World Health Organization ( WHO )

World Health Organization ( WHO )

hi welcome to AVM VBS today's topic is WH o or World Health Organization in this video we will discuss the main topic in the chapter international health in the pop textbook of Community Medicine now to understand the origins of WH o we need to first understand the concept of quarantine in the 14th century Europe people were terrified of play so ships suspected of harboring infection we're detained at Port for a period of 40 days before they could enter the city the idea was that with the passage of time the underlying infection would either manifest into full-blown disease or die out thus protecting the citizens this was called quarantine but there was no uniformity in the quarantine measures in the different parts of the world so in 1851 and international sanitary conference was convened at Paris to bring about some orders and uniformity but it failed in 1902 a pan-american sanitary bureau was set up to bring uniformity in the quarantine measures in the American state it was the world's first international health agency it was later renamed Pan American Health Organization in 1958 its headquarters is in Washington DC next after the first world war the health wing of the League of Nations was set up in 1923 then there was the Second World War following which the United Nation 4 set up the w-h-o was one of the many parts of the United Nations so in April 1945 a conference was held in San Francisco in which Brazil and China proposed that an international Health Organization should be established so on 7th April 1948 the w-h-o formally came into existence and this day is celebrated as world's healthy a world has days he is chosen every year to focus attention on a specific aspects of public health for that year for example in 2015 it was food safety in 2015 it was diabetes and in 2017 it is depression the objectives of the wh o it is attainment of highest levels of health by all people it is a part of but not subordinate to the UN it has its own constitution own governing body and budget Switzerland is a part of the ritual but not UN next we come to the works of us WH er it helps in prevention and control of specific diseases like smallpox and now polio it helps in the development of health services improvement of family health improvement of environmental health maintenance of Health Statistics like the International classification of diseases or ICD which is updated every 10 years promotion of bound medical research maintenance of health as literature and cooperation with other global organization next week um the structure of the WH er the WH o has mainly three on them the World Health Assembly the Executive Board and the Secretariat the world has Assembly is the supreme governing body it is also called health Parliament it means annually usually in May in Geneva the Executive Board consists of 34 members of which one-third are renewed annually it means twice a year in January and in May it gives effect to the decisions of the assembly but it can also take action in itself in case of emergency the Secretariat is headed by the director-general and it provides technical and managerial support to members the w-h-o is divided into six regions he is headed by a regional director as you can see in the table the headquarter of the Southeast Asia region is usually this brings us to the end of the topic now thus for the sake of completion we will discuss some other important world organization first comes UNICEF it stood for United Nations International Children's emergency fund it was set up to be with the rehabilitation of children in war ravaged country in 1953 it was renamed United Nations Children's Fund if headquarters is in New York the UNICEF is actively promoting that groovy campaign now these progress charts Oh for Juarez be for breastfeeding and I for immunization next is the UN bebé which stands for United Nations Development Program this the UNFPA which stands for United Nations fund for population activity there is the foul or food and agricultural organization its headquarter is in Rome there is the ILO or the International Labour Organization its headquarters is in Geneva finally there is the World Bank it is governed by a Board of Governors and it gives known for projects that lead to economic growth of the country there is the Colombo plan under which aims Delhi was established guess what which configures financial assistance for the project it was New Zealand this the cedar or Swedish International Development Agency which assisted the national TB control program there is the Danida from Denmark providing assistance for national blindness control program the Rockefeller Foundation under which the All India Institute of Hygiene and public health was set up in Kolkata there is the KL Foundation which provides food for 6 to 11 year old children in India finally we come to the story of the International Red Cross Society there was once a young Swiss businessman named Henry Dunant who while passing through North Italy came across the Battle of Solferino seeing the plight of the wounded soldier here a cuted some local volunteers and help them later wrote a book named une souvenir they saw screen in which he propagated the idea that in time of war the wounded should be given help irrespective of nationality dune and ski was accepted and the International Red Cross Society was set up with its headquarters in Geneva this brings us to the end of this video you can also watch the other videos in this channel the link is available right here guys thank you for watching this video please do not forget to Like share and subscribe if you like our work we believe that medical education should be fun and free for everyone bye bye and happiness you


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  2. Keine Glaubwürdige Organisation. Der Kommentar der Organisation zu Impfkritischen Menschen stinkt nach Faschismus.

  3. It's shameful Taiwan has been kept out of The World Health Organization at the request of the most murderous regime of all time (communist China). Accept what Taiwan has achieved and allow them to make the world a better place. Shame on you 'World Health Organization' for doing the work of the most murderous regime of all all time (communist China)

  4. So W.H.O. hero, murderer, thug, and ethnic cleanser,Robert Mugabe has been deposed bloodlesly. What does henchman Dr. ( Hur !! ) Tedros Adhanom think of that ? Will he go bloodlesly ? One things for sure, Zimbabweans will continue to go without drugs, nurses, doctors, and running water. Maybe Pol Pot could be Mr. Adhanom's new super hero.

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