World Mental Health Day – Continuing the Conversation

World Mental Health Day - Continuing the Conversation

I suffered from mental health problems about two years ago I was under pressure and stress and I was quite anxious and I sort of slipped into a dark place the hardest bit was speaking to myself and saying mark you've actually got to do something it's pretty frightening and daunting to admit you see yourself possibly it's been you know you're failing in life but once you set your mind to it and open up to people they're pretty receptive and understanding and want to help you they on reflection it was a starting point of getting some help and and getting well again I've just had some general ups and downs really the most important thing to do is to speak to people problem shared is a problem halved so my first protocol is to always speak to family they sort of really helped me break a problem down into small pieces it's important that we have someone that we can really trust and confide in when we do talk for many people the workplace can be a really important place to make friendships and have relationships when we can be ourselves at work it's really helpful for our mental health this with analogy that I would go it is before I talk to someone I just feel like inside I'm just full of like a problem but then after talking to someone I feel like I'm diffusing some of that tension you don't have to talk face-to-face you can call a helpline service they can help you to make sense of things sometimes keeping a diary can help even getting something down on a page can help you to organize your thoughts I was diagnosed with prostate cancer aggressive prostate cancer post the operation funny enough the biggest memory was actually known I'd come round and I was alive and initially in the recovery stage was one of pretty much euphoria because everything seemed to be going okay it started to go downhill six to nine months in my stomach was not in pain but really uncomfortable I didn't like the fact I was relatively immobilized compared to just going up and do the gym and stuff like that dude my wife incredible support the line manager of my director was absolutely incredible because he actually was on the journey right way through from I've got to go and see a urologist through to a text message it's cancer so he was of tremendous support assistance our physical health and our mental health are really closely linked when we are ill particularly if we face a serious illness it's going to challenge us emotionally and we're going to need support from the people around us to get through that it took a while to implement some changes but yeah sorting exercise reduce how much smoke when I came back to work everybody was cool I mean I was slightly worried that people go no where have you been on the bar but everybody was fine you know they were asking air you were and you know just everything okay some people didn't ask but that's cool as well because you can feel a bit under pressure if you get in too many questions to this day I don't know if it's going to Metta sighs and come back and so I was determined that from here on in or whatever comes I'm as strong and as fit as possible to take it on and that does include mentally and spiritually as well Sport for me is a really good stress reliever and helps improve my well-being so and I've quite often go for runs or gets swimming or play netball and even just sort of putting those trainers on and getting outside you always feel so much better self-care is taking care of ourselves watching out for times where we might be having trouble and doing something to affect that and most of the things that work are simple it could be exercise it could be diet it could be sleep but all of us can find something that works for us after I had a family bereavement I did actually see a cancer and if there's ever a time in my life where I feel like everything's live on top of me slightly I do go and speak to her it's nice to have someone who's completely external from your day-to-day life you'll feel comfortable talking to you when we were affected by events in our childhood or traumatic events in adulthood those events can have an impact on us years later and sometimes we need to work harder to look after our mental health within yourself you've got to acknowledge that there is a problem and don't just keep going through the motions I think it's important to have someone that you feel you can talk to and it's sort of its reciprocal really you know your speak to someone about something that's bothering you and they might return when you're feeling good about yourself so you're just there to help each other out and improve each other's well-being if you feel better you believe you can overcome and the spirituality thing is the more you stay within the less likelihood that you're going to actually be expansive enough to be resilient enough mentally physically and spiritually we may not realize it but everyone has a mental health story we remember a time when we were under pressure at work we remember a time when we were drinking a bit too much and we had pull back it's really important that people are able to hear these stories so that people recognize that mental health is something we all have our research tells us that 74 percent of people in the UK have felt so stressed in the last year that they were overwhelmed or unable to cope and that one in six people will have a mental health problem at any given time this is an issue that affects everybody and we need everybody to take their part in addressing you

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