Zero Waste Grocery Shopping – Wholesome Weigh Refill Shop Hitchin

Zero Waste Grocery Shopping - Wholesome Weigh Refill Shop Hitchin

hi everyone this is something that's a little bit different for our channel but it's something that fits in with our ethos of sustainable and low-impact living as thrift does and resellers we're really passionate about reusing and recycling where we can and lowering our impact on the planet with the things that we use and the things that we buy and recently a lovely refill shop has just opened up in our town center in Hitchin and so we thought we'd take you along with us today while we do a shop so that we can show you how the shop works and why in our opinion this is the way forward and this is the future of grocery shopping so before we head off I've set out everything that I want to take with me and I've made a list of all the things that we need to buy so this is the list that I've made these are the bags that I'm going to take with me I'm going to get pasta rice quinoa and some chickpeas and then I'm also going to refill a hair conditioner some washing-up liquid some chia seeds and hopefully I'm going to get a nice pot of nuts as well so I'm happy to say that we can really recommend the wholesome way in Hitchin Amy and her husband are really lovely and only went out of her way to help us to show us around the shop and to show us how everything worked they're a small family business and have a real focus on supporting local and small-scale farms where possible they support UK grown organic and ethically grown produce and they support the farmer fair wage looking at the prices of the things that I bought today the majority of the things that I bought are on a par with how much I would spend in a supermarket if not a bit cheaper the chia seeds that I bought were definitely cheaper I filled up a whole tub of chia seeds which I'd originally paid 8 pound 50 for and it was 5 pounds to fill that pot the added bonus of that is that the chia seeds are UK grown they were unsprayed and the farmers receive a fair wage so it's so much better than something that you would buy in the supermarket the quinoa was similar that was about the same price as I would normally pay and again it's not sprayed it's grown in the UK by farmers that are receiving a fair wage we spoke to Amy for quite some time after we'd finished our shop and I was just really impressed with the fact that it's not just a focus on produce that's non packaged but there's a real focus on the ethics behind the produce and just making sure that everything that they stock is good for us and our bodies and also good for the planet some of the things that we bought were a little bit more expensive than we would normally spend the pasta and the rice were more expensive than I would normally buy but then the upside of that is that you know that you'll get is something that is organic it's fair trade it's not packaged and you're then in turn supporting other smaller businesses the way as Amy said they price things at the best price that they can be they obviously don't get the big bulk discounts and they have to spend a bit more themselves and they're not making a huge amount of profit on every item so I really hope that you enjoyed this and that you're inspired to try a shop like this if you have one locally you'll find there every refill shop varies greatly simply because they are all independently run and mostly family businesses but I hope that you'll try one out if you have one in your area and I hope that you enjoyed the video if you did please give it a thumbs up if you'd like to see more videos like this please comment below and let us know and we'll see you again in another video very soon take care for now bye


  1. Update: They are currently negotiating a lower price on the Pasta, so you should see the price reduce in the next few weeks 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing! I am pretty new to reselling and recently have been trying to be more mindful of the waste I produce. Considering you are the only resellers I have come a cross who live a low waste lifestyle, do you guys have any tips for reducing your impact in your business? One thing I try to do is getting used boxes from grocery stores whenever I can to use, but curious if you guys have any special tricks/tips. Thanks!

  3. Love love love this video Andrea (and Nic the bearded camera man lol). Thank you for doing this. I really appreciate all your videos, incl. The sustainability ones. I'd love to see more. I watched the new Anita and hugh's and it really drove it home, then went back and watched the old Hugh ones where they were looking st food waste Now I don't want to shop from an supermarket. (OK, I have to contend with my hubby's beer has to come from one) but I'm lucky to be surrounded by good grocers butchers and several local farms so I am going to check out those today, yes they May cost qmore, not always though, but instead of buying everything I fancy. Meal prepping in the freezer and then not eating it for months I am gonna try actually creating a menu for the week and sticking to it so hopefully will be buying less and def. Less processed.
    Would love to see more like this like what else you are trying to do….. Esp. For ebay, i feel i can easily make adjustments for my home life but my eBay business is tied to profit margins etc. Ive been looking at paper gum sticky tape and labels like that, not as expensive as I thought, I could probably manage that, but bubble wrap? And not to have it degrade waiting to be used…… And pallet wrap? How to secure my half arsed frankenboxes……… All the best and happiness x

  4. Why did we ever get rid of ‘the corner shop’? It really reminded me of when we had a local shop and our customers used to bring in their own containers for us to refill xxx great video. Nice to see a family business supporting another one xxx

  5. Really nicely filmed and edited. Wish we had one of these shops close to us. I think they are catching on a lot more, as they are going to be trialling it in Waitrose as well.

  6. Brill video, thank you Nic and Andrea!! Love the idea of a zero waste shop, sadly there isn't one locally here (perhaps I should open one 🤔) … it would be great to be able to buy as much or as little as I need. Do you have a 'go-to' chickpea recipe and I'm intrigued to know how you use chia seeds … !!?

