Why You are FAILING Your Fitness Journey w/ Omar Isuf

Why You are FAILING Your Fitness Journey w/ Omar Isuf


  1. Maybe because you all drink beer and eat out all the time, binge watch hand phone to tv back to hand phone idk

  2. You need to love how your body is now because that's how you'll make your main goal. Thinking, I love my body rn and I look good but I would love to improve my health. Not my body because than it wont happen because you are focused on physically seeing yourself improve. But should focus on inside and slowly see outside improvement. Think positive feel good

  3. I appreciate these videos somehow i feel better about my self and less selfish when I want to make time to work out, my son watches and his 6 his name is Omar too lol

  4. I'm sad :'( I've been sick for two weeks now, going on three and have been out of the gym that whole time. I'm ready to be back!!!!

  5. Not fitness related, but can Omar do a video with his hair down? 🤤 lol also great video! I’d be interested in seeing a video on macros and how to hit them everyday. I find it hard to get enough protein because I get so bored with food 😩

  6. Omar is such a smart coach. I love hearing him break down simple things but they clearly arent simple otherwise people would do fitness without hesitation. But he explains it so well…#thumbsup from Jamaica

  7. Talk about different body type and how it deals with gym results. Love watching you two make content on your own but together= my fulfillment. Oh btw tell Ashley we miss her too! ♡♡♡

  8. He's kinda in line with the book atomic habits. Definitely a must read about forming habits and sticking to them with using science.

  9. Are you still training Ashley? We would love an update. We miss her. Loving the vids. Maybe a home/at work training start-up kit (pre-game) for people with no gym membership yet, but needing to start somewhere.

  10. I always hear people advise to surround yourself with like minded people. Soooo how do you do that?

    I've tried approaching a coworker about working out together but she just brushed it off. My social life revolves around coworkers which isn't ideal. Sounds like a personal problem. But I bet you a lot of people struggle with making new friends esp in your late 20s…if you haven't already found your group.

  11. Lol yes do u can't and multiple ways and not hav wat u want my lonly guy people use sorry wat utubet r u nope lol stoop the gripp0 is wat we called a man no hand just the man an now your the sushhhhi evroiiii one eatsss

  12. Love these videos! Since I’m in the process, video idea I would suggest is: how to find a trainer, tips and tricks, and is a meal plan better from a trainer or a dietitian/nutritionist

  13. Is it weird that I want you two to kiss and make out in camera 😂…. maybe kiss and describe how the other kisses …that would be hilarious 😂 ….. show a different side to Mr. Stiffy aka Omar. 😂😂😂😂😂. …. maybe have him do your makeup, clean your house, wearing an apron 😂

  14. Forever on the struggle bus of adherence. 😂😭 this was great though! Can’t wait to see what else you and Omar have planned out. Love ya girl! 💕

  15. Ok I have a question. I have been on my fitness journey for almost 4 yrs(after my second kid) and my quads won’t grow on the outter part of my quad. I eat pretty healthy and I feel like I kill it at the gym but my quads just won’t grow (I’ve done quad focus exercises for about the past year and just a tad bit of growth on the inner quad muscle above my knee) what am I doing wrong? I just feel like giving up at this point…

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