Why Small Is Better The 5 inch advantage for Men.health tips worldz

Why Small Is Better The 5 inch advantage for Men.health tips worldz


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  2. I'm 5 1/2 on soft, 8 1/2 on hard and I know, less is better is a lie! Just don't beat it up, take it nice and slow! And yes it hard to find someone to love you for your heart and not your size, but still love hearing them say; I can't stop my legs from shaking!

  3. Is it normal to have a different sizes of penis 😂 Mine is 4.5, 5, 5.5 & 6 according to my body's wish 🤣 Dick don't care about my will

  4. I have 6 inches with regular measurement standing. It may not be a micro penis, but it's not a big dick length-wise. A girl cuckolded me with a some dude that was a legit 9.5' which is quite rare. Some dudes are lucky af. But 12 inch penises don't exist besides maybe a few world record holders.

  5. Somebody made this to feel better about themselves. I'm over 9 inches hard and can satisfy every woman. No small dick is better then a big one

  6. I was told by a woman that she cant get off unless she gets fucks deep. When I go 9 inches deep she is moaning loud as fuck lol that's the most satisfying sound to hear when fucking a woman. You have your information all wrong

  7. From my experience they cum faster when you have a bigger dick. Its all in the head, they become more excited with a bigger dick.

  8. Why do people think a five inch penis is small? Whenever I’m looking for these videos I’m trying to find one talking about maybe 3 or 2 1/2 inches

  9. Blacks and whites have an aveage of 7.5 inches here in america. And the women have 4.2 inches on average.

    So either way, if there is a women complaining about men need to be bigger….
    She just gave away the fact she has a cave for intercourse.
    Of her nervous system os craped out unfortunately. In which case I sympathize with.

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