getting the balance right is super important as well not guilt trip you if you can't work out for any reason at all or you can like you're just not able to it isn't the end of the world helen is really bad for being on a roll and getting them every morning doing boot camp you know eating really well and then she'll have a couple of weeks where that isn't the case whether it's her job or something's come up probably see like her lifestyle is isn't nine-to-five video she might be in London on a Tuesday and then if she lets herself go downhill even for like a week she beats herself up about it and I think that's so important and I've tried to talk to Helen about this so many times it's a lifestyle it isn't something that you have to do all or nothing you know I'm a personal trainer and I have trained I think once a week for the past three weeks just because of how busy I am but the danger is if you start feeling like you're losing control are you you're not doing it right that's when those habits are gonna really set in whereas a few start to go off track one boot camp week is fine you're at least she's still doing it and that's what we would try and kind of talk about with Helen is it's fine it's fine it's people say every I mean you can't ever have a period of time in your life where you can be everything all of the time think it's really important not to rely on having a routine and having Fitness as part of your life but just really enjoy it when you do that's what we've been trying to touch upon over the last few months it doesn't have to be all on/off there do it varying degrees of intensity and just be proud of yourself that be doing it anyway you know so don't put pressure on yourself Helen I am citing to learn more that like I shouldn't rely on it to have a successful day I'm also really learning the importance of like okay be motivated be productive but productivity levels is solely based on how smart you work not how much you do I think it is in this day and age it's always this battle of who's done the most who's worked the hardest who's the biggest girl boss I don't really agree with that someone said work smart work smarter not harder it's really challenging and hard for someone that works from home who's self-employed has to motivate themselves finding these things that keep you motivated whether that is Fitness whether that's something else to get the cogs turning that's one of the challenging things and one of the important things when you have to motivate yourself when you're on your own but yeah I can say from I can say from like an honest point of view is being good to myself finding ways to get outside and be active rewarding your body with things that it kind of needs and it one real good feeling it's very uplifting feeling and for me it's one of the things that keeps me going and it's something that I have learnt to really love when you take away the negative connotations of healthy eating and exercise see it from a perspective of how it can just benefit you and your everyday life that's when you'll learn to love it and that's why I love it Oh should put make one set really shouldn't make fun say there's so much time team and it was like a tragedy


  1. Needed this. I've been working out and eating less (not really healthier…yet) and I've hit that week three bump, where I cannot be bothered anymore. I know if I can make it past this week everything will be all stations go again.

  2. I really needed this. I've definitely fallen off the fitness and health wagon, and it's so hard to get started again. Hearing you and Kat talk about wellness, strength, and not beating yourself up about stuff is so true. Thinking about it as taking care of yourself versus strictly losing weight and enjoying it when you can do it hit home for me.

  3. This came at the most perfect time. Not been able to get to the gym as much as I would like too and can relate to feelings of guilt. But it’s a lifestyle change not a chore like you say! Life is full of peaks and troughs and as long as we are doing are best that’s all we can do x

  4. Thank you for this video Helen, I quit my day job to focus on my self employment and art, and not having a schedule has confused my head immensely/I haven't been taking care of myself properly as its all confusing. This video couldn't have come at a better time and I appreciate all the hard work you do for us folk, lots of love ❤️

  5. this is something I definitely need at the moment, I haven't been to the gym in a week and I was debating going today and this has really pushed me to get my ass out of bed and workout!!

  6. Our mental health and wellbeing is exactly why me and my boyfriend started working with a PT! We were feeling so lazy and unproductive and quite shitty about ourselves so we really needed to do something to get out of that mental slump. We want to make this a part of our lifestyle and so far its going really well!
    Excited to see what else is coming in this series! 💛

  7. I'm so excited for this series I'm currently pretty low about my appearance and general wellbeing. So I went to my first bouldering session yesterday and it was super enjoyable.

