Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Fitness Tracker – AMOLED – GLOBAL – Under £40 – Any Good?

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Fitness Tracker - AMOLED - GLOBAL - Under £40 - Any Good?

what's up guys today from cheeks tech reviews today I've got my hands on the latest Xiaomi me band for now this is a brand new fitness tracker by xiaomi priced under $35 and you're getting some pretty decent specs in this new model now the watch body is made completely from plastic finished in black and on the front you have a 0.9 5 inch AMOLED display that's right guys this $35 fitness tracker comes with an AMOLED display and you've got a screen resolution of a 120 by 240 and I can tell you right now it's a very good looking I'm gonna display and it's a very responsive touchscreen furthermore you have Bluetooth version 5 a custom basic OS which is compatible with both your Android and iOS smartphone along with a hundred and thirty-five milliamp hour built-in battery which promises a whopping 20 day battery life and this watch has a 5 ATM waterproof rating and Shammi states that you can go swimming underwater up to 50 meters with this watch on which is quite impressive and the watch itself weighs 22 point 6 grams now you do have silicon TPU straps finished in black and the watch itself feels quite comfortable on the wrist it's very light at 22 grams and does not feel bulky at all now there are no buttons on either side of this watch everything is controlled by the touchscreen and I have to say it's a very responsive touch screen and an absolute pleasure to use now at the bottom of the watch we have all day continuous heart rate sensor and your charger pins I'll quickly show you the charger now you can't actually attach this directly to the charger because the straps get in the way now what you're actually supposed to do is remove remove the watch body from the straps and place the watch body directly into the charger dock you can now plug this into any 5 watt USB charger source and it does take two hours to fully charge and it will give you a massive 20 day battery life furthermore there is no Wi-Fi GPS or NFC or even a SIM slot so you need to be connected your smartphone via bluetooth and it does support both iOS and Android smartphones so this is basically a smart fitness tracker and the main functions of this watch are all-day activity tracking with calorie and distance information you have notifications alarm sleep monitoring and lots more you also have access to a library of different watch faces which you can change between at any time and I'll show you one of them which I did download so I like to look up this one click on it sync face with watch and you will see a change in real time and just to give you an idea it takes around one minute to change the watch face and there is the new watch face and you do have a huge selection to choose from and this is what the smartphone app looks like and I'll give you a quick overview so you've got your status and total steps for the day you've got your sleep record and I'll open it and it will tell you your deep sleep light sleep and how long you were awake for all your workouts or any activities you did it gets automatically detected and logged so I've taken a lot of steps today so it's logged it for me so 0.88 kilometers 1373 steps so far no swimming and total energy and calories etc if we go back now if we click on walking it will connect to your phone's GPS show you a map and you can go for a walk and your whole journey will be logged and that same applies to walking running and cycling so the watch does not have a built-in GPS unfortunately so instead it relies on your smartphone's gps in order to track your locations so it took me a while to find this but basically if you click on the actual device smart band 4 then you get your main options so it tells you when you last charged charged it yesterday 94% battery so far band display settings this is when you download your watch faces if we go back you've got some unlock screen options so you can use the watch to unlock your smart phone and I have an activated that you've got incoming call alerts and here are the options that you can switch on and off event reminders alarms app alerts so you can decide which apps you receive notifications for I've only got whatsapp you can click manage apps and from the manage apps section you can go ahead and activate notifications from any other app you've got idol alert so that will tell you to start moving if your idle for too long you can of course switch any of these options on and off incoming SMS and goal notifications if you lose your band you can click on find band and it will start vibrating ok discoverable it's off discoverable basically makes your watch discoverable to everyone else and other devices around you and it does say leaving it on will reduce the battery life ok what else do we have heart rate detection I've got it on automatic and detection frequency every 30 minutes but the frequency can be changed to every 1 minute 5 minute 10 minute and 30 minutes is the longest and you also have activity detection which is actually off right now but when the band detects that you're doing an exercise it will automatically increase the detection frequency so it logs your workouts you've got night mode I've got night mode on so at 10 p.m. the brightness will go down automatically and basically it will conserve battery and you can schedule that for whatever time you want so that was just a quick run-through off the software and I have to say the me fit software is actually very good it does work very well with the watch syncing and updating your stats is automatic so as soon as you open the app it syncs all your data to the watch and it does a great job in keeping everything up to date so I love the simplicity of the software and the ease of use but at the same time I love the detailed information that it provides now let's go through the watch menus now if we swipe up you've got status if you tap that it will give you your steps your distance your calories and your idle alerts ok if we want to go back you can just swipe backwards or you can press the circle over here and that will take you back now if we swipe up your heart rate sensor again press it green light is on and you're ready to take a heart rate reading and I'm actually going to test this quickly right now ok so now we are testing out the heart rate sensors I've got the Samsung Galaxy watch as well so we can test out how accurate the sensor is on the me band 4 so we've got 86 beats per minute on the Galaxy watch and we've got 95 beats per minute on the me band 4 so it looks like we are getting slightly higher results for the heart rate sensor on let me band for now let's keep going the next section we have is workouts if you click on it you'll be able to start your workout immediately and you have outdoor running treadmill cycling walking exercise and swimming so that's your workouts if we keep going you've got weather and if you click on it or give you your local weather we then have notifications and again I don't have any notifications at the moment I've only got it set on whatsapp so if any whatsapp messages come through it will come directly on the watch now if we keep going you've got over here more if you click on more you've got do not disturb so the watch won't vibrate or make any noise you've got alarms so you can set an alarm from here or you can deactivate an alarm you've got music stopwatch timer and find your device so if you tap that your smart phone will start making noise so it's a good way to find your smart phone then you've got silent option band display so you can change the band display from the watch and you've got settings so you can adjust some of the settings over here so the brightness right now is on three bars you can go all the way to five bars so the watch can get very bright so while I have two watches on my wrists another important feature that we must test is the screen on hand-raising feature so let's see how good the me band 4 is okay not bad first time round let's try let's try a few more times I think that's about 2 seconds after the galaxy watch by our to say I'm not disappoint by the me burn for it's actually quite fast compared to any other sports fitness watch in its category impressive good job me band so there you have it guys that was the new xiaomi me band for and i have to say i am super impressed with this one now you have a beautiful responsive AMOLED display along with a decent heart rate sensor step counter automatic activity detection and lots more changeable watch faces and the most desired 580 m waterproof rating so you can wear it in the pool with no issues at all this has to be the best fitness tracker I've come across under $50 and I have to say I'm very impressed with the quality and performance of this product and with that being said I will leave the links in the description so you guys can check this product out meanwhile thank you so much for watching and I hope you all have a brilliant day see you the next one guys


  1. Excellent detailed, & comprehensive review. I also have Mi Band 2, & 3. I am enjoying Mi Band 3, but you're video is tempting me. I love Xiaomi devices – absolutely best value tech ! Cheer's 👍👍👍👍

  2. Great review. I'm a big fan of Xiaomi and have the Mi Band 3. Unfortunately it's brilliant so I'm reluctant to upgrade!!

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