WildFit Quest – The Evolution of Health & Fitness by Eric Edmeades

WildFit Quest - The Evolution of Health & Fitness by Eric Edmeades

the paradigm shift that we need to have right now is that we do not have a health care problem we do not have health care problems in our various countries in the role what we have is an individual self-care problem that's the paradigm shift we need to have we need it we need to recognize that our experience of life is up to us the solution at this point is two things the one is to recognize that as a member of Homo sapiens there are some specific nutrients that you need and long before you think of giving up that or giving up this or I need to reduce my calories you know the first thing you need to think about is what are the foods that my body evolved requirements for and how am I going to get enough of them that's a major major part of the solution and the next part of the solution is to radically change your psychology you see what you need to remember is the food marketing industry is spending millions of dollars hiring psychologists and marketing experts to get you to eat food that boosts their profitability and destroys your body and so what we now need to do is undo that we now need to really really begin to understand food and I'll offer you one more thing that's part of the solution structure it takes time to change and create habits and so when you've got a structure with a community around you the odds of you making a change that actually lasts and creates a lasting impact in your life are magnified in a in a really powerful way the wildcat challenge is predominantly about two things it is about correct nutrition for our species and correcting our psychology and changing our relationships attitudes and we make that happen through a really careful combination of really effective education and then really powerful psychological exercises that will help you to break habits and change relationships with food you will truly start to dislike foods that you currently really love and wish you didn't and you will also begin to really love food that right now maybe you don't know which it is whilst it is a personal mission of mine and has been for a long long time and it comes down to this I want people to enjoy their lives and I don't want people's lives being cut short or their quality of life being diminished by the greed and profit crests of all the food manufacturing companies and pharmaceutical companies around the world we right now have a personal health challenge and we have a national in almost every country healthcare challenge and we can change that and so what you're going to experience is very soft incremental changes in your psychology throughout the entire program and the end result is you're going to be different relationship with yourself and a different relationship with food and you will find yourself fully free what I mean by fully free is that you will be able to eat what you want and not eat what you don't want you know some of our clients come to us and they go but Eric I don't I don't want to I don't want to do a whole Health Program because I love my freedom around food but then I have to ask them do you really feel free like can you not eat ice cream can you not eat pizza because what I want to do is get me to a place where you cannot eat it when you don't want and while sit what we will not ask you to do is do exercise we might ask you to consider some intentional movements like you know going up the stairs every now and then but there will be no exercise related to this program we will also not ask you to restrict your food intake whatsoever we will not want you hungry ever if you are hungry while you're on this program frankly you're doing it wrong we will also not ask you to even think about calories we will certainly not be calorie counting in any way and certainly not be restricting them there are things you know that you're dealing with right now and there are also some things that you may not even be aware of and three months from now those things will look very very different welcome to wild stage this is a program that completely transforms people's lives and I can't wait to welcome you to the community


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  2. oh well I'm 16. I'm at the verge of obesity. your master class inspired me so much and now i don't have money..😬😬

  3. If you care why the high price. It is not about the long term benefits it is about the people who want to be better but are stuck with no small rope to hang onto

  4. Don't you all think that people deserve a cheaper rate than $1000 to be exact $995, with $900 off so originally $1895?! This is ridiculous. If we want to help one another we need to stop focusing on the profits involved monetarily and focus on the profits of health…true health of mind, body, and spirit. I shall pass on this offer.

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