Women's home fitness program

Women's home fitness program

hi and welcome to my stay-at-home moms beginners program hi meet Carly Carly's going to be my model throughout this program and what we're going to do first of all which I want you to do at home is a series of five different stretches now after giving birth and getting back into working out your body's still going to be very tight so it's imperative that you spend some time to do these stretches and take as long as you want but Carly and myself are going to demonstrate the exercises that I want you to do now the first one is for the quads to the front of the leg Carly is going to hold on to the wall here and with the other hand pull the leg in close to the butt now we're going to hold it and we're going to stretch out the quads and by holding it I want you to count to 20 to 30 seconds now is the safest most common stretch a static stretch so you're going to be counting in your head 20 to 30 seconds if you're stiff and you're tight then go for longer but that's the stretch now we're going to switch to the other side so we switch positions I want you to hold on for balance Carly's going to pull the other leg up close to the butt and again you're counting for however long you need but a minimum is 20 to 30 seconds for this first stretch that would be 5 4 3 2 1 now that brings us into stretch 2 which is for the back to the legs the hamstrings is also going to stretch your back out now from here ultimately you want to try and get your hands to touch your feet and you're gonna feel this stretch all along the lower part of your back your hamstrings your butt and your calves these are all areas that have been taking a particular beating because you've been carrying all this extra weight in the front of your body exercise 5 now this is one of your cardio moves this is what's gonna help you lose the weight and tone up Carly is standing she's holding the five pound weights in her hand she's actually gonna box in this fifth exercise so she grabs the weight and she comes over so one hand comes over to the opposite side and she's punching the air here while she's holding the five pound weights I noticed she's twisting from the waist as she does this is this going help tone up your stomach from the sides your obliques at the same time now I want you to do this in front of a clock I want you to be able to look at the clock and tying yourself and I want you to be able to do anything from 30 seconds to a whole minute without a break okay so we just keep punching arms come wide and she's twisting that body all the time she's keeping her feet stationary on the floor though so let's do another ten nine eight seven six five four three two one and rest good job okay so this is going to help you lose weight it's going to help you turn off your stomach it's going to turn up your shoulders at the same time we never saw a fat boxer ladies okay so this is exercise five do this for 30 seconds to a minute for the first set catch your breath 30 seconds to a minute when you're breathing returns to normal then we go for the second set and again three sets for this fifth exercise welcome to exercise 1 on your second day your red program now Carly's going to demonstrate an exercise here which is going to work her quads which is the front of her legs we're also gonna work her butt to give it a lift and at the same time the shoulder so Carly standing feet are about shoulder width apart and she's holding one five-pound weight in her hand now what she does is she bends the knees sticks the butt out and we bring the arm up to a 90-degree angle and then we come down at the same time that all of this is happening at the same time the arm comes up the body goes down and you've got that arch in your back here notice her butt is sticked out all the way she's not digging her back in as she does this action keeping her heels on the floor at the same time so we breathe in at this point as the arm comes down and the legs come up we breathe out let's go again good see how the mechanics are working it's nice and smooth arm up body down all at the same time now I want you to ultimately end up with this form but you know your body is going to be a little stiff cell this might be a little difficult try your best remember this is not a competition this is all about you and how we're going to get your body to where you want to get to so let's do one more rep on this side and then we're going to switch to the other side good and we breathe out as we come down now now she passes the weight from the left to the right arm doesn't change her footing at all and now we go in to this side with the same action good and the arm comes down now here's another option if you think you don't have great balance I'll allow you to have a chair have a chair on the other side or even a wall you can hold your arm onto a wall for balance but ultimately if you can and balance is good then this is what you want to be doing that more unassisted it'll be the more results you're going to get out of this action so let's try two more notice the arm we're not breaking at the elbow it comes up 90 degrees and down do one more so we breathe in and we breathe out and rest good okay ten reps on one side then we go straight into the other side without a break and I want you to try for three sets of this with a breather of anywhere between a minute and a minute and a half in between and remember have your bottles of water beside you and have your towel exercise three now this is an exercise to help shape and tone your shoulders Carly's standing with her feet about a shoulder width apart she actually got a little bend in her knees here for her back and we're holding two five pound weights in either hand now what we do we join the two weights together as one and we bring those up to a right angle 90 degrees not bending the arms keeping them together and then we go out to the side now notice her arms went out to the side but her head and her face were facing forward you don't go to the side with your head in your face when you bring your arms out it's just the arms out to the side this is called the cheerleader and it looks something like that every time we are moving back into the middle and then we're coming out to the side keeping the weights together so it's middle now to the side so this would be one rep from one side to the middle and then to the other side that's one rep so what ultimately we're looking to do here is get anywhere from like eight to a maximum of 12 I don't know if you can get well but a minimum of 8 as you do this with the knees slightly bent so let's go to the side one more time and then to the middle to finish and rest 8 a minimum to 12 repetitions three sets of this exercise take that breather in between and make sure you're breathing returns to normal before you go into the second and the final third set of this exercise now your third exercises for your back and I'm gonna give you two options how to do this first if you're able to get on the floor and on a mat then we're gonna do it this way if not Carly will demonstrate on the edge of the sofa but first things first we're gonna try it on the floor so Carly is on the knees for the 5 pound weight so we're gonna start with those in front of the body like so we lean forward slightly with this and we're gonna cut the air coming back with the arms so what you're gonna do you're gonna bring the arms all the way back pinch the shoulder blades together and then the hands come to the front now her arms aren't bent they're nice and straight and a nice a lot now when you can do 10 repetitions for this first part 5 six seven eight nine and ten now if you were going to do on the floor you'd stay here for part two but if you want to do the whole thing on the sofa then you're gonna move to the sofa so Carly's gonna sit on the sofa and do part two now it's the same position she's got our arms slightly slightly forward and this time we're going to rotate the arms in as we come into the body so again we're squeezing the shoulder blades and we're rotating the arms in close to the body and then we come back to the start point so this exercise is a two part thing I've been doing on the floor both of them or do them both on the sofa I wanted to give you the option if you can't get up and down from the floor very easy and remember it's ten and then ten straight after two more one more and rest good okay so there's a two part thing catch your breath and then we're gonna go straight back into this for a second and then a third time congratulations you completed your beginners program now I want you to follow this program for 12 whole weeks at which point then it will be time to advance to the intermediate program


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