  8. Needed to see this💕 a year ago I hit my heaviest weight and a lot of health problems came from it, I had cholesterol, high blood pressure, bad water retention, and would be swollen all day. I was on the road to get congestive heart failure and other illnesses and I’m only 21. I’ve never been thin and I’ve always felt beautiful even when society said I was not. When I got sick I got depressed, I would barely get out of my room unless it was to go get something to eat. But one day something just clicked, I told myself to snap out of it! I loved myself enough to at least try! I’ve lost 80lbs so far and have a better relationship with food 🥘 and actually like working out lol NEVER in my life would I have ever thought that😂 but these past 2 months I’ve been slipping back to old ways and making excuses for myself, so I’m glad I watched this. I have a 9 to 5 job and 5 beautiful animals to care for 🐶🐰🐢🐢🐤 I need to prioritize my time better! I love myself enough to do better!💕 glad you feel good❤️ oh and I love your channel so much!.

  9. Great video and share! Love the awareness and it makes a difference! Found inspiration here for my channel and vids! Nothing but support for you!

  10. Literally woke up this morning and didn't workout because I feel like it's all pointless because of my health issues and I should just give up and this came and gave me just what I needed. Also Kat's advise on what your outlook on working out should be is so perfect and I'm going to take that on board as a new focus

  11. I neeeeeeeeeded this today. Ive been on a weightloss/health journey for 2.5 years and down 80 pounds and mentally im a new person. But these last few weeks ive slipped back into old habits of sleeping until 1pm, eating junk, skipping the gym. This video encouraged me to start getting back on track so thank you ❤

  12. Okay only just started the video and I am here for this whole series, also your look at the beginning is hella amazing I'm in love

  13. Ok. I was going to skip this video of yours because I’m in a big dip in my life and didn’t want someone telling me what I need to be doing. But then auto play started this video. Turns out I did really needed to hear this. Thank you, Helen! Now off to the gym.

  14. This was better than I expected when I first saw the video being uploaded and looked at the title. I hoped it wasn't a thing relating health with exercising and dieting and all the bullshit billionaire corporations shove into our throats by making us feel like crap with ourselves. Thank the heavens this wasn't the case. I really loved how you approached and talked about the importance of mental health in this. Kudos to you and please keep going with these series. Rock on! 🤘

  15. Oh Helen I love this! Thank you so much for your time and effort to create such amazing inspirational videos! And all that while staying real and authentic. 🤗

  16. This is exactly what I needed and the thoughts that I’m going through. I have a 9-6 job and that makes it extremely difficult to work out and cook healthy meals at home, but this video has definitely inspired and motivated me. I can’t wait to see more of your journey💛🧡

  17. I love this Helen, really needed to see it. I've just joined weight watchers as I don't ear ANY fruit or veg (bar bananas and potatoes) but I need to be aware of what I'm putting in my body and the effects it has, especially long term. I used to dance and in just getting back into exercise by doing little 15 minute YouTube dance work outs. Can't wait for more like this x

  18. I highly recommend https://www.fitnessblender.com/. They have so many free workouts and for many of them you don't need any equipment. Home workouts would be great for those days when you can't make it to boot camp. Although, what your doing right now looks great too 🙂 Dogs need a lot of walks, you also have a garden and just cleaning can be a workout too. Loved this video, very realistic and helpful!

  19. Very impressed by your pushups Helen, I can only do the modified version on my knees!
    Have you considered getting into running? Not competitively or long distances, just building up jogs till you can comfortably do 3 miles – I highly highly recommend parkrun to anyone who has one near where they live, it's been a life changer for me! I work from home too and the freelancer life is like you say quite hectic one week, then empty another, and it can get so lonely. Getting up on Saturday mornings to run 5k in lovely company at 9am is the best way to start the weekend. I've volunteered a couple times too and got some mates and even my parents to try it out (you can walk them too, and bring dogs on leads ☺)
    Also, if you've managed to read up to here (lol), thank you very much for the inspo, you've been talking about Bootcamp for a while and I finally joined a gym in March to try it out. I found a nice little community in a women's Curves gym and so far I've lost half a stone and am so much stronger 🙂 xxxx

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