  7. Excellent It rather fits in with the recent BBC series on cutting down plastic waste. I am trying to do my bit although you are way ahead of me in the food department. I don't think there is an equivalent where I live -the problem with supermarkets is that you can buy loose fruit and veg but they charge upto 50% more. As a reseller I can at least say that my packaging is completely plastic free down to paper based gummed tape. However i also buy quite a few items online for resale mainly from private sellers and it arives so that I end up with a bubblewrap mountain and cardboard boxes I cannot recycle because it is covered in plastic tape thats hard to remove. So it looks like we humans seriously made to rethink our buying (and selling) habits cut down on the plastic and grow millions more trees as "green lungs". if we are to survive on the planet. You are making a great start.

  8. Lol that won’t last, what a load of rubbish so that’s how you shop ? Yeah ok. Been hammering your videos recently after subscribing and your both great so don’t take this comment personal folks 😊

  9. All packaging out the back, items put in tubs to make it look posh and expensive, total rip off, also when your do a advert you need to make it clear on your video its been sponsored.. Frauds

  10. Why don’t you buy the entire containers then you don’t have to go back so often, will not spill, don’t have to weight anything, all have no issue on shelf life?

  11. brilliant idea all these stupid over used plastic supermarkets should take note would definitely use these if one local! corner shops should also go back to sweets in jars would reduce plastics and child obesity

  12. Well done to this shop. Shops like these deserve our money. This is how things were like in the old days and it was better, wholesome and friendly. Just by going into the future doesnt mean the world is becoming a better place automatically as it seems to go opposite. We need to learn from the past and replicate the good things that worked

  13. Interesting vid! Also interesting that the seeds were cheaper, being able to buy stuff cheaper would be a massive incentive to some people where the other boons may not. I think the way forward for reducing plastic use, waste & pesticides is to appeal to the people who don't have these things on their agenda. Saving money tends to be on most people's agendas.

  14. I really enjoyed this video, beautifully edited and the music so soothing. You should definitely do more around sustainable living. We used to have one of these where I lived about 15 years ago. It closed down because people weren’t using it. Maybe ahead of its time.

  15. Great video, thanks! Love how you walk the talk. And 18 thumbs down as I am watching this, huh? You really have to wonder what goes on in some peoples' heart and head sometimes. You and Nic are on my 'favorite resellers ' list, and not just because of your business success. 💚

  16. Brilliant video – you really are so good at this Andrea! Love the concept of the shop and wished there were more like this around. Next time I'm down your way will pay them a visit. 🙂

  17. Great video, what do they do with the plastic barrels upstairs when empty? It seems this part of the shop isn't very eco, reuse friendly.

  18. Very interesting video and this shop is fantastic and the way to go if we are going to try and reduce all the plastic used in packaging food. Thanks for sharing.I notice you use plastic bags to send your ebay items, have you thought about wrapping items in paper? I send all my ebay sales in brown paper, sadly I still have to use tape ro seal them but think this is better than the plastic. I am hopeful there will soon be a biodegradable sticky tape!

  19. That was really interesting, Andrea, and beautifully presented – would love to see more videos like this..  Wish there was something like that shop near me.

  20. Great concept

    What it or the general concept of it needs is one uk Website address that everyone can remember that is impossible to forget and that is farm based etc which would generate advertising dollars which would subsidise the cost of the products etc

    I recon we aren't far from

    Grocery drive thru s etc where people just order groceries and 2 mins later their groceries are passed through the window

    Eg no need for bags at all then

    And or a grocery takeaway

    We can get a takeaway cooked from scratch to our spec and delivered to us in 45 mins etc

    But phone up for a jar of coffee a pint of milk and a loaf of breed that can be simply taken off the shelf and delivered in 20 mins?

    Oh no far too difficult lol

  21. Grew up with these 20 years ago… how things go in circles. But those prices are like 3 x Home Bargains or lidl… seems like a middle class hobby to refill.

  22. Id love to see more videos like this. Very nicely done. Loved the shop, It would be great to be able to buy just the amount I need of certain items, since I cook for one mostly.

  23. Great vid, we need one in our area! Along with veganism this really has to be the way to go👍

  24. If you haven’t already been to bamboo turtle in Letchworth you should try there too, I preferred it to wholesome weigh 🙂 but then I’ve only been to WW once and it was really busy so that didn’t help!

  25. Great video, i'd love to try out these types of shops but nothing like that near me. Will definitely look out for them though! x

  26. Brilliant video Andrea! All 4 of us watched it & really enjoyed it.
    We have a farm shop near us that has some of the refill stations but no ZERO waste shops that I know of.

  27. Thanks for sharing this Andrea. i wish we had a refill shop like this in our area. I would definitely be interested in more videos like this. Would love to hear how you got on with the lush products you shared a few months back.x

  28. glad to see people are finally getting into this..we had our 1st in yorkshire 20years ago or more.. good value too except for those overpricing cos its all eco friendly.. price wise if anyone visits these then they should be no more than about 60% price of what they are per kg in retail packaging 🙂

  29. Never seen one of these refill shops! Not something I would ever think of watching or be interested in. You have changed my mind!! Very wise message behind this. Look forward to future uploads :).

  30. Great stuff Andrea, very interesting and well presented. I’d love to see more videos like this one. 👍🏼💕

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