Will We Ever Cure Breast Cancer?

Will We Ever Cure Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer diagnosed in women in the United States, right behind skin cancer. While it largely affects women, it can also occur in men. Fortunately, thanks to awareness,
early detection, and research, survival rates have increased but there’s still a lot we’re learning. So how far have we come in understanding this disease? Breast cancer affects the cells in the
tissue of the breast. It starts when these cells develop abnormally and begin
to divide and accumulate rapidly eventually forming a lump or mass. – What happens then is that as the cells in that tumor to continue to divide they make additional mistakes in their DNA repair mechanisms and DNA replication mechanisms leading to the generation of more mutations. More mutations generally
means more variant cancer. Hello, my name is Donald McDonnell, I’m a professor of
pharmacology and cancer biology at Duke School of Medicine and I’m also the
co-director of the women’s cancer program at Duke. Under the breast cancer
umbrella, there are three major types. They’re all different, they progress
differently, and the treatments for them vary. – There are cancers which have a
protein inside them called the estrogen receptor, and they are called
estrogen receptor-positive breast cancers. There’s a second type of breast
cancer which has a protein that sits on the surface called HER2. And they’re
called HER2-positive breast cancers. And then there’s a population of breast
cancers that neither have the estrogen receptor, or HER2, and
we call those triple-negative breast cancers. With estrogen receptor breast
cancers, a mutation in cell growth allows the cells to respond to estrogen.
Estrogens stimulate growth in a tumor and as the tumor grows it acquires more
mutations. Some risk factors for this type involve exposure to high levels of
estrogen. Those can be from your environment, having a child later in life
or even prolonged use of certain forms of birth control. – HER2-positive breast
cancers are characterized by the fact that cancer cells of this type have
a protein that sits right on the surface and for all intents and purposes this
protein then drives processes in the cancer cell that
drives proliferation and progression. HER2-positive breast cancers are
commonly treated with a drug called Herceptin, which binds to these proteins,
effectively stopping the growth and spread of the disease. With triple-negative, these cases occur most frequently in younger women, particularly
those of African American descent, but not exclusively. Triple-negative breast
cancers are so defined because they don’t have the proteins expressed that
allows them to be defined as estrogen receptor or HER2-positive. And like HER2, there are some promising developments on the horizon for triple negative. – We are starting to see some successes in triple-negative breast cancer with
immunotherapy, and recent studies showing that about 20% of women who are tested on immunotherapy for triple-negative breast cancer have a positive and
durable response. So, knowing the breakdown of the most common types of breast cancer is a start but there are also factors that can put someone at a
greater risk of contracting this disease. – So one of the common questions that I
get is a researcher is what causes breast cancer? Why do I have breast
cancer? Why do none of my relatives of breast cancer and I have got breast cancer? And there’s no real simple explanation. Some risk factors
include things such as obesity, estrogen exposure, and genetics. In fact, one area that has seen substantial progress is the understanding of something called
familial breast cancer that is, breast cancer passed down
from generation to generation. In the mid-1990s, two genes were discovered that, if mutated,
actually increase your risk of breast cancer and these are the notorious Braca
1 and Braca 2 genes. What is interesting now is that we know quite a
lot about how these Braca 1 and Braca 2 genes influence the pathobiology
of breast cancer. We can actually take a DNA sample and we can actually test a
woman who does not have breast cancer and ask, is she at risk for familial
breast cancer? While genetic testing is an exciting new development in the field of breast cancer diagnosis, it’s also important to stress that regular
screening and early detection are big factors in breast cancer survival rates
as well. – With the widespread use of mammography we’re now detecting all
breast cancer subtypes much much earlier than we used to. When breast cancer is usually diagnosed it’s usually limited to one breast in
one specific area in the breast, and for the most part excision will treat this
tumor followed by then what’s called adjuvant care, that is, treatments to
prevent that cancer coming back again. But if caught too late
breast cancer cells can spread to other areas of the body, including the bone,
liver, and in later stages, the brain. – From my perspective, the issues that are most
important right now are how do we block metastasis from a
primary tumor? We know that the primary tumor, in and of itself, is not that
harmful within the body but it seeds cells that go all over the body. One of the leading theories is that cancers can develop what Dr. McDonnell describes as a
cloak that covers the tumor allowing it to remain undetected by the body’s
immune system. – What we’re focused on now is developing drugs that can peel away this
cloak and expose this tumor to the immune system. But then there are cases
where patients suddenly go into remission, despite the odds. This is what Dr. McDonnell and his colleagues are trying to make sense of and it could all
tie back to the body’s immune system. – Cancers just don’t suddenly go away.
Something happened within the body to make that cancer go away. And I think
most of us would agree that in large part these spontaneous remissions are
due to responses of the immune system to that cancer. Understanding the three main
types of breast cancer, their risk factors, and current treatment options is
a first step. But fortunately daily discoveries and innovations are helping
to write a new chapter for this disease. – Right now, I think we effectively manage
and we effectively treat the disease, and people are living longer with this
disease with a very good quality of life. I think if we are successful in
harnessing the immune system and understanding why breast tumors evade
humoral immunity, that we will start hearing the word “cure” more frequently.


