Yoga for hernia Yoga and Fitness with Rhyanna Watson

Yoga for hernia Yoga and Fitness with Rhyanna Watson

I say this flow will help with helping you to recuperate and recover after her nary hernia surgery or if you have one helping you to re-engage those muscles in your deep core and understand how to utilize them safely as well so it's all about being gentle it's all about connecting mind muscle connection and it's all about embodying the process feeling what feels good and right for you so we're gonna take our time and start off gently on all fours so on all fours from here you're going to wrap your arms in external rotation of your shoulders spread your fingers you're in a neutral spine here and you're going to pull your arms back so your shoulder blades go down and into your spine from here your core should be now engaged from here you're just gonna lift up into cat pulling your hip bones to your ribs and then exhaling back to neutral still pulling your arms back pulling your knees Center at the same time so you've got a nice strong core contraction lifting up and lifting up okay nice and calm and a lot of people mistake about going through things too quickly the process of recovery is very important to do it with slow aware movements to build strong foundations to create more better tomorrows through the uses foundations that cannot be rocketed and broken so easily if we go back too fast there will be gaps in the foundations and that can lead to more issues long-term one more and relax relax your arms a little bit from here wrap your arms back external rotation of the shoulders pulling your arms back down your spine dropping back into Child's Pose with engaged arms pull the ins from the floor or the mat now once you get down into Child's Pose I want you to push away with your arms and push away with your legs stake in the one spot pulling belly button to spine feeling your core contraction from there pull your hands back towards you and feel the core challenges contraction as you lift back up through your cut wrapping your arms scapula's down your spine back to neutral position I'm going to do it once more wrap your arms external rotation to shoulders pull your hands back cap you listen to the spine engage your legs engage your ankles so they're on this straight line pulling your knees and hands towards each other belly button to spine ribs and hips connected coming down pushing your hands away pushing your legs away still keeping either engage with your inner thighs and arms feeling your core pulling your hands come back sorry keep pulling all the way through your cat's back into neutral position take a break yup close your eyes see how you feel feel how your core feels feel the awareness being created feel the muscles tingling sensations running through your body slowly open your eyes if they were closed and weave back onto your tabletop all fours position this time we're going to start with a slight extension away from the core you're going to bring one leg out straight and the other arm out opposite so he's symmetrical straight on fingertips from here you're going to pull your belly button to spine ribs to hips neutral spine joint rotate and you're going to exhale up onto the horizontal Bend in don't touch if you can help but if you need to place it down try not to exhale back up and coming down swapping sides straighten out the back leg lengthen out the front arm exhale up hold you in neutral so we don't want it too high inhale to Center with the control try not to place it down if you can try not to rotate your hips keep a nice straight line on the ground exhale up neutral spine try not to deep down here try and keep it neutral so ribs are connected to the hips belly button to spine inhale down let's do it once more on each side lengthen out your leg lengthen out your hands on fingertips and exhale up you to spine nice and calm in your eyes in your jaw okay fuel the walls inhaling that's where the awareness being built when you start to wobble you need to find a reconnection of the core exhale up extend out really push away from each other elongating the spine with the core inhale down other side here we going extending out fingertips and toys exhale up find a one point to focus on on the floor if you're finding the balance hard keep that foot firmly down in the back or what come on to your toes if that's easier to balance exhale sorry inhale so we carefully change the breathing exhale up as long as you're breathing it's the most important thing connecting the mind muscle awareness inhale down now bring your hips to one side your head to one side just stretching it out opposite side one more time each side almost like you're trying to look around to the rear see the hindsight of life relaxing slowly coming to a seated position take your time so sitting up nice and tall you may need your hands here to assist you or blocks can be on hands find that position where you're sitting up nice and tall now suck your legs into the hip socket so that means they're going to come back a little bit keeping your ribs and your hips connected belly button to spine shoulders down lift up your leg exhale inhale down exhale the opposite leg up pull it in really deep core action here exhale down so you're going to exhale lift up and pull back inhale down seven more exhale pushing away at the same time through your foot and heel inhale them almost like you're pushing up against the floor so your feet are activated in sorry exhale pulling back pushing away at the same time isometric contraction exhale okay if we change the breathing because I was holding so long inhale don't want you to go glue exhale pull more up tall don't release that length keep that length growing exhale suck it in pushing away at the same time you can see the shake inhale exhale inhale two more make sure you reset if you're finding yourself sinking exhale exhale inhale slowly coming into your butterfly stretch hands are behind you supporting you on this movement rocking your belly forward and back forward and back so it's almost like a cat cow position lifting forward opening up through the shoulders extending through the bellybutton and I'll make a exhaling back two more inhale forward exhale back shoulders and waist down Joris relax inhale forward exhale back now from here lifting up exhaling down working the deep corner your hips inhaling up exhaling down the exhale down because we're doing it more controlled and slowly than we want to so it's actually a hard contraction inhale deep core is working full belly button to spine should be feeling a deep core exhale shoulders down two more inhale exhale one from here you're going to rotate around in a circle keeping your core on one more time this way she'll be feeling your core stretching out gently through all facets of the cat-cow in a rotation here super from here you're gonna lie down and you're going to take your left foot in hold it in using your core let go pull up lift your chest off the floor pull your knee further into your just hold extend up and lengthen down again other side lift up pull in hold like go and hold start to feel the core working and then on a unilateral version so you get to see where the strength and flexibility lies on both sides lift up hold extend and slowly come down one more on the other side and one more on the other side against two more left lift up squeeze hands come up chest comes up towards me almost like you're trying to get your forehead a chimney keeping that knee squeezed in exhale and slowly release both down at the same time last one inhale into your chest squeeze it in get your core pushing your back into the ground lift it on up extending your hands trying to get that knee perhaps to your forehead squeezing in relax the shoulders feel the pull on your side coatt not too overbearing just enough to start together to win this back to protect yourself lengthen your leg up and slowly exhaling down slowly opening your arms and your legs to come to your corpse pose and rest feeling around the activation energy you've created the healing flows of blood nutrients that you've created to the places needing it the energy of goodness going through your body to assist you in growing you strength and awareness flowing through maybe tinkling it may also be joy or peace in your body just notice it all sink into it take your time here breathe here as long as you want when you're ready you can come in your only wish namaste


  1. what you are feeling during relaxation is the blood pumping out build up of lacktic acid. obviously acid burns and if not expelled form the muscle tissue will hinder growth and strenth because while the acid is there oxygen finds it hard to go repair the muscles. go for a five min jog afterwards, this gets the blood pumping eradicating any build up of acid in the muscles resulting in little to no aches and pains the next day.. try it beautiful i swear it works, i was an amateur body builder for years so had to learn the tricks

  2. The best way to avoud hernia is nOt to watch your videos!!!! Very Dangerous 😂🤣😂🤣

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