WODAPALOOZA – 2017 / Miami Fitness Festival

WODAPALOOZA – 2017 / Miami Fitness Festival

WODAPALOOZA Festival If on 1 м² the number increases with astronomical speed it means a competition is somewhere near hear Today we are at Miami WODAPALOOZA Festival Here’s it the main area of the festival Girls have decided to do a light warm-up before the main complex Just a warm-up the so called “shoulder activation exercise” complex Athlete village where they prepare, rest, and recover Like always huuuuuuge area for different brands popular in Crossfit a lot of people discounts and nice prices a lot of things to see and to show What can I say Of course, it is not Crossfit Games But I suppose the task was a bit different but Organization and place are excellent such landscapes, such scenic views that play a huge role, I think in the development of this sport here because the picture is stunning of course I’d like to note also there are 3 types of tickets simple VIP and super VIP Super VIP is: you don’t buy a ticket – you just come on your yacht and watch the competition from the ocean Not bad, I think Regarding the whole area location is divided into 3-4 zones in every zone basically at the same time competitions of different divisions are held of different groups as I understand the central zone is the one which is located near the water because it’s the most spectacular and I think and the main focus was put on this area Just see the view here Like they say party by party… but no one has canceled lunch yet that’s why we’ll have a bite and continue our adventure And this is the way how Crossfitters rest after the lunch In my humble opinion it’s the coolest place the coolest area That was final day WODAPALOOZA Many of my friends say in comparison with Crossfit Games WODAPALOOZA is a classic type of Crossfit which was at the very origin without bike, swimming, etc. I have nothing to add. Because, frankly speaking, I don’t know. But I really liked everything and I hope I’ve managed to convey all that in the video Well, have a great mood good metabolism and see you in the next video! Bye!


  1. Когда сходу узнаешь спортсменов на баннере (на 2 секунде – B.Wells и S.Panchik), то понимаешь, что втянулся. Спасибо, Алексей, за боль и пот 🙂

  2. Вопрос !
    Приседал сегодня , размялся , потянулся , во время приседа ( вес 60 кг , рабочий 90-100 на 6-8 повторений ) резкий прострел в пояснице , теперь тупая боль ((( что это , и как восстановиться !? Спасибо !

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