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  3. Get ready for the "We already have a cure and the earth is flat" conspiracy theories.
    If the cure already existed someone would have leaked it a long time ago even if companys dident want that.

  4. There is a cure.
    The government is keeping it from us .
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    Darren decided to move to California with his wife in order to be able to legally try the cannabis oil treatment.
    Only after 7 months, his cancer was gone! In an interview for the CBS News, he said:
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  7. THC, CBD and or whole hemp/cannabis extract is being used in clinical trials with traditional chemo medications in order to measure the potential benefits. It’s too bad they are going to hinder the healing and cancer fighting effects of CBD and or cannabinoids with chemo. Better to learn the truth at www.PhoenixTears.Ca www.CureYourOwnCancer.org 


    Detailed Description:

    Several studies have shown a potential anti-tumor role for cannabinoids by modulating cell signaling pathways, inhibiting angiogenesis, inducing apoptosis, and overcoming chemotherapy resistance. In phase I trials, cannabinoids have been shown to enhance the uptake of chemotherapy into malignant cells without affecting normal cells. The investigators seeks to demonstrate that the combination of chemotherapy with BRCX014 will have a greater anti-tumor and anti-proliferative activity when compared to standard of care alone.

    Condition or disease       Intervention/treatment 

    Cancer of Pancreas     Drug Cannabidiol (CBD)

    Cancer of Liver            Drug Bortezomib

    Cancer of Rectum       Drug Leucovorin

    Cancer of Colon          Drug 5-FU

    Gall Bladder                Drug Oxaliplatin

    Myeloma Multiple        Bevacizumab

    Glioblastoma Multiforme Drug Irinotecan Gemcitabine Temozolomide

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  10. How we stop cancer is make them stop putting glyphasate msg and all kinds of harmful chemicals in our food drugs and vaccines. Stop eating bad food eat organic and grow you're own food if you can. Do away with soda and suggery foods which cancer feeds on. They want us to get cancer because of that big money they make. Do you're research and question everything I mean everything! Be blessed in Jesus name

  11. We've already known the cure to ALL cancers… It's called stop advanced industrial society from poisoning the air, food and water… But then I'm accused of being "radical" for pointing that out. Cancer is an industrial disease and looking for pharmaceutical cures will never address the root of the problem… Pharmaceuticals are just using a bandaid to fix a machine gun wound. People like to point to "medical science" as a net gain if civilization, but when creating and "achieving" that medical science necessitates the vast systematic pollution and destruction of that natural world that we depend on and creates more disease than it can cure, can it really be considered a "net gain"? Besides, if there ever was a pharmaceutical cure, only the rich would be able to afford it, so what's the point?

  12. Look at the link between Breast Cancer and DAIRY CONSUMPTION (full of estrogen), that increases IGF-1. Search information at the PCRM website Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and also Nutritionfacts.org

  13. We do have a cure and the earth is flat while it is also round. It is all in the point of view. Seriously though we do have technology that destroys cells and can be targeted to destroy cancer cells. #Frequencies

  14. well apparently there are tons of hypothetical sciences with proof of concept to fight cancer , so who the hell knows when they'll be put to use

  15. You guys ever hear about the Tree Sap in Nth Queensland, Australia? Probably one of the biggest findings at fighting cancer in history.

  16. My mom has a breast cancer…
    We get treatment from IRNUM but not successful. My mom complete all the dreps but it attack again and the doctor said that… you start our dreps again…. What we do please tell me.

  17. Hi, thanks for watching! Want more SICK? Check out our playlist here: http://bit.ly/SICKplaylist and let us know in the comments what you want us to explore next.

  18. How about alternatives to mammograms that are being blocked by 'researchers' without any conflict of interest whatsoever?

  19. If someone wants to know how to get rid of or prevent getting a breast cancer, please watch “forks over knives“ documentary on Netflix.

  20. Did y'all hear about the video that came out like a week ago that used sound frequencies to break apart leukemia cells?

  21. It's not a question of 'will we', but rather 'WHEN will we'! Moreover, instead of 'curing' I think very early detection (diagnostics) will be more efficient as a (near) future technology!

  22. Yet ANOTHER reason why stem cell reasearch🔬 needs further exploration… and why 🇺🇸 needs Universal Healthcare.

    02:30: once again, PoC get the short end of the stick.👩🏿‍⚕️

    Above all, try your best to be as healthy🏥 as you can. I know… not easy to.

  23. The remission mystery might be related to cell suicide. see: https://www.livescience.com/12949-cell-suicide-apoptosis-nih.html

  24. Once big pharma stop looking at us like cows, to fatten their wallets then and only then we will actually find a cure for Cancer.

