Youth Medical & Health Sciences Tour 2018

Youth Medical & Health Sciences Tour 2018

(hip hop music) – [Visitor 1] So, what I gained from it was to actually, physically,
get to walk down the hallways of such a prestigious school and talk to Julius and all of the students and the medical professors there as well. And to just get a feel of what it's like to attend that school. – [Visitor 2] It's definitely
a different experience from reading about it online, and it makes it a bit more realistic. 'Cause you always hear about
these Ivy League schools or prestigious schools, but visiting it in person
and hearing actual people talk to us made it a bit more real. – [Visitor 1] Yeah, so, for me I personally really like
Harvard in terms of the prestige and the infrastructure of the school, the design of the school. It was a very nice place to be. Especially the courtyard and the quad and looking straight at
the medical building. And I really loved the history about all the buildings as well. – [Visitor 2] They're really
heavy on their research while studying medicine, and I think that's pretty cool. (cool jazz music) – [Visitor 1] So the tour
around Johns Hopkins University was probably one of the most memorable, definitely in terms of
architecture as well. We went during Martin Luther King Jr Day so the campus was very serene and peaceful and we were really able
to enjoy the university in all of its natural beauty. (chilled music) So, we met two students during the tour who really gave us a thorough recount on the history of the university, and gave us a great
insight and opportunity to see what it would be like
to study there in the future. – [Visitor 3] The experience in Haiti was so different from any other experience that I've ever had in my life. The people there
fundamentally had so little, yet they were some of the
happiest people that I ever met. The kids were incredibly driven, they possessed many diverse talents, and they definitely inspired me to be happier with less in life. In terms of the healthcare system, it's not nearly as advanced in
terms of medical procedures, but they make up for that
with their incredible beside manner, and it was truly something special watching the patients
interact with the doctors. Even the goings on over the hospital was really cool to get to see. Even though, obviously,
the healthcare system is so different in New Zealand, and it definitely made me
appreciate modern medicine and what we have in New Zealand. Because, for us, it can seem, I guess, like a given. But, when you go to somewhere like Haiti you can definitely see that what we have is pretty incredible and
we're pretty lucky to live in a place like New Zealand.


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