Yoga Fitness-Celi Vee

Yoga Fitness-Celi Vee

hey what is up you guys it's a girl spell Evie welcome back to another yoga video this video right here this video right here is for each and every one of you I cannot explain how humbled how grateful I am for each and every one of you you guys are the world to me so continue to keep sharing these videos because they do help me out in the long run and also continue to keep liking these videos and if you are not subscribed make sure you guys subscribe and welcome to the beginning and also make sure that you guys click that bell if you guys haven't clicked on it yet that way yours get notified for the next video without any further ado you guys let's go ahead and jump right into it thank you guys so much once again thank you I cannot thank you guys enough I am beyond grateful let's jump right into it [Applause]


  1. Esta hermosa mujer demuestra que el sobrepeso no debe de ser excusa para ejercitarse y mantenerse en forma.

  2. Hi,Celi Vee! My name is Carlos from Puerto Rico but actually living in Los Angeles California, 26 years old single man, Can I come and train with you?? 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿213 306 014?

  3. 2:15 pinche CULOTE 🍑😍 haces volar mi imaginación con tremendas nalgotas mamacita, 💘 besos en el yoyó 😘🍑

  4. Get the fuck out of here the shit people will do for views….lol….id hit that though infront of her dum ass man thats using her for subs an attention….moron got her washing cars an shit too

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