  25. Will we ever cure testicular and prostate cancer? Combined, they are the highest cause of death due to cancer in men.

  26. Just do what they do baby boys with circumcision: Remove female breast tissue at birth. I'm sure that won't be controversial at all. In fact, surgically remove anything that is not necessary for living because it might cause cancer.

  27. As long as greed is in people we’ll never see a cure for most diseases. It’s all about profits for people who distribute these cures. How can the excessive cost be justified ?

  28. Hi there,
    There are recent information on cancer trestment in Israil that may happen in low cost and within a week time solutions. Need more exploration on this field. Do share your comment / research

  29. Not as long as there's money to be made. Spending on cancer medicines totalled $107 billion worldwide in 2015 and is projected to exceed $150 billion by 2020

  30. No because people don't want to change their diet. So the cancer industry will keep letting ignorant people butcher themselves. Eat green cruciferous vegetables and mushrooms, not that difficult.

  31. Breast cancer is easy to cure as long as you do not listen to these pharmicutical money making doctors. Cancer is another name for yeast infection. Birth control pills feed candida/yeast.
    Exrays distroy healthy cells. Breast cancer is caused many times due to imotional problems. Cancer at no time has nver been genetic,. For many women If a partner dies the imotion then causes cancer in the right breast, I f the woman tooses a child then she may have cancer of the left breast over the heart[ love] channel. This rearch is available in natural cancer cures.
    To eliminate cancer you first need to deal with the emotional depression and allong with that eat food,salts and oils that will eliminate the yeast infection. Like apple sider vinigar, butter,coconut oil,himalyan rock salt, lemon juice and broccoli and other alkaline foods and minerals.
    All this and more can be found by researching natiral cancer cures on the net.
    Remember so called cancer is not genetic and it is easy to cure.

  32. Why do so many people focus on breast cancer but nobody cares about testicular cancer? Really sad to see that if someone gets testicular cancer there's a pretty low chance of him surviving because how little research has been done about it.

  33. Estrogen deficiency in premenopausal period is the cause of breast cancer because it regulates cell healing. After the cells are exposed to oxidative stress they have no time to heal and physical damages lead to the formation of cancer cells which in turn keep trying to heal themselves with the same natural resources as the body. The transition from benigne to malignant cells is DNA mutation dependent as the stress factors are still present. UVB radiation exposure should also be considered. Physical exercise which develops aerobic muscle tissue and estrogen therapy for premenopausal women is the only way to prevent breast cancer. Another concerning factor is aluminium which is citotoxic and prevents the cell from self regulating itself and ages it. The normal clearance of aluminium from the human body is very low compared to the amounts that may be ingested or absorbed by the body from different cosmetics or self care products. As being a very potent stress factor for the cells it can lead to the accumulation of toxins in the cells, and ultimately to DNA mutations if the cells do not expell the toxic compounds fast enough.

    Here are two links to studies proving that aluminium passes the cell barrier and that it is both citotoxic and genotoxic


  34. Where have you been..! It's curable in Vietnam Sri Lanka and Japan for 25 long years..! Best cancer yes..! With Melprexion the morning after pill in several small doses 15 milligrams instead of 500 mg in the morning after pill..!
    Breast cancer is also being cured with cryogenic freezing where the hell have you people been.! Jan 1st 2017 approved National Cancer Institute..! Why are people in the world so stupid on this subject like United States people are..!? Take a look around your doctors are lying their ass off to you..!

  35. Accordingly, some independent scientist, mammography induces breast cancer, also 80% of untreated (no chemicals no radiation) breast tumors spontaneously regressing within 6 years.

  36. I had a friend to passed due to cancer and I’ve never felt more emotional pain when it happened. Whoever is going through the same or a similar thing I wish you and your loved ones the best of luck ♥️ and you are not alone ♥️

  37. My mom had triple negative. The excision went great, and I advised her to stop there. The doc recommended adjudavent chemo. Chemo is a poison. I told her to stay away from chemo, they got it all in surgery. She is now cancer free but will forever live with the disabling results of chemo – blood clots, heart weakness, breathing issues… forever. It's worse than cancer. We need to be looking at non-chemo treatments.

  38. Well we have a cure but it's just not made available by companies like big pharma https://youtu.be/qQKaCTdrmJc

  39. Japanese enjoy green tea, miso, mitake … well some if them lol. Also just read about "Prime Editor" omfg it's Crisper squared, basically the future of genetic editing. Hold on to your hats. I hope I'm not sensationalising but I recall they released a paper with a 150 initial edits in human cell culture, essentially representing the eradication of every major known genetic disease. Go home Doris we're done. Sounds too good to be true, oh yeah it should be perfect for would be movie super villains to have extras limbs and organs etc as well so it balances out.

  40. Thx for the vid 😉🙏🙏🙏 (fyi the overlay pink filter over the pink ribbon makes it look like the HIV red ribbon. Might be confusing. Cool cool keep up the awsm vids

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