Why This 2020 Candidate Sees Hot Yoga as a Health Care Solution | Opinions | NowThis

Why This 2020 Candidate Sees Hot Yoga as a Health Care Solution | Opinions | NowThis

I've watched it literally transform vets who are double amputees have had a lot of post-traumatic stress some traumatic brain injuries a lot of damage to their nervous system and have watched them do yoga and heal as I said you know I'm kind of a blue-collar guy from a blue-collar town an old quarterback and why do I talk about yoga I talk about it because it works and to watch veterans go from you know taking 15 or 20 prescription drugs down to you know none or one or two or three is to me all the evidence you need most of the political discussion today is around health insurance so how do we insure people when they're sick and it's really a disease care system so when we get sick the health insurance kicks in the pharmaceutical companies come in everybody's making a lot of money and they get paid cos or sick so what I want to do is really flip that system and to say and recognize that 75% of health care costs come from chronic diseases that are largely preventable which means there's about two to three trillion dollars a year that we could save if we flip the system and move towards incentivizing doctors to keep us healthy and rewarding patients with refunds and rebates to get and stay healthy and I think that means paying for the different programs that are out there that can keep us healthy that can get us off our medications that will save us money in the long run that will allow our bodies to heal better and some of these programs that we never thought would be helpful we're seeing being extremely effective at bringing down the cost of health care and to me why wouldn't we play offense and be very proactive in keeping people healthy


  1. Hot Yoga is a Franchise. Political Bribes aren't enough for that crook, he has to start shilling for Corporations doing Product Endorsements? "Look how this New Product even helps our poor sick Veterans". The guy has no shame!

  2. This is laughable nonsense. Once again, I consider myself pretty far left, but this is pretty far out of reality.
    Yoga is as much of a healthcare solution as would be grinding up an elephant tusk and snorting it to cure HIV

  3. Or we can get Medicare for All you jackass and make sure people have preventative care so you don't have to go bankrupt over medical cost. We live in the richest country in the world and millions of people have no access to health care. How about politicians stop taking money from insurance companies that only care about profits.

  4. Tell the family of dead soldiers that they should have done Yoga when they were sent out to fight in the wars for the US !!!

  5. Sorry Tim ! You didn’t say the magic words “ Medicare For All “ so in the words of the worst President in the History Of America “You’re Fired” 😂

  6. Well we still medicare for all but with preventive care like he talking about would make it to where I didn't need to go to the doctor as much which would nice.

  7. Maybe if we had Medicare for all, we wouldn’t be dealing with so many preventable diseases…
    Everyone needs immediately accessible health care and doctors to take care of themselves.

  8. Yes because people of color and poor communities can all afford Hot Yoga Classes. All I see is a sea of white people.

  9. Im a hindu so I love yoga. That being said, just give us medicare for all. Yoga's healthy but it only helps with a few physical/mental issues and is not a replacement for genuine care.

  10. No dude. Just stop this. This is simply a distraction so that he can protect private insurance companies. If we federalized health care, the incentive to save money would become the government's burden, and they would automatically look for solutions like this instead of relying on prescription drugs. I will vote for Bernie and get both.

  11. Great idea except for the fact that they’ll just create new diseases. Try to take away big pharma money and…… They’ve been murdering people with opiates for years. Does anyone really think they care about anyone dying as long as they can sit on gold toilets?

  12. This is his solution for healthcare??? Not Medicare for All, because that is a unreasonable, but yoga for everyone is the way to go. Jesus! Nothing against yoga itself, exercising is great, but this is pathetic.

    Also, the optics on the still picture on this video; a huge man amongst all white women. Yeah, we the struggling working class, relate to that. Oh wait! Nope not really…

  13. Yeah no. It would be nice to get rewarded but to me this sounds like I still have to pay each month and pay also copays. In reality the reward wouldn't be even 1/4 of what I'll be paying. No thanks

  14. What about people like me, who throw up and pass out as soon as they get too hot? 🙁 It’s hard enough to live in the Texas summer. I must have zofran and marinol in heat or I literally get suicidal because I can’t handle the feeling or I just end up in the ER from passing out in public.

  15. I retracted my initial thumbs down.
    This makes SOME sense, and I wouldn't mind a $500 check every month for just being in tip-top shape.
    Where I think it is a bit of a stupid policy is that people with awful unhealthy habits aren't directly punished, for them it would just stay the same.

  16. He needs to massively change his foreign policy views to a non-interventionist perspective & he would be a decent candidate (in my opinion). I liked his views on getting the support of States with workers who feel rejected by the Democratic Party & who shifted to Trump in 2016. It’s a great strategy to win against Trump in 2020. Because his foreign policy views are hawkish instead of non-interventionist, I’m with Gabbard.

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