hey everybody duck Chris orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine physician and today we're gonna do something special today we're going to do would you rather would you rather get your arm stuck in the back of a closing garbage truck or fall from the four-story building and assuming neither case you're gonna die yeah I got it so generally speaking for stories about 40 feet these stories proximately 10 feet and certainly this is a height that could kill you doesn't necessarily mean that you will die but it could kill you then and in actuality you could probably survive fall from about 60 feet and you're really gonna be messed up but you could probably survive that so 40 feet you could probably survive are you going to be messed up most definitely you are going to have suffered many long bone fractures for sure you are probably going to suffer a spinal cord injury or a spinal column fracture you may also suffer a head injury and most certainly you are going to have suffered some kind of internal features because when you hit the ground your skeleton stops moving but everything inside continues to move for a split second so yeah you're gonna have a wacom injuries I think about it more you're probably going to have at least one if not several open fractures and each of those fractures carries with them the potential complication of infection so multiple fractures many of which could potentially become in fact internal injuries spinal cord injuries and/or closed head injury so let's compare the cigar shop which more likely has a lot of garbage in it which also more than likely carries with it a rather high bacterial burden or in other words a high load of bacteria and the worker gets his arm trapped in the back so this means that crushing involved and more than likely he will have at least one if not several fractures plus he's more than likely going to have some kind of laceration because his harmless brush so this means that the process could potentially be considered open fractures with a high degree of contamination so the likelihood for infection after he is injured is going to be quite high probably more high than if he was injured from a quarter with his arm being trapped and compactor probably the fractures that he suffers are going to be very highly culminated and that's not to say that the fractures from evolved there's not going to be combination in other words great broken into many pieces but with the crush injury probably going to be lots of combination so the ability to be able to reconstruct those that extremity is going to be quite hard quite challenging with the combination in addition to the high bacterial load from all the garbage means that the likelihood of infection is quite high and this may potentially cause him to get an infection of the bone in any one of these fracture sites so an infection of the bone or other words osteomyelitis is a problem the treatment might be quite prolonged and may cause these fractures to never heal which in turn raises the possibility of infection potentially hurt of his arm or the whole lot or maybe the whole arm and his shoulder and if we have an extremity that has extensive infection and will not heal for prolonged period of time amp is causing danger to the host in other words to the the worker and raising the possibilities that he may become systemically septic in other words he might have introduction running through his whole system there may come a time when he needs to have an amputation so basically we're comparing a grossly comedy in fact the opportunity project with a potential multi freshman slap or injured and even potentially close patience so now that I kind of considered almost thing yeah would you rather I would rather have my arm crushed in the garbage truck because my head is gonna be in track the rest of my body is gonna be intact and I made had the worst losing arm but on the other hand I might be a paraplegic quadriplegic or even in a coma for an extended period of time or possibly forever or in some kind of vegetative state and I might still lose at least one or more extremities that might need to be amputated if they were extensively accommodated and so yeah in the end I'm long dark joke so now you know somebody asked would you rather get your arm trap in the back of the garbage truck or would you rather fall from four-story building the correct answer would be get your arm trapped in the back of a garbage truck okay hope you've enjoyed this video if you're new to the channel be sure to subscribe hit the notification bell if you're a member of intern army you know what to do hit the like button share this bad boy with a friend and as always that's been a word from dr. Chris not to her every [Applause]


  1. This may sound stupid, but can you analyze the injuries that happen to Tom in just one episode of Tom& Jerry?

  2. hey doc, I broke my arm twice when I was young and was getting panic attacks after. They stopped and I've been getting them again, so every time Im doing anything I'd imagine a crack or pop and that area would feel tingly and stuff. I know your not a psychiatrist, but with you being somewhat involved with the recovery process I wanna know if this is normal. I am interested in bones and want be like you, but I think that would help with the panic attacks. so yeah. Normal or not normal?

  3. I'll just take the amputation….From the garbage truck i mean. Plenty of people can function with one arm. I'll be aight.

  4. Garbage truck, the future technogoly for arm replacements is pretty advanced…falling and injuring multiple areas..especially the mouth/teeth…is a no for me dog lol

  5. I'd pick the garbage truck, because let's say I just get it amputated right away, the recovery would be easier, than If I fell from 40ft, the damage to the spinal cord could mean I could end of paralized, and with multiple broken bones, and that's why I pick the garbage truck.

  6. These would you rather were tricky! I never would of thought to do a would you rather broken bones edition. This was a very entertaining video. Thanks for making this video Dr.Chris

  7. I would pick the arm in the garbage truck no matter what happens to your arm you can live without it the fall may have a chance to kill you if you land on your